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Famous Author
Dec 11, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: Dec 11, 2019
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Yandere lover and professional procrastinator.

Discord server:

PheonixAlan · Dec 24, 2020

Are you no longer post chapter for MGS Steelz ?


Steelz · Author · Jan 18, 2021

I have only been updating in my discord, I'll get back to posting them here clear.png

Kuniza · Dec 23, 2020

Steelz, when you gonna post MGS on SH? I personally prefer SH over docs. Just asking for those who don't have access to the discord server clear.png

Kuniza · Dec 23, 2020

P.S. Are you planning on updating Yandere Harem? Or are you leaving it as is?

Mynamejeff · Nov 12, 2020

Is your discord server only for patreon members?

Steelz · Author · Nov 19, 2020

Sorry for the late reply, somehow I never got notified. Nope, it's open to the public. I don't even have a patreon. Links should be on my profile bio or novel descriptions.

Sumo · Nov 12, 2020

Umm, are the releases same for both your discord and scrriblehub for your new novel?

Steelz · Author · Nov 12, 2020

The discord is ahead by a few chapters. They are mainly unedited but there shouldn't be any major grammatical errors.

Kuniza · Nov 9, 2020

And here we have the bird, finally doing it's job as an author. In all seriousness though, keep up the good work. 

(P.S. Totally not thinking of wanting to have some fried bird.) clear.png

Pj23 · Nov 6, 2020

Yo boy gonna continue harem world nightmare?

Steelz · Author · Nov 6, 2020

Yeah, just focusing on my other novel for the time being

Gameboy · Oct 27, 2020

Ah man I went n read the novel monster girl survival in your discord , it really was great . Really liked it. Love your work

Steelz · Author · Oct 27, 2020


Steelz · Author · Oct 27, 2020

New novel:
If you don't mind then do check it out. clear.png

yungdreadhead · Oct 15, 2020

hello i am one of your readers and im very interested in one of your books, can we talk?

Steelz · Author · Oct 15, 2020


Kuniza · Sep 27, 2020

I-It's not like I'm stalking you because I want too, you baka! clear.png

Steelz · Author · Sep 27, 2020

but I want chappie

Steelz · Author · Sep 4, 2020

I am working on a new yandere novel now, you can gain access to its chapters in my discord server.

placeintime · Sep 4, 2020

I'm already hype about it alreadyclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Steelz · Author · Sep 4, 2020


Steelz · Author · Aug 25, 2020

To avoid any confusion, I just changed my name. clear.png

Steelz · Author · Aug 25, 2020

Just don't want irl friends finding out about me since I use my other name a lot clear.png

binarysoap · Aug 25, 2020

...So you aren't doing it to avoid any confusion. YOU LIAR!

SomeOwO · Aug 26, 2020


TheKerberos · Aug 26, 2020

You dowanna get found out get teased ?clear.png

MichaelLouis · Aug 22, 2020

So... Any news about the story u're writing and the one u're editing?

Steelz · Author · Aug 25, 2020

I think the chapter might come quite late at this point but I am planning to work on another novel clear.png

MichaelLouis · Aug 26, 2020


Kuniza · Aug 20, 2020

Don't mind me senpai, I'm just passing by clear.png

P.S. love the new cover

Steelz · Author · Aug 20, 2020

Thanks clear.png

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    Yandere lover and professional procrastinator.

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