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Jan 2, 2020

Joined: Jan 2, 2020
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virgilknightley · Sep 22, 2021

Appreciate you taking the time to leave your review! Sorry it didn’t gel with you!

Kazesenken · Jul 14, 2021

Thanks for review. Sorry that it wasn't your cup of tea, but things were only going to get crazier. I don't try to write fluff and filler for the heck of it, so anytime that there isn't much action, a time skip happens.

CoffeeFob33 · Jan 12, 2021

Cheers for reading and leaving a review man.

I appreciate the heck out of you keeping up with the novel despite hating the first arc.

That's some ? patience you've got there.
If it was me, I wouldn't have bothered and just dropped the novel without a second thought instead of keeping up with it to see if it gets any better!

I'll *try* not to fuck up arc 3. ?

Pimgd · Jan 12, 2021

What happened was that you got on the front page again and I saw that there was quite a bit more chapters.

Chapter 31 sealed the deal; finally some protagonist agency.

Muscles_McMusclebro · Jan 6, 2021

Hi there. I saw your review on "Ero Dungeon Online" and wanted to ask what the difference is between it and "Ero Dungeon Evolution". In your review you said EDO is lighter, but how is EDE heavier? And what other differences are there?

Pimgd · Jan 6, 2021

In EDE the protagonist receives death threats and ends up in a situation where he has to hold his own life hostage to grt out of a situation. He ends up losing an arm.

ohhdearme · Sep 23, 2020

Thank you for taking the time to read and review my novel.

Yurekli_Kedi · Aug 1, 2020

And I think it shouldn't be forgotten that he is essentially just an inexperienced teen, brimming with over-confidence and stupidity.

Sorry for filling your "Messages", you can delete these after you read them

Yurekli_Kedi · Aug 1, 2020

Oh, by the way, I don't know if everyone is like this but when I am conscious while "dreaming", I don't give a damn about consequences and fly, reconstruct blocks by imagination and stuff.So I have written that part like that for this and another personal reason, since he thinks it was just a dream and thinks it will be fine without thinking about consequences much.  

Pimgd · Aug 1, 2020

And yet it's one of the first points where the novel falls apart. The main character doesn't take the situation seriously, so why should I bother to feel emotionally invested?

Yurekli_Kedi · Aug 1, 2020

You have a point. If that's what your tastes in literature are, I won't try further convincing you, especially as an amateur with this writing stuff.

Regardless, have a great day :)

Yurekli_Kedi · Aug 1, 2020

The "main" mind is what you can call the core of the Elliott. He is still inexperienced and was extremely lonely, so for a long time, to retain his mind he entertained himself with his childish actions. 

For a character that is around 17-18 5 years means more than one-third of the time they had a sense of self, so I can understand if you find it still silly, but I think that it at least makes sense.

Once more I really appreciate your criticism, thanks for reading and have a great day!

Yurekli_Kedi · Aug 1, 2020

For the paragraphs, you are absolutely right. I am kind of used to reading text like that, but I will give more effort into writing like that if it is confusing. 

About the MC's stupidity and split thinking, well... It makes the user be able to think spontaneously different thoughts. With the skill being so high, it seems to the user that they are interacting with different entities but essentially they all are him. 

Yurekli_Kedi · Aug 1, 2020

Thank you for reviewing my novel! I thought that the symbols might be cooler than giving names to them(I'm a newbie lol), so in the upcoming days I will rewrite the chapters as to give them names. 

As for the "interlude", it was not canon, actually it was a shit post to be honest. So I think I should remove it, as to not create confusion. But I may connect the lore to the Earth as I have done in the "interlude"

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