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Nov 21, 2019

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Joined: Nov 21, 2019
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I write for fun and because I enjoy it.
If you want to check out my other works, here are the links:
Royal Road:

BOOKW0RM · Jun 17, 2023

Hope y'all alright. Just had this weird 'What If...HP' idea, don't think it can be found out at birth but What If Harry Was A Squib.

MrX · Jun 14, 2023

Hope you are alright BB! Keep on living.

Seipherwood · Jun 9, 2023

Ya know what would be interesting? If Bokuboy made a Discord channel so people could keep in touch with him more or discuss his stories.


greatGUARDIAN100 · Jun 10, 2023

Based on the fact that his profile overview shows him being from Canada and the fact they have been dealing with some crazy wildfires since around the time he stopped coming on I'm going to assume said wildfires had an impact on his home, electricity or internet. Just gotta be patient and wait for news I'm afraid. If there was a discord I would love to join but without one we can only wait for news clear.png

Rodan · Jun 11, 2023

Boku mentioned in the comments of one of his stories (don't remember which) that he is from eastern Canada. So he is likely being affected by the wildfires in Quebec. 

As greatGUARDIAN100 said, we'll have to wait for word from Boku once he has time and the ability get online.

Nick00merlin · Jun 5, 2023

Hay BB! Here is an idea for another HPAP! Dragon ball! Either regular or Z or GT whatever… there are enough explosions throughout that that he could enter on clear.png or maybe that would be a better world for our favorite plains walker!!! Or BOTH! 

Mercury313 · Jun 5, 2023

Our plains walker was already once in Dragonball as far as I remember.

Nick00merlin · Jun 22, 2023

Ok now I have to go back through and reread them all! I was just psyched after having read Harry using the force I was thinking of Harry using Chai and all other stuff then I thought of John…. Well back to the beginning once again I go! clear.png

Babymew · Jun 1, 2023

Does bb write What if.... Harry Potter anymore  

MrX · Jun 1, 2023

He writes nearly all of the fanfics he have, it just takes a long time to rotate between them.

Nick00merlin · Jun 5, 2023

He writes a bit into all of them as the Moxie (muse) hits him! The have been days where I swear he put out almost 200,00 words that he typed that day… and this is why many of us will tell him to take breaks and mental cool downs (problem with that is a break for him is writing… lol)

MrX · May 31, 2023

I poop 💩 in the face of danger, mohahahahha!

nemap666 · May 31, 2023

Thank you for all the amazing stories! ❤️

Jrdragoon15 · May 26, 2023

Hay bb you OK have herd

From you in a wile 

Bokuboy · Author · May 15, 2023

I haven't written much the last little while. I lost an aunt recently (as did a friend of mine) and it's difficult to get out of my funk. I wrote this as a tribute to them.

Taylor's Power Testing Ch4:

Tajarim · May 15, 2023

Had my grandma die recently. One of the last of my extended family to die (all uncles, aunts, etc. were gone already). It sucks. Those moments where you think "Oh yeah, I can tell oma about this", but you can't anymore. Try to think about the good times one had with them! 

And if you can't find it in yourself to be happy, do it like me and shamelessly lie to yourself. Because in the end, everything will be fine. And if nothing is fine, you clearly didn't reach the end yet. 

Luka116 · May 15, 2023

Heart goes out to you. Losing a loved one is painful.

If you're having trouble feeling good again, something that might help is trying new things, exploring new interests. It was one of the things that really helped me, perhaps it might you as well.

Scarecro · May 16, 2023

Hang in there Boku, and I hope you'll be able to find even a little of the joy you so readily share with others for your own self when you need it 

Bokuboy · Author · May 8, 2023

Dammit, I thought I posted this a week ago. It's been sitting in the 'uploaded' folder gathering dust. I hope you like the latest What If Harry Potter story: What if someone else came back in time to fix things?

Luka116 · May 8, 2023

lol, thanks for rechecking clear.png

ReadingRainbow · Apr 27, 2023

I enjoy all of your works and appreciate the consideration you give us. Thank you for bringing us along on your adventures. Edited for spelling. 

Bokuboy · Author · Apr 26, 2023

I've apparently fallen into the trap of fully writing out a story before posting it, which takes more time than I'd like. Then again, you don't have any cliffhangers to suffer through or have to wait for the next chapter update to get more of the story.

My short break from writing AMP turned into a story for Harry Potter that ended up over 47,000 words! LOL

BOOKW0RM · Apr 26, 2023

It's always worth the wait, you're one of the few that have the Writing touch where must everything you write is good...(still not reading Summoned Again though because I've heard things)

Luka116 · Apr 26, 2023

Mind if I ask what you've heard? Personally I only have praise for it, so I'm just interested : )

Tajarim · Apr 27, 2023

@Bokuboy maybe just an occasional "Hey, Canada isn't totally frozen over yet" status update would be astoundingly helpful for the eager Fans 😊

BOOKW0RM · Apr 28, 2023

Luka convinced me to give SA a try... So that's somewhere in my future. 

Sopas03 · Apr 21, 2023

Hello, just wanted to ask about Morbid, of all your works thats the one I enjoyed the most, is it on hiatus or you wont be updating it anymore?

Bokuboy · Author · Apr 26, 2023

I need inspiration, the same with Spiderman SI and Kal-El. I have a few plots and things; but, nothing concrete. They deserve more than a lackluster continuance. It's not that I don't want to disappoint my readers, it's that I don't want to disappoint myself.

Bokuboy · Author · Apr 12, 2023

Here's another chapter for Summoned Again! I'm sorry for the lateness, I had a bunch of other things to get through before I could get back to thinking about this story again. LOL

Nicolae · Apr 12, 2023

What are you sorry for? Taking your time and ensuring your work is good and not dropped is admirable.

Bokuboy · Author · Apr 12, 2023

Yeah, I'm having that problem with AMP. I've scrapped about 6,000 words of it so far because it wasn't working. It's more annoying than frustrating, actually. 

Maybe I'll switch to a Harry's Accidental Apparition chapter to relax. LOL

Seronis · Apr 22, 2023

AMP is the story I want, but I'll take the quality you're happy with over  'settling just to get it faster'.   I wouldnt wish needing to trash 6,000 words on any author but considering the end quality in all the current chapters you obviously know what you're doing and its worth any wait

Bokuboy · Author · Apr 11, 2023

I know, I know. I'm sorry. The other stories have been delayed as I get these brain-worms out of my head (pun intended). Here's a small chapter with three mini-scenes in it. Enjoy.

Worm Taylor's Power Testing Ch3:

Nicolae · Apr 11, 2023

No worries. After all, the only way to get rid of a music worm is to sing the song, sorry meant writers worm.

Tajarim · Apr 11, 2023

Can relate. Watched Super Mario Bros a few days ago (great kids movie), can't get the theme song out of my head!

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    I write for fun and because I enjoy it.
    If you want to check out my other works, here are the links:
    Royal Road:

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