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Dec 2, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Dec 2, 2019
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This is where I will transfer my fiction stories from RoyalRoad. for my Discord server.

Friend · Author · Feb 24, 2021

So I have many writing ideas, so what. Like one being a fantasy world way to write various corny pickup lines, male for female and female for male. Because you guessed it, anyone looking for a date is liable to use the strangest way of 'asking'...

Issei · Feb 24, 2021

Ummm... interesting...

Friend · Author · Feb 18, 2021

I'm in a limited Internet situation here so I don't download/watch much anime or other video lately. Would lke to, but I'm patient.

Issei · Feb 18, 2021

That is limited...

PhillisCreziles · Feb 24, 2021

You have great patience, I praise that clear.png

Friend · Author · Feb 24, 2021

Yeah, they say "Patience is a sterling virtue..."

blackrockshooter · Feb 24, 2021

Yeah, but patience will eventually wear thin.

blackrockshooter · Feb 17, 2021


blackrockshooter · Feb 18, 2021

Have you heard of an anime called Citrus?

Friend · Author · Feb 18, 2021

No, not sure I have. Is it one you like?

blackrockshooter · Feb 18, 2021

Yeah, i haven't finished the first episode yet, but i like it.

PhillisCreziles · Feb 24, 2021

Hello there :D

Friend · Author · Feb 17, 2021

Latest chapter of "The Goddess Lied To Me!" is up. Just about to kick off Arc #2 for the story, in coming chapters!

Issei · Feb 17, 2021


Friend · Author · Jan 22, 2021

Probably only of interest to readers of my "The Goddess Lied To Me!", but ... how many readers want to see problems of other deities and pantheons spill over into David's still new status as a god?

I'm still remembering fondly all the back and forth with previous commenters; I can really gain insight into how my writing affects readers and then for me to obtain an effect from reader comments. I'm seriously writing like a madlad just now-

blackrockshooter · Jan 22, 2021

Please continue the stories you have on here.

Friend · Author · Jan 22, 2021

I am in progress on some of them.

If you had interest in one or more of them in specific too, feel free to mention. Sometimes leaving it unsaid but for authors to check statistics can feel like the reader connection is missing.

blackrockshooter · Jan 22, 2021


Friend · Author · Jan 22, 2021

Forgot to publicize I'd uploaded two chapters on January 14; now I'm ready to upload a new chapter for a separate story too. This is also my attempt to get back into posting chapters. Well, here goes-

(First two were from 2021-01-14; the last is from now.)

YourInevitableDoom · Dec 18, 2020

hello friend :)

Friend · Author · Jan 10, 2021

Hello back. Belated apologies on getting back here to reply.

Friend · Author · Dec 1, 2020

I get an eviction note, I have to scramble moving. Fear not, my recent absence did not mean I abandoned writing; but it does mean I'm having to pick my tasks more tactically. My discord's grown very slowly and I'm fine with it. I am thankful one member gave a server icon, so now it's not the original. Keep safe, everyone; don't give up on the safety precautions -- the life you save just might be yours, or mine. Some of us mortals do have health concerns too.

Issei · Dec 1, 2020

Take care! Glad you're still gonna write!

Nahrenne · Dec 1, 2020

Stay safe, yourself!


Friend · Author · Oct 27, 2020

Okay yes I will confirm. I do now have a Discord server. Admittedly my server icon is ugly; but it's still a work in progress. I'm thinking I'll leak out some advance scenes in some of my server channels in some near future days-

Also if anyone missed me being regular in publishing, maybe you could tell me so? I do also appreciate my readers, you know.

Friend · Author · Oct 25, 2020

Er, um. Words.

Friend · Author · Jul 31, 2020

... I may have ... inadvertently, you see ... hmm ... sorta kinda maybe ... started on a discord ser-

Ahem. Nothing to see here! Move along, move along!

Riese · Jul 31, 2020


a_apple · Jul 31, 2020


Nahrenne · Jul 31, 2020



Friend · Author · Jul 26, 2020

Sort of a one-off thing I posted as a semi-prologue for a later story too, in Friendly Fires. Basic subplot is group/classroom summon of 30 kids, MC might later outsmart someone big and cause an empire to fall or something. Also he gets a fairy companion who's all hime/ojou-sama type. Maybe a touch of tsun something too.

Friend · Author · Jul 23, 2020

Added a new chapter for "The Resisted Summon", chapter 13. Finally getting to Arthur "storming the castle" ... he's wanting to save his princess-

Nahrenne · Jul 23, 2020



Friend · Author · Jul 22, 2020

Added new chapter for my Adventum contest story, "Treating Slaves Right!" chapter 3. Includes backstory on why the 3:1 gender ratio of female:male births and thus willing harem/polygamy plots. Hope it's an interesting read, as it all goes toward where the story itself is headed. Also contains a poll on continuing a certain couple characters is worth it.

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    This is where I will transfer my fiction stories from RoyalRoad. for my Discord server.

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