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Nov 21, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Nov 21, 2019
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I write for fun and because I enjoy it.
If you want to check out my other works, here are the links:
Royal Road:

Datoneguy · Jul 10, 2024

Get your rest 

Bokuboy · Author · Jul 10, 2024

I need to take a break from writing for a few days.

The current heatwave and doctor's appointments are sucking up my spare time.
I've been writing at night instead of sleeping. LOL

The Protag System Ch122:

Fost · Jul 10, 2024

That’s a bummer - I’m waking up to hosing ice off my car windshield - so the opposite but still dealing with the weather. All the best.

koinupup · Jul 10, 2024

Take that break, you deserve it! We'll miss you but as a South Texan...I understand about heat getting to you. Stay safe and hydrated, bud.

TDM · Jul 10, 2024

Best wishes! Stay cool BB!!!

Tajarim · Jul 10, 2024

Heat sucks. Stay safe ❤️

TDM · Jul 9, 2024

I note that you also posted the story, at least initially, on Royal Road. Their relationship with Amazon (advertising dollars and they have a strong relationship re. feeding them legit authors) may help your case.

"Sometimes, however, they require further verification that you are the original author. If you are published on our platform, you can direct an email to [email protected] for assistance."

Nick00merlin · Jul 9, 2024

I reiterate one of my previous statements! I hate people! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Bokuboy · Author · Jul 9, 2024

I tried that once when another story of mine was stolen years ago, and they said they couldn't do anything because they were only an affiliate and not a partner. They said they have no control over Amazon's policies, despite the stolen story being on Amazon and Amazon advertising on their site.

TDM · Jul 9, 2024

I honestly don't understand the basis for their denial of your DCMA claim.
I suppose you could always find a book that Amazon is making big money off of and post it online for free; I'm sure that they'd immediately recognize who you were then, and would be happy to quickly resolve your complaint.

Nick00merlin · Jul 8, 2024

I think Marsh Man was the first story of yours that I read (I could be wrong on this. I have had a many TBI back in the day and so memory is not always the best lol) to know that it was tgted has me really angry for you! You’re the only author I have had who will msg back and forth with the fans, you don’t get upset when we make a fun or stupid remark about a story and if someone isn’t able to understand your even willing to explain (unless it would be a spoiler). Anyways Thank You!

Bokuboy · Author · Jul 8, 2024

The ball is rolling, and it's not the first story of mine appearing on there illegally (it's like the third or fourth). Hopefully, it's dealt with quickly.

Nick00merlin · Jul 8, 2024

I remember when almost half of not more showed up on some random site! (I think it was Turkish or Russian… 🤷) everyone just wants to be BB!! clear.png 

Bokuboy · Author · Jul 8, 2024

The Protag System Ch120:

Don't forget to review and report my stolen story on Amazon if you're a member! Let's take down the thief together! Thank you!

Tajarim · Jul 8, 2024

I'm banned from reviewing there 😵 after leaving a review for a book by the "author" Aleron Kong. Who published a whole book within which there was no progression, but instead a whole - very descriptive - chapter about explosive diarrhoea. But I put up something on goodreads 

captainswjr · Jul 8, 2024

Ugh, that series went from iffy to explosive diarrhea. clear.png

Bokuboy · Author · Jul 8, 2024

It's funny that their main policy is 'Enforcement' and they state they don't. It's both funny and sad. I wonder how much money it made so far?

Bokuboy · Author · Jul 6, 2024

The Protag System (and the start of the next arc) Ch118:

Bokuboy · Author · Jul 4, 2024

The Protagonist System Ch117:

Don't forget to report my stolen story if you're an Amazon member! Thank you!

Nick00merlin · Jul 5, 2024

Awesome chapter! And hey as the next world as they test/probational world he could be forced to be a breadmancer! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

captainswjr · Jul 5, 2024

Hey BB, reminder to throw the Konosuba fandom in the tags. Slightly late reminder I realize. clear.png

captainswjr · Jul 5, 2024

Heh, stick him as prince Adam from he-man with no power sword. Then let Skeletor dunk on him.

Bokuboy · Author · Jul 4, 2024

Someone stole my Marsh Man story and posted it on Amazon. If you have an account there, please review it as stolen and report it. I'll be sending my own DCMA request as soon as I can. Thank you very much for your help and support! Let's take this thief down!

captainswjr · Jul 8, 2024

@TDM clear.png

Bokuboy · Author · Jul 8, 2024

Thanks a lot, @TCM! I'm not allowed to file a DCMA until I'm a 'recognized client' with enough sales or purchases under my account. ****.

I'm going to have to try and compile something to start things up officially, aren't I? I hate that, because their content rules state I can't have the same thing up somewhere else if they sell it.

My stuff has always been free and I don't want to drop some of them down to 'teaser chapters' to get people to buy it instead.clear.png

captainswjr · Jul 9, 2024

Save every bit of correspondence and find a lawyer that will take a poke at Amazon’s giant wallet on spec. I don’t think they get to just ignore you. 

captainswjr · Jul 9, 2024

Also, this work is against their terms of service since it exists on this site for free… clear.png

Enickse · Jul 3, 2024

Did you change up the chapter numbers on planswalker ?, I took about a 6-8 month break when I got to chapter 18 for worm, i only remember chapters 1-7, 16 starship troopers, 18 for worm but did not read yet, im so confused because I no way remember shield hero, especialy one with 3 full chpaters to it. ill go about re reading after chapter 7 to see if memory comes back and you dont happen to answer. 

Bokuboy · Author · Jul 4, 2024

No, I didn't change the numbers. Shield Hero has always been 3 chapters under #17 as a,b, and c.
I suspect you might have skipped them as it is a very long story and then forgot about it.clear.png

Enickse · Jul 7, 2024

Ill start to re read to see if it jogs my memory, but I absoluty love shield hero, it would be almost impossible for me to skip it lol, but your point of forgetting is probaly it, I have read so many fan fics in 6 months I would be mixing up several .. the reason I stoped by the way is because I dont know anything about worm, I wanted to do research, I learned alot about it, and its a scary azz reality, not as bad as scp but like scp light and shiz lol. 

BobbyTron · Jul 2, 2024

They just keep coming clear.png

Bokuboy · Author · Jul 2, 2024

...and another one is up. clear.png

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    I write for fun and because I enjoy it.
    If you want to check out my other works, here are the links:
    Royal Road:

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