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Nov 21, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Nov 21, 2019
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Help · 2 hours ago

Inactive for 5 days

Lyest · 9 hours ago


Lyest · May 30, 2020


Lyest · May 28, 2020

Uncle where are you. Did some random god/goddess took you again clear.png

Draumar · May 27, 2020

Hey, just a heads up if you didn't know. the Ripoff story on amazon is finally gone. Like  "Sorry that page doesn't exist" gone.

Lyest · May 27, 2020


weakwithwords · May 26, 2020

Amazon likely has all that red tape to coerce complainants to register.  They will have a higher chance to continue selling the product and won't have to refund the buyers and lose the cut they already earned.

In a way, that's like the us govt in your story with Damon's gold.

Bokuboy · Author · May 26, 2020

Yeah, that's what I figure. They are or have made a lot off of it. The problem is, I can't sell the edited version, because then they can make a claim against me, too. They sold it first, you see. Also, people that read it will think that I'm the one that stole it. (sigh)

He didn't just steal my work, he stole my reputation, too.

Chaoticmike · May 27, 2020

Which story? Can't you sue? Just show proof of all your notes.

Lyest · May 26, 2020

Where are youclear.png

Bokuboy · Author · May 26, 2020

I just posted two chapters. That's the last for a little while.

assetsmanager · May 26, 2020


Bokuboy · Author · May 26, 2020


assetsmanager · May 26, 2020

Enjoy your well-deserved break. 

My opinion is to not worry about Amazon selling your information. 1) They probably need to include a clause like that so they can use your information in any legal situations that may pop up, and 2) because amazon and your internet provider and other sites probably already have and sell your data anyways, so you're not giving them info they don't already have for those purposes. I'm not a lawyer and I'm not YOUR lawyer, so pinch of salt and all that.

StarLord · May 25, 2020

Sorry you are having a rough time with plagiarists. And the red tape and bureaucracy Amazon is having you jump through. I can understand some of the red tape, they need to use it to filter out the scammers from the genuine article's. 

Just take the time you need to sort things out. All of us will be here waiting with happy faces for your next chapters. We're not going anywhere. clear.png


Lyest · May 25, 2020

Double chapters clear.png

Bokuboy · Author · May 25, 2020

Not today. clear.png

Lyest · May 26, 2020

@Bokuboy I just had a dream that u decided to post a second chapter clear.png

Bokuboy · Author · May 26, 2020

I did it today. :)

bastmoraga · May 24, 2020

Waiting for the next episode of morbidclear.png

Addanc · May 22, 2020


Why don't you have a discord?

Also here is this link to report to Amazon

Addanc · May 22, 2020

I mean if you don't do it, it'll never be fixed. You'll have to make time

Addanc · May 22, 2020

The only other person other than you that can fill out the form is your "agent"

Bokuboy · Author · May 22, 2020

I meant too busy for discord. I've already got people looking into the theft.

Addanc · May 22, 2020

Ooooooh okay lol

Lyest · May 22, 2020

Extra chapter clear.png

Bokuboy · Author · May 22, 2020

Guess what? Someone stole another story of mine (called LIFE Begins on another site), practically word for word, and posted it on Amazon! The rotten bastard!

If anyone is an Amazon member, please go there and report it for copyright infringement! Thank you!

Nick00merlin · May 22, 2020

Dude your stories are just to good! I can’t believe how disrespectful all these assholes are! 

Ricardo · May 22, 2020

Burn them at the stake!

I'll go and report it. Seriously though how many times does this make, I guess it just means that your stories are that good BB. 

WhistlingDixie · May 22, 2020

Best we can do, without personal info from you, is to flood the reviews with "Copyright Infringement" and "Stolen IP" tags.

Wish we could do more for you. clear.png

Bokuboy · Author · May 22, 2020

Thanks, everyone! clear.png

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