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Dec 24, 2019

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Joined: Dec 24, 2019
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VN dev - part time writer, creator of American University Life ~Welcome Week!~, former scenario writer of ACE Academy, and lead writer and designer for I am Succubus. Currently working on These Cosmic Horrors Are Kind of Cute, penning LNs on the side.


Caveman21 · Mar 15, 2024

Could I put in a request for a new novel idea… I’ve seen Male MC focused Dual Cultivation novels all over, but no Female MC focused. A GB FMC dual cultivation sect novel (as far as I know) does not exist. If you need a new idea, could you explore that one? 

Jamminrabbit · Author · Mar 15, 2024

Unfortunately, I'm not at all versed in cultivation genre. After what little research on google I did, it looks like an entirely different ballgame

landon37 · Feb 17, 2024

Why did you delete adventurers gone wild? Right in the middle of reading it 😭 

Jamminrabbit · Author · Feb 17, 2024

Sorry for the inconvenience and sudden deletion. I'm publishing it on Amazon, and Amazon requires that it not be freely available on the public domain. If you want to contain reading, you can find the series on--


Amazon when it releases:

anonjohn20 · Sep 5, 2023

Where can I read chapters 1-53 of "I am Succubus!"? they are missing from scribblehub.

KaiElanzo · Sep 5, 2023

Chapter 206;

Two thirds of the way in, the paragraph reads:

Part of Kanae was that Edina might still be under the Pillar of the Damned's control. The staff had apparently gone missing from the vault after the rubble was cleared. She knew for sure Avaline didn't take it. The only thing in her hand was the One-Eyed Cross.

Click to expand...

I believe was should be replaced with worried, as it would flow better.

As always, can't wait for the next chapter!clear.png

zeru · Jul 18, 2023

is caretaker still on hiatus or has it been dropped in favor or other novels? clear.png

Jamminrabbit · Author · Jul 19, 2023

I haven't felt like writing TCOT lately, but I do want to eventually finish the series at a later time. I think I'll upload the chapters from Patreon to here, which is like ~20 chapters. However, it will be a while before I begin writing the series conclusion.

Sabruness · May 30, 2023

any chances your novels might get paperback releases in the future?

Jamminrabbit · Author · May 30, 2023

I'll have to see, but at current, I have no intention of working on paperbacks for any series

Sion_Dracul · May 11, 2023

With caretaker of otherworldly tenants volume 2 and 3 be getting paperback releases?

Jamminrabbit · Author · May 30, 2023

Sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately, printing paperbacks is not a high priority at the moment.

shadow_slayer · Apr 3, 2023

do you write on any platform other than royal road and scribble hub

Jamminrabbit · Author · Apr 3, 2023

I do not

MOASRIRA · Feb 8, 2023

What happened to the novel magical girl kari

Jamminrabbit · Author · Feb 8, 2023

I published it on Amazon Kindle, which stipulates that most of the content must be removed from public domain for it to quality.


You can buy both books on Amazon through these links:



DarkPast · Aug 2, 2022

Holy crap I didnt knew kari story is over I was waiting a couple more weeks so I can enjoy a lot of chapters then I notice it's not moving then I saw the tag that its finish btw I really hate you for putting in the r*pe thing that happened to makima it made me feels crap for a couple of days even though kari killed everyone involved to what happened to her it still left a bitter feeling in my mouth

Ilikewaterkusa · Jul 25, 2022

Oh just realized you had a scribble accpunt 

Hacker_Stalker · Jul 1, 2022

Ah Damn I Can't Read English 

Azeromy · Jun 25, 2022

sorry I did not know

Azeromy · Jun 25, 2022

jammin would you rather write for fans who love your novels or write for money?

MikuChan1998 · Jun 25, 2022

You are implying that he should write for free when he needs to pay rent among other bills.

Sadly that's just not a thing. Its unfortunate you can't pay for his patreon but begging for chapters here will not make him upload them, in fact it'll dissuade him from putting up the occasional chapter.

you also make sense, people who love his novels are more willing to pay for them. like myself.

Azeromy · Jun 24, 2022

I have a wish that I would like you to realize if you want can be the day that you put all the missing chapters on the monster girls. what do stories without having to use Amazon or patreon do a lot of stories that we really like. say a saying money can't buy happiness and i hope you stay on scribb hub

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    VN dev - part time writer, creator of American University Life ~Welcome Week!~, former scenario writer of ACE Academy, and lead writer and designer for I am Succubus. Currently working on These Cosmic Horrors Are Kind of Cute, penning LNs on the side.


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