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Jan 15, 2019

Joined: Jan 15, 2019
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Lewd Stuffs -> Ao3 / Gaylolis

gaylolis · Author · 16 hours ago
If you want to read cozy girls, just go to my Ao3 link. I only took out the filler chapters and did minor edits on the original chapter 4 and 5. it should be chapter 5 and 6 on the site.
gaylolis · Author · Jun 1, 2019
I'm taking off Cozy Girls from this site.

I just think, the atmosphere in this community restricts me from writing to my fullest. I have my creed of writing with no compromise and giving my all. It's not a good feeling for me to write and having to care whether people like it or not.

Maybe I'll post it again at Ao3. It's the only site which I feel, I'm appreciated the slightest bit.

Until then, this might be the last thing you hear from me.
gaylolis · Author · May 30, 2019
mc becomes a zombie cultivator? yes please.

tfw killing floor's final boss is named Patriarch.
gaylolis · Author · May 16, 2019
and the next novel is cozy girls.

it's probably like random drabbles but focus solely on mirai and co. but i'm not really sure.

i don't really draft any plans to it, maybe it'll turn out different. who knows.
gaylolis · Author · Apr 28, 2019
As for lewd drabbles and random drabbles, i'm calling it quits.

All I can say, posting all my writings on this prolonged time has taken a toll on my mental health. I don't want this to turn into a drama, so I'll only tell some people I'm close with. I won't answer any details.

For now, I just want to relax and take my time off. Don't expect me to return anytime soon. Just move along and check out the other Authors.

Have a nice day.
gaylolis · Author · Apr 5, 2019
I'd be compiling the lewder stuff on AO3 site, it's titled Lewd Drabbles. It's not for everyone though and I can't assure anything good from it.

Just go at it at your own risk.
gaylolis · Author · Mar 30, 2019
i'll be taking a break for random drabbles again. this time, it'd be for a while.

i had lots of ideas piled up and i think it's mostly applicable for longer stories. i either want to try my hand on writing a new story, but it'd take time before i was able to publish it.

yeah it's kinda similar to the previous thing i said.

i may continue the drabbles again at later date.
gaylolis · Author · Mar 5, 2019
if you folks are wondering--no i don't use illegal drugs or alcohol when i write.
gaylolis · Author · Mar 2, 2019
okay this is the shortest pause ever when i write.

i guess i just need few days of rest at max before my mind is filled with ideas again.
gaylolis · Author · Feb 26, 2019
pausing random drabbles for a bit.

i want to focus on a new story project for now.

if it's hentai stuff i'll be posting them on Ao3 instead.
Mrzombie · Feb 26, 2019
Ooo spicyy
gaylolis · Author · Feb 26, 2019
gaylolis · Author · Feb 13, 2019
As for Random Drabbles, I probably can't keep up the 1 chapter/day schedule. I'm kinda burned out of ideas. so the release rate will be quite irregular for now.

I may take some time off and go back with the chapters that I feel are worth writing. I really don't like if I have to force myself to write when there's nothing I wanna write.

the delay shouldn't be that long once i stockpiled some chapters. when i had enough of it, i may get back to 1 chapter/day again.
MeggsAnthologies · Feb 10, 2019
Hey I started a series here but it's not showing up on my profile page or anywhere else?
gaylolis · Author · Feb 10, 2019
it'd take a while before it shows up.
MeggsAnthologies · Feb 10, 2019
You're right, there it is!! :)
Mrzombie · Feb 10, 2019
gaylolis · Author · Feb 10, 2019
:D /
gaylolis · Author · Feb 8, 2019
on a side note, i'll just release at the rate im comfortable with.
gaylolis · Author · Feb 7, 2019
I'll try limiting my release to one chapter per day.

This way, it'll keep my stockpiles from running out too soon and I will have more buffer to actually laze around (and gather inspiration).

Welp, the true reason is, I just want to keep others from getting annoyed from how often mine got bumped to the front page haha...
TLCsDestiny · Feb 8, 2019
I always seem to put out more then I probably's stupid lol
gaylolis · Author · Feb 8, 2019
Ah, don't worry about it :D the release rate is picking up pace in general anyway.
TLCsDestiny · Feb 8, 2019
True...that's because there's more author's now.
gaylolis · Author · Feb 8, 2019
ey :D /
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    Lewd Stuffs -> Ao3 / Gaylolis

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