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Famous Author
Dec 19, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: Dec 19, 2019
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GhoulDrago · Dec 18, 2023

Heya, I saw the description of your new story. Did you get that copy-paste down? It's actually much more likely that someone used a bot to steal your stuff. Ive actually seen some people putting their entire chapters in the author's note because the bots won't steal the text from them by default, thus discouraging the ones without any technical knowhow. lol

greatGUARDIAN100 · Dec 15, 2023

Thanks for the amazing story, looking forward to reading more when the next chapter comes out. Out of curiosity do you have a discord set up or plan to set one up?

Shruikan · Oct 31, 2023

Do you have a schedule for posting, or is it just whenever you feel like.

Anyway, I need more reality smuggler, gib more or else.clear.png

bignt · Author · Oct 31, 2023

I write as I please. It is purely a hobby.

Shruikan · Oct 31, 2023

Ur damn good at it for a hobby lol

MuaveWraith248 · Oct 1, 2023

I think you should really pick up your tentacle familiar novel. It seems like an interesting premise. Like a different POV to the sexual tentacle monster.

Snekguy · Jul 21, 2023

Dude, why you so mean. Reading your comments on your stories and your rude asf. Be nicer bruh.

bignt · Author · Jul 21, 2023

I try being nice, but sometimes comment like some douche for one(Or more) of the following reasons:

1. The comment is awfully written, long-winded, and/or in a rude tone.

2. Someone keeps bothering me about something to write without giving me something more solid.

3. A biased, nonsensical(In my view), or just plain weird comment-review.

4. Writing a too personal or hurtful comment.

5. I am in a REALLY bad mood.(Though I usually apologize later in these cases.)

btw, you fulfilled 1, 3, and 4.


bignt · Author · Dec 15, 2021

Discord channel.

I just made it. Go nuts.

rr11 · Dec 15, 2021

any discord for Mog?

UnknownNovelist · Feb 11, 2021

The suspense is killing me.. when's the next chapter of Time Stipend coming out? 

sarisse · Feb 8, 2021

With your last message being a bit ominous can get an update on the status ? Are you okay ? Continuing writing or just no time at the moment ?

bignt · Author · Feb 8, 2021

I am writing in my other novel while studying for my tests.

To be honest, the tentacle novel was pretty much a troll work. I simply gave it a chance since people requested it, but I have no obligation to continue it.

If I rated the tentacle novel myself, I would give it a 3-star rating, and not more than that. My other novel, however, is worthy of a 4-5 rating in my opinion.

I would decide what to do with it when my tests are over.

nib · Apr 6, 2021

Ok that's what i need to know thanks and good luck on the tests

ZinKo · Feb 2, 2021

Please, update 

"Reincarnated as a Tentacle Familiar (Rewrite)"

bignt · Author · Feb 2, 2021

I don't feel like it.

dw87432 · Jan 25, 2021

Are you still writing Reincarnated as a Tentacle Familiar? Haven't seen any updates on that series in a week so I was wondering if you stopped updating it in favor of the other one you are writing.

Wolfoi · Jan 9, 2021

Keep up the good work you write amazing things!

bignt · Author · Jan 10, 2021


Zavha0mnic · Dec 12, 2020

Rewrite pog!

bignt · Author · Jan 10, 2021


R_E_A_D_E_R · Feb 24, 2021


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