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Rising Author
Dec 20, 2019

Rising Author
Joined: Dec 20, 2019
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Just a couch potato who's addicted to coffee, likes to write stories and currently drowning in paperwork.

MorningStar · Feb 24, 2021

Hello! I hope you are alive mate. Waitin' for updates

Zath_Lamun · Feb 4, 2021

Diablos tu novela me dejó embobada clear.pnglastima que no sé si la dejaras en hiatus, ví que tienes 4 meses sin actualizarclear.pngI hope everything is fine, I will be on the lookout for updates, greetings from México!! clear.png

Pk · Author · Feb 8, 2021

Hey there,

Everything is alright in my end (as I climb out of the grave of papers). I'm happy to hear that you're looking out for my story updates and that you're enjoying my story! Fear not, as I've finally returned after a long break I needed for myself and I'm ready to write more. 

Thank you so much for your support and liking my story! clear.png

irie · Jan 27, 2021

May I ask what happened to "It’s Hard Trying to Survive in the World of an Otome Game"? 

Just realized its been deleted and I don't open SH very often to know if you made any announcements on the last chapter before that. Kinda sad that its gone... clear.png

Pk · Author · Feb 8, 2021


I decided to delete because there was a few things that I wasn't quite satisfied with the story, as it wasn't really up to par to what I had in mind, and decided to delete it. Of course, there is a chance that I will post it again after heavy revision, but that won't be for a long while. But I don't plan on abandoning it yet, as it's on a long hiatus for now.

I thank you for reading my story!clear.png

irie · Feb 14, 2021

Oh, that's unfortunate, I was quite enjoying the story. Welp dissatisfaction with your own work is but a mother to improvement as they say! Best of wishes to its revival someday~ 

And thank you for posting it for us plebs to read in the first place clear.png

blackrockshooter · Jan 13, 2021


Pk · Author · Feb 8, 2021

I'm very late to this, but hello. clear.png

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    Just a couch potato who's addicted to coffee, likes to write stories and currently drowning in paperwork.

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