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Dec 22, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Dec 22, 2019
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Meow! Just a high schooler with a sudden urge to write for fun. Would rather bask in the sun and lick my paw but I find myself in front of this computer typing. Purrrr

PHONIVAT · Feb 14, 2021

When will your chapter come?clear.png

CheekiBreeki26 · Feb 8, 2021

Link for America in another world's Discord Server!

You_Never_Saw_A_Fat_African · Feb 8, 2021

Wanna try writing if the British empire got isekai'd? Wanna see the british aeronautics industry get de revive button.

Revvyhoe · Feb 4, 2021

When the next chapter release 🤔 

Armada · Dec 14, 2020

Hello there. I just read your work. And can i say damn it was damn good. Are planning on adding other nation beside the US? Just asking.

RonTheBlackCat · Author · Jan 4, 2021

Probably not. I mean I could but the story is called AMERICA in Another World for a reason. I may write another novel for a different country but I'm not exactly sure if I would. I have other types of novels that I want to write.

DIMZDKING · Feb 7, 2021

I wonder what happen if the Russia is the one that got isekai'ed

IndonesianHuman · Nov 30, 2020

Where's the Iowa? WE NEED THE IOWA!!!

ghatbatter · Sep 17, 2020

All of your series are great with detailed actions and multiple viewpoints, i see most of your series are of military personnel, will we see more of these types of series or do you plan to branch out and explore different genres?

RonTheBlackCat · Author · Oct 18, 2020

Sorry about the extraordinarily late reply (I have been very busy nowadays clear.png). I have vague plans for many different novels (On the top of my mind I can think of four). Since I have an extreme love for all things military, quite a lot of what I write in the future will probably involve military personnel/military stuff (Of course some of them will be different genres. For example, Military Girl in the Zombie Apocalypse). 

RonTheBlackCat · Author · Oct 18, 2020

On the other hand, I'm also looking to write a few superhero (non-military) novels in the future (Not sure how those will go but those are in my future plans). I'm also thinking about dabbling in romance (I get the feeling those won't go well though). 

ghatbatter · Oct 18, 2020

Ill be waiting to read those novels when you make them, I'm sure that when you do make them they will be awesome novels to read

Deathstroke24 · Apr 20, 2020

When you finish America in Another World will you make another novel.

RonTheBlackCat · Author · Apr 21, 2020

Of course, this is the start of my writing journey! Although future novels would be very different from AIAW (Different genres and other stuff. They won't be similar to AIAW at all). I do also have plans to come back to AIAW to do a rewrite to improve it (that's far in the future)

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    Meow! Just a high schooler with a sudden urge to write for fun. Would rather bask in the sun and lick my paw but I find myself in front of this computer typing. Purrrr

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