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Nov 21, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Nov 21, 2019
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I write for fun and because I enjoy it.
If you want to check out my other works, here are the links:
Royal Road:

Jweiss116 · Apr 14, 2021

We miss you man hope you good

Bigtim · Mar 29, 2021

I hope you are okay I love your work. It helped me keep my mood high while I go through some tough times. I very much appreciate your work.

Kp2087 · Mar 19, 2021

I hope you’re okay, stay safe

Zeroseraph · Mar 14, 2021

This feels wrong but since he hasn't logged onto his accounts since nov it really not looking good. I know before he left his BIL had a heart attack and passed(RiP) god this feels wrong so he could still be dealing with family issues. Now there is the sad possibility covid got him which makes this whole thing sad since a great writer left this is getting depressing and it is wrong to trivialize a person's life to just what he wrote.

Jweiss116 · Mar 12, 2021

Come back hopefully soon your adoring fans awaitclear.png

SmoothHoliday · Mar 6, 2021

Met truck-kun? Got isekaied?

Lyest · Mar 6, 2021

R u dead. Covid got you man?

IxzyLovesFanfics · Mar 5, 2021

you sir, are a w e s o m e, and I hope that you come back soon

Zarok · Feb 22, 2021

Waw... Having only read your "Summoned again", due to its hisatus, I wasn't really following what you were up to... But finding out that you have been silent for the last couple months was quite a shock. I really hope you are well! Take Care.

prothy · Feb 22, 2021


NEC899 · Feb 18, 2021

Has anybody tried commenting on any of his other sites?

valci · Feb 17, 2021

He might be gone(Hope not). He hasn't even logged on once on both of his author accounts since nov 16 2020. I can't imagine him holding back the curiousity of how his fans are doing after being so active. And that for 5 months.

valci · Feb 17, 2021

Hope I didn't jinx it.

Tajarim · Feb 23, 2021

Ough. Comments like this are wrong no matter what's true. If they are just occupied with other stuff, it's degrading. If they really did pass away, it's disrespectful to just reduce them to what they wrote. 

AzuraD · Feb 24, 2021

Man you can't say that even as a joke, what if he is actually is busy with his real life and have problems. Well for example recently one of his family member died

(my heart felt condolences, and sorry for saying it like that, i have no other way to put it) 

RobotRatz666 · Feb 13, 2021

Happy valentines. Hope you are doing well. Hope your family are staying safe. Lets us know how you are doing. Your fans love you.clear.pngclear.png

Kevinreads01 · Feb 9, 2021

Hope youre ok bro

Nyedson · Jan 28, 2021


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    I write for fun and because I enjoy it.
    If you want to check out my other works, here are the links:
    Royal Road:

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