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Nov 21, 2019

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Joined: Nov 21, 2019
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I write for fun and because I enjoy it.
If you want to check out my other works, here are the links:
Royal Road:

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 10, 2023

Whoops! I slept through my normal posting time. Here's the next chapter for The Protagonist System.

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 10, 2023

A second chapter for today! The Protagonist System Ch 22:

Luka116 · Sep 9, 2023

lol I've managed to catch you seconds after posting one too many times now to consider it a coincidence, do you perchance have spyware tracking all of your readers?

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 9, 2023

Nope. I just have really weird hours of operation. LOL

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 9, 2023

Another chapter for The Protagonist System today!

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 8, 2023

I received a couple notices from readers about some idiot on webnovel stealing one of my stories, and he's stealing two of them! And getting paid! He took my SI Spiderman and Realistic Harry Potter!

Please go there if you are site members and spam him for it to have them taken down! Thank you!

Anthurs · Sep 8, 2023

Went to look at those books and reporting wont do anything since he does say on the main page that the book is not his he just likes it and wants to share it on the site he reads the most only thing he does not mention is where to find the book and who the author of said book.

xRoymustang · Sep 8, 2023

on it boss man!clear.png

Tajarim · Sep 9, 2023

@Anthurs that's one of the tricks they try to prevent negative comments from cutting into their profit. Remember that webnovel chapters are monetized after a certain point! 

Tajarim · Sep 9, 2023

@Bokuboy it's obvious that the poster on webnovel is a small child, or otherwise mentally impaired person. You can infer it from their answers to questions and their appreciation of that "evil" novel they also copied. They seem like a child caught elbow deep in the cookie jar. 

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 8, 2023

Today's chapter for The Protagonist System:

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 8, 2023

I'm Back! I got in late last night (Thursday) and no net, so I couldn't post. Now I can and I have a chapter of The Protagonist System for each day I was unavailable, 5 of them, and a chapter for today, too! That's 6 total! Woohoo! It'll take me a few minutes to upload them all, so be ready to devour them! LOL

Jrdragoon15 · Sep 8, 2023

Wooooooiii yay

Scarecro · Sep 8, 2023


Jrdragoon15 · Sep 5, 2023

Hello B.B I got an odd questing for you i got into book binding recently  and was thinking that I would love to have some of your fanfics in paper was wondering if  you care to have a copy of them yourself and if you dont mind me doing this. Is it ok ? 

Ps. I'm asking first if it ok to make them 

Scarecro · Sep 8, 2023

This sounds kinda cool. After seeing one done by Nerdforge it's something I hope to be able to do as well one day. 

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 8, 2023

As long as you don't sell them and they are for your own personal use. I'm not sure how you would get them to me, though. That much paper sent through the mail or delivery? Isn't that expensive?

I've already received a couple notices about other sites (Webnovel) stealing more of my stories. I will definitely be asking for spamming help with it when I get the details.

Jrdragoon15 · Sep 8, 2023

Nice and thank you which story should I do first was thinking MOA . And I can send you a pm about where to ship them to when it is done 

Jrdragoon15 · Sep 8, 2023

Ps probably have a point box or something I guess 

Spectree · Sep 5, 2023

What happened to Spiderman fic?

Will you continue it?

Seipherwood · Sep 4, 2023

Any plans to do anything with Aika? I think it would be kinda cool to introduce her to the supernatural and maybe make her a 3rd Magical Girl clear.png

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 2, 2023

This might be the last chapter posted until Wednesday or Thursday.
The Protagonist System Ch13:

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 1, 2023

Second chapter for today. I should have declared it Double Chapter Day this week, since I'm going away tomorrow for a few days. I don't know if I'll be able to post or not.

The Protagonist System Ch12:

Tajarim · Sep 2, 2023

@Bokuboy I would suggest a kickstarter or similar (gofundme) for at least a new computer, as yours seems to be kinda sucky? That would be a targeted thing and essential for your writing.

In my experience, people are very able and willing to support an author, if they can choose anonymity, which paypal doesn't guarantee. 

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 2, 2023

That's not a bad idea. I'll look into it. I could definitely use a computer that stops telling me I can't upgrade to Win11 because I don't meet the requirements.clear.png

Luka116 · Sep 1, 2023

questione bokuboi-man, do you perhaps have a patreon or subscribestar or anything of the like ( or even a community place/server outside of your own account messagesclear.png )

you've been making top-tier stories for years now, publishing them almost exclusively on scribblehub (unless you made a 2nd account on royalroad that's still getting updates but isn't linked?), yet you've stayed here in what is quite honestly a small pond. Any particular reason(s) as to why that you're willing to share?

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 1, 2023

In essence, the content rules at every other place are chaotic at best and discriminatory at worst.  Some change daily from allowing adult content to banning it.

Here at Scribblehub, you have appropriate tags to put on stories and people that click on them know what they are getting into. Smut, incest, s&m, and other fetishes. There's something here for everyone.

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 1, 2023

All I have is Paypal and that only sees an occasional donation every couple months. Times have been tight for everyone and asking someone to give up their hard-earned money every month (whether I write a lot or not) just doesn't feel right.
Seronis · Sep 2, 2023

Well in honor of the new story that has had a hell of a start, tipped a bit.  Hope its enough to at least get ya a pizza or some drinks for the weekend.

Bokuboy · Author · Sep 2, 2023

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!  clear.pngclear.pngclear.png
Another chapter up in a minute.

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    I write for fun and because I enjoy it.
    If you want to check out my other works, here are the links:
    Royal Road:

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