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Well-Known Author
Jan 7, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Jan 7, 2020
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Just a weirdo.

coletrebriggs · Jan 25, 2023

Are you okay? Genuinely worried hope you’re alright 

Cocolarge · Dec 29, 2022

Merry late cristmas

Biri · Dec 21, 2022

Are you coming backclear.png

Cocolarge · Nov 3, 2022

New chaps soon?

Cocolarge · Sep 8, 2022

How's the planing going

ForIAMRebORn · Author · Sep 25, 2022

It's going... a little bit better. 

Cocolarge · Jul 24, 2022

Any new chaps coming up

ForIAMRebORn · Author · Jul 26, 2022

Unfortunately, no. I have to plot out the story a bit more. I'm conflicted on whether or not to male the story darker, how to make story darker, and where to draw the line. Sorry for the let down. 

Cocolarge · Jul 26, 2022

No problem take your time it's better to have a good story than a rushed one

Cocolarge · Jun 18, 2022

New chaps soon

ForIAMRebORn · Author · Jun 22, 2022

I knew you'd come....

Yeah, hopefully. I got a nice, fat juicy chapter in the works. Just need to add some more details and iron things out. 

Thanks for reading! 

Cocolarge · Jun 22, 2022

Love your yandere story one of my favoritesclear.png

Cocolarge · May 22, 2022

New chaps soon?

ForIAMRebORn · Author · May 22, 2022

You bastard! Lol! Yeah there will be. Just don't have much free time right now. That and I'm plotting out the story right now. Doing research, etc.

FigSin · May 3, 2022

You are the best man. Been reading your yandere story. My only regret is I didn't find you sooner. Keep up the good work.

ForIAMRebORn · Author · May 4, 2022

clear.png Wow thanks bro!! I really appreciate the review and support. You made me tear up lol! I guess I need to get started on another chapter! Have a nice day! Or night!

bakquak · Apr 26, 2022

For your new novel “death to all heroes” may I know which ntr is present? netorare, netori, or netorase? Thanks!

ForIAMRebORn · Author · Apr 27, 2022

Damnit. Now I have to google the differences, lol. But, maybe spoilers here. His perception of women is.. extremely warped. So he may or may not use women as bargaining chips to get what he wants. And of course he will take other peoples significant others from them.  I don't know yet. I'm still feeling this story out and plotting it out. And you're welcome bro! I don't want you reading something you don't want to. I just appreciate you going out of your way to support! Thanks! 

Cocolarge · Apr 26, 2022

New chap soon??

ForIAMRebORn · Author · Apr 26, 2022

Lol soon hopefully. I'm working on three other stories right now (hopefully I'll be able to release one tonight). I have half a chapter done though, just got a few details I want to workj out first. Tomorrow or the day after hopefully? Thanks for your continued interest! 

Cocolarge · Apr 10, 2022

Are you back?

ForIAMRebORn · Author · Apr 10, 2022

Yes, I am!

bakquak · Mar 10, 2022

Yo author, I’m wondering how long the hiatus is going to be 

ForIAMRebORn · Author · Mar 24, 2022

Hopefully for not much longer. It's been.. a little hectic. Couple that with writers block and yeah.. 

Biri · Feb 9, 2022

Hey! Just asking. You posted your story on Webnovel right? 

ForIAMRebORn · Author · Feb 10, 2022

Yeah! Thanks for looking out bro! 

Jerin · Jan 24, 2022

👋 I like u'r stories hehe

ForIAMRebORn · Author · Feb 10, 2022

Awee!! I like you too bro! 

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    Just a weirdo.

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