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Dec 27, 2019

Joined: Dec 27, 2019
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Ilikewaterkusa · May 2, 2022

You have been delivered a chapter of Fake Angel Elysia

marcus-beta · May 3, 2022

lol, thank you clear.png

Aorii · Apr 12, 2022

Hey Marcus, I'm writing to you in regards to your review.

First of all, I think it's extremely unfair you're going to vote-bomb my review just because you think its score is high. Whatever happened to making reviews based on fair assessment? Can you really claim that making a one-star review when even you yourself admits that you consider it a 8/10 story to be "fair"?
Aorii · Apr 12, 2022

Lastly, regarding 'the bride'. Yes Sylviane was intentionally written as a "foil character". Kaede acts as she does because she recognizes the fact Sylviane and Pascal has a 'special relationship', and that if she goes against it she might turn her one reliable ally (Pascal) against her. Thus she bids her time. As noted from the very early chapters, Kaede is written as a diplomat/mediator type character.

Aorii · Apr 12, 2022

Even without that, I do not see how it is a smart choice to lash back or try to undermine the other side in this scenario, and patience the best virtue.

If that's not your thing, sure, tastes vary. But why am I getting vote bombed for it?
marcus-beta · Apr 13, 2022

If I had to say this was more of a momentary reaction after getting angry with the characters, I upgraded to 4 stars however I wish I could give 3.5.

Aorii · Apr 13, 2022

I can understand that. Hence why I'm just asking you to be fair about it. Especially when the review attacks Kaede as being "passive" just because she has patience and her own plan to go about achieving her goals. Or "I disagree with ONE of the characters politically so this entire fiction must be politically-motivated."

I wrote a foreword warning people that this is not a story for everyone for a purpose. As it's not the same type as most on this site.

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