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Jan 3, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 3, 2020
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Trying to expand my places to write.
I'm Red, She/It. 22. I write silly trans storys and fanfictions with the labels scratched off.

DetectiveRed · Author · Dec 19, 2023

The Secret Santa Transfic Stash has started being posted on the Secret Trans Writing Lair account, starting with "All I Want For Christmas is Cube." By the ever talented Rainbow. If you'd like to check that out you can find it here.

If you don't want to be drip fed, you can still pick up the whole bundle over on itch for 15 American dollars. 

DetectiveRed · Author · Dec 13, 2023

Hello everyone!

I have tried to hint that I have still been writing and here is some proof. For this years Secret Santa Bundle I wrote a 10,000 word novelette. Its got polyamory, its got found community, it got the gay. It's available on it's own for 2.99 or in the bundle for 15 (which I definitely recommend).

DetectiveRed · Author · Dec 13, 2023

Its also got the story that the fantastic Sylkweaver wrote from my silly prompt. She spun gold from straw with that story. It's called Night is Were the Magic Happens and I highly recommend reading it if you buy the bundle

DetectiveRed · Author · Nov 5, 2023

I just uploaded the epilogue to Overbearing Overemotional Humans. Hoping to finish PRP by the end of the month. Im sorry for a lack of uploads, there are two storys eating at my brain and tafe and i got a job maybe its just a lot.

Crabapples · Nov 5, 2023

clear.png thank you. make sure you care for yourself too ❤️

RebelRose · Nov 6, 2023

oh wow, perfect time for a reread!!

nullptr · Nov 7, 2023

thank you! take your time and don't overwork yourself <3

oinkymoo · Jan 16, 2024

What happened to this plan?

DetectiveRed · Author · Aug 27, 2023

I was not able to finish Pink Ranger Problems by the end of May. Apologies that I haven't been posting, I've been struggling to find time to write between physio, and TAFE. Really sorry yall.

To the person who donated a few month back, i havent forgotten, i'll do the thank you next time i post.

Crissyfox · Aug 27, 2023

Your rl obligations come first, I hope things are going well with them.

Crabapples · Aug 27, 2023

don’t worry, take care of yourself first. i hope all goes well. 🩷

Irlina · Aug 27, 2023

Good luck and hope things get better for you!

BothellRoyal · Aug 28, 2023

TAFE is important. It will make a big difference,  especially long term. I look forward to seeing it in your writing, and I hope it's going well. 

DetectiveRed · Author · May 14, 2023

So dear readers, I am setting another goal. I have enrolled in TAFE, and had covid since I last updated so I'm not going to push myself as hard, but I am going to attempt to finish Pink Ranger Problems by the end of the month.

Pogstament · May 14, 2023

Congrats on enrolling!

Crissyfox · May 14, 2023

What's tafe?  And congrats, I hope you got over covid fine. Also looking forward to reading it.

DropDownBear · May 15, 2023

Crissyfox, TAFE is australian tertiary education that isn't university, often for trades and non-degree qualifications!

DropDownBear · May 15, 2023

Congrats on the TAFE!

DetectiveRed · Author · Apr 29, 2023

The epilogue for Newly Not Cis is up. After three years, I can finally deliver on that happy ending I have been promising basically since I started uploading. If you've been wanting to read how they end up but dont want to deal with the drama and trigger warnings give it a read! Its fairly light! Let me know what y'all think on the chapters page if you read it. I love reading comments

DetectiveRed · Author · Apr 28, 2023

And its up! Newly Not Cis chapter 42. Bouncing Back is up. My first ever story is done! I will never know what possessed younger me to write a full length novel as her first foray into writing but I finally finished it and I am decently happy with the results. Epilogue will be up soon.

Crabapples · Apr 28, 2023

what possessed younger me to write a full length novel as her first foray into writing

Click to expand...

Same here, lol.

Congrats on completing your novel! It was one I really enjoyed.

DetectiveRed · Author · Apr 27, 2023

So, good news everyone. I have hit 250 followers which is super cool and also coincides with me finally uploading the final chapter of NNC tommorow, and soon after the epilogue will be up. I'll be waking up early to upload

Pogstament · Apr 27, 2023

That’s amazing!

Sierraffinity · Apr 27, 2023

OMG YESSS congrats!!

BothellRoyal · Apr 27, 2023

It must feel good. I'm very interested in learning how you decided to wrap things up. 

Crissyfox · Apr 27, 2023

Oooo congrats

DetectiveRed · Author · Apr 8, 2023

Sup y'all. Monthly update since I haven't uploaded for almost 2 months. I have been working on some stories behind the scenes, one which I have been teasing for like a year now, but before I upload them I am going to focus hard on finishing Newly Not Cis and then Pink Ranger problems. Goal is to have all off NNC finished by the end of the month. 

Starbug1 · Mar 19, 2023

Great stories you have and do you ever think about making a crossover with a superhero universe  like the Marvel and DC universe.   I like having a guy transform into a female Power Ranger In helping the heroes fight the villains for a while .

DetectiveRed · Author · Mar 21, 2023

Unfortunately, I'm not really a super hero fan and i generally like to keep my stories self contained to universe I create, since I make the rules. I know there are some amazing authours writing other trans superhero stories out there though that are more close in tone than what I write.

DetectiveRed · Author · Mar 21, 2023

I just dont think Sentai works well with other superhero universes, in large part because its more like magical girl in spandex than your more stand alone superheros

DetectiveRed · Author · Feb 13, 2023

New quick chapter with Clara and Charlotte from the Why'd you turn me into a girl story, for Valentines day.

I've been busy trying to get work over the last few months mixed with writers block, so im sorry for not posting very often. 

spiteful · Jan 7, 2023

Not sure how NNC is going to end but I believe there is 3 main endings that can occurs from the most recent chapter, also hi I just caught up :)

spiteful · Jan 8, 2023

The endings that may happen are.                          1 James offs himself (wow).and everyone is sad but he gets to make a friend in melody(maybe) 2 melody changes James brain to remove the disphoria( either he remembers what he once was and uses that to improve or that also gets removed who knows). (Not sure how the other characters would react to that but it’s ur call             

spiteful · Jan 8, 2023

3 or James’s body returns to that of a boy and nick is happy (wooo, Katie prob hates him again though) Idk those are my thoughts but they all have their ups and downsBlob Melt Thumbs

DetectiveRed · Author · Dec 25, 2022

It's boxing day here in Australia which means I'm ruining your Christmas/Holidays with a new chapter of NNC. Have a good one! 

Crabapples · Dec 25, 2022

clear.pngJust the thing I wanted! How’d you guess?

maelucky · Dec 26, 2022

ruining!?!?!? its a christmas gift!!!

gothicshark · Dec 26, 2022

I should catch up on that, it's a very good story, but I was feeling the loss of a family member last year and stopped reading the really dramatic stories here.  I needed silly and happy; not make you think drama. But I think 2023 I can go back to reading the more drama focused stuff, and maybe even finally finish some of my own writing, that I stopped posting to social sites. 

DetectiveRed · Author · Dec 13, 2022

I've decided I'm going to edit the last chapter i posted to lead into a (Happy) epilogue better. It wont be perfect, but I hope seeing how things ended is satisfying even if we dont see everything in real time. Maybe I'll do one more chapter then the epilogue. At least theres a concrete ending coming up.

lexcia · Dec 13, 2022

Some closure is better then nothing, thank you. 

DetectiveRed · Author · Dec 13, 2022

part 2. Unfortunately I'm not sure what to do about the chapters I posted after that point. Should I delete them or just mark the story as done and add a note that these chapters arent canon.

Im sorry about this.

lexcia · Dec 13, 2022

Only other thing I could think of was maybe an epilogue making Jay getting better sometime in the future if you wanted it to end on a more happy note rather then "this isn't as bad as it could be and it can get better" feeling it has before the interludes. Make it explicitly happy instead of just just bitter but hopeful if that was where it was going. 

Crabapples · Dec 13, 2022

I like the epilogue idea personally. My story had the perfect ending and then i ended up writing 20k more words that wouldn’t fit into the second book thematically.  No shame in changing the titles around to make it happen, either.

Nodlehs · Dec 13, 2022

I'd delete them then leave it or the epilogue idea.

StereotypicalTransGirl · Dec 13, 2022

Maybe delete then from here and keep them on a separate file? Then if you want to add an epilogue to the cannon or edit it any other way that's good and will be clear cut and understandable, but if you decide to do something with them (not even continue writing, sometimes reviewing what you've madebefore can be helpful!) You'll have them there.

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    Trying to expand my places to write.
    I'm Red, She/It. 22. I write silly trans storys and fanfictions with the labels scratched off.

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