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Famous Author
Dec 6, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: Dec 6, 2019
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superdbgtfan · Aug 19, 2021

You might want to add a post to cultivating change mentioning the amazon listing provided it doesn't break any of scribblehubs rules because I just saw you link at the bottom of this and never knew

Kldran · Author · Mar 3, 2021

I've been reading this story and enjoying it. The writing style is also similar enough to my own, that I think a lot of my fans may like this story too.

Novellover · Mar 14, 2021

clear.png It’s an Organic sort of feel an Lot Of cute Eldridge horror!

blackrockshooter · Feb 11, 2021

I actually hope that you will because i enjoy reading it.

blackrockshooter · Feb 11, 2021

Will you be updating Tentacle girl anymore?

Kldran · Author · Feb 11, 2021

While I do want to, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. 

blackrockshooter · Feb 11, 2021

Oh, that's sad.

Kldran · Author · May 19, 2020

Made a Patreon Page, and added it to my account here. So now there's a tip button that does something!

I'll be very surprised if I actually make much money from it.

Kldran · Author · Apr 28, 2022

Planning to remove patreon page, and already removed it from account here. Don't really need money anymore, and am lazy.

Kldran · Author · Feb 12, 2020

Made an Author Page on Amazon.

Cultivating Change is there. I don't really expect anyone to be interested, but thought I should do it anyway (in case I get lucky). This post is primarily to make it clear that author is me, so no one thinks there's fraud going on.

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