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Nov 21, 2019

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I write for fun and because I enjoy it.
If you want to check out my other works, here are the links:
Royal Road:

Syrock · Nov 29, 2021

I know you said that your not going to update Tanya or Superboy until they take it off of web novel, but I feel like that's a lost cause.

Because the uploader did 6 chapters at first, and has never returned for 2 months, they won't take it down because it isn't active. So it's either just ignore it or just never update those stories again, and I really hope you bring them back.

Tajarim · Nov 29, 2021

It's probably a rights issue. I think as a content creator you have to fight these things and the page the stolen content is on is owned by honorless people (the Chinese), so it won't get taken down. 

Syrock · Nov 29, 2021

This happened before, and they took it down, I think this is more of the fact it's not an "active" issue as the last time the person was updating it regularly and stealing more content. So they took action.

44888 · Nov 28, 2021


Bokuboy · Author · Nov 27, 2021

New Accidental Multiverse Planeswalker Ch14 In Lord of the Rings (Almost):

44888 · Nov 28, 2021


Bokuboy · Author · Nov 28, 2021

@44888 clear.png

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 25, 2021

New 'What if... Harry Potter' chapter! (20,000 words)

I'm only at about 7,000 words for the next Amp chapter.clear.png

44888 · Nov 25, 2021


Bokuboy · Author · Nov 18, 2021

New Accidental Multiverse Planeswalker Ch13 In Arrow (TV Show Arrowverse):

PROXIMUS · Nov 19, 2021


Have you thought about doing Warhammer 40k?

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 19, 2021

I've thought about a lot of things.clear.png
(He would be a seriously short Space Marine.)

Seipherwood · Nov 21, 2021

Chaos Champion would be more fun ... or go full funzies and make him run into a squad of Battle Sisters that are all his old lovers ... clear.png

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 21, 2021

@Seipherwood Now that would be pretty funny and soul crushing. All eight foot tall muscular women that had death wishes to only serve the Emperor, find John and treat him like trash for trying to be nice to their hardened warrior spirits. LOL

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 17, 2021

Just an update: I'm already at 10,000 words for the next chapter of AMP. clear.png

Merchappy · Nov 18, 2021

Can't wait!

Edeol · Nov 18, 2021

Congratulationsclear.pngBeen planning to read it, mostly because of the great quality of Boku s work. Let's give it a shot 💉.clear.pngclear.png

44888 · Nov 18, 2021

clear.png We are pleased.

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 18, 2021

Finished! LOL

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 16, 2021

New Accidental Multiverse Planeswalker Ch 12.5 Intermission: Warehouse 13 (TV show):

44888 · Nov 16, 2021


Kanai3 · Nov 15, 2021

How do you get the chapters so long and then published so quick?

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 16, 2021

When I am in the groove, I am a writing machine. clear.png

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 16, 2021

Case in point: I just posted another chapter of AMP with almost 7,000 words. LOL

Edit: Don't use me as a measuring stick for writing. I am a monster. clear.pngclear.png

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 15, 2021

New Accidental Multiverse Planeswalker C12 In Thor (MCU):

Tajarim · Nov 15, 2021

Another! *smashes tankard on the ground *

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 15, 2021

Here's the new KalEl in ST:TNG (I had to pause AMP at 35,000 words to write this)
Ch6 :

Tajarim · Nov 15, 2021

PAUSE at 35000 words? As in "there'll be a AMP chapter OVER 35000 words soon"? 

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 15, 2021

@Tajarim Yes, I've got a bit more to write about before it's finished. I had it at 35,000 last night and stopped to write 9,500 words today (now technically yesterday) for Kal in STTNG.

...and now I'm going to bed.clear.png

Tajarim · Nov 15, 2021

Sleep? Sleep is for... Sleepers? Well adjusted adults? Good rest! May the words be plentyful ❤️

ranaltor · Nov 13, 2021

Are there going to be any more Tanya the evil in my hero Academia chapters

Tajarim · Nov 14, 2021

Author repeatedly said that - as long as the stolen chapters are still up - there will be no new chapters of either the Tanya, nor the superboy IMHA chapters. 

ranaltor · Nov 14, 2021

Ah OK saw a little of that just started reading yesterday...well I do hope it gets resolved 

Syrock · Nov 18, 2021

Honestly, I don't see it ever happening, since the account has been dead for 2 months, it so low priority that they will not take it down, unless he uploads more chapters.

Babyllama · Nov 9, 2021

Have you thought of Disney What if... ?

Seipherwood · Nov 15, 2021

What If

Voldelocks was reincarnated as Harry Potter in a different universe after being defeated by Harry Potter? clear.png

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 15, 2021

@Seipherwood LOL Although, I kind of did that with him becoming Volde's soul. He hadn't jumped back in time; but, he did do things differently.clear.png

Babyllama · Nov 15, 2021

What of... Harry was Snape's child. What if the Evens were actually a pure blood family and Patunia was just a squib.

Tajarim · Nov 15, 2021

@Babyllama Snape having involuntarily passionately hugged his mother, which is his dirty secret, or just his child with a yet to be determined mother, which would mean he is no Potter. Because voluntarily Lilly Evans wouldn't have passionately hugged Snape in a thousand years. 

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 9, 2021

New Accidental Multiverse Planeswalker: Ch11 In Dragonball Z (23,500 words in three days)

PROXIMUS · Nov 9, 2021

IT'S OVER 9000!!!

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 9, 2021


Stormking · Nov 9, 2021

Have you tought of leaving him in the dark Hunter universe? It would BE interesting 

Babyllama · Nov 8, 2021

Can I offer an idea for a suggestion for What If... ?

Tajarim · Nov 9, 2021

What if... Harry was born 200 years earlier? What if... Harry was gay? What if... Harry was raised by an abusive priest and very religious? What if... Harry was a talking dog? What if... Harry is the second coming of Jesus?  

Babyllama · Nov 9, 2021

What if Serious never went to Azkaban? What if Longbottom was the boy who lived?

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 10, 2021

@Babyllama Had Sirius not go to prison in another story. I seriously debated Neville being the 'wrong boy who lived'. I just need to work out the logistics.

Bokuboy · Author · Nov 10, 2021

@Tajarim 200 years earlier, might not make a heap of difference. If he was gay, I don't think the story would have changed much at all as he explored his sexuality (everyone would think he's staring at Cho when he would be staring at Cedric). Priest and religious, he would be an obscural. Talking dog could be fun. He actually was the second coming of Jesus. LOL

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    I write for fun and because I enjoy it.
    If you want to check out my other works, here are the links:
    Royal Road:

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