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Jan 19, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jan 19, 2020
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I like what I like.

neptune · Aug 8, 2020

quick many proman have you created...

neptune · Aug 8, 2020

hmm...i just checked there are currently 4 proman 

sazalfur · Author · Aug 8, 2020

Oof, i need to change their names then, any ideas? clear.png

neptune · Aug 8, 2020

idk you should probably change the genderbend stories promans name to something feminine and when he is still male just give him a random name like jake or something since it doesn’t matter if hes gonna have to change his name later

sazalfur · Author · Aug 8, 2020

Okie, when I get done with the writing for the day, I will

PuffGentle · Jul 22, 2020

Alright you better not delete it again you bastard.

Touya · Jul 20, 2020

If you give up halfway, then you don't deserve to come back. The criticism is what helps you grow. If you drop just because someone told you that your story is kinda wonky, tgen i don't think you'll go far in life. 

PuffGentle · Jul 20, 2020

We'll just be here waiting for you to finally upload a new story and keep it there! Upload a chapter for writing practice and if someone gives you some advice, take it and rewrite the chapter or something I'm not sure! I just want to see you write again!

sazalfur · Author · Jul 20, 2020

Okay, I shall try not to drop my next story. However I'll need you guys to help motivate me as well clear.pngclear.png

PuffGentle · Jul 21, 2020

Yes, yes, I'll support you and make you feel like you're doing a good job.

Good lord, I feel like I need to shelter you from all the bad things in the world.

PuffGentle · Jul 21, 2020

As long as you're enjoying yourself and putting effort into your story's I think you can make something great! You'll only get better as time passes.

sazalfur · Author · Jul 16, 2020

So I want to write a new story, I dunno if I can maintain its original plot though. Welp, no matter, I shall escape should the situation turn sideways.

-From your lovely author

sazalfur clear.png

Kekw · Jul 16, 2020

This is so sad

Aralunai · Jul 19, 2020

Are you the one who keeps posting and then deleting a novel if so just let what you post get out even if it’s bad at least this way you can get some positive criticism and improve tour skills as a writer

Edit: I just went back and noticed on my lists that you have a total of 6 you’ve deleted over the course of time

sazalfur · Author · Jul 19, 2020

Sorry clear.png I won't delete anymore then. 

sazalfur · Author · Jul 12, 2020

"Hehe. I'm hiding from writing. No one can find me."

*Hides under blanket* 

"We are safe for now."

SushiShon · Jul 12, 2020

*Grabs blanket, and strangles sazalfur with it*


Touya · Jul 12, 2020

*get's a knife*

Can your blanket stop this? 

SushiShon · Jul 12, 2020


"Your blanket can't stop my toxic farts of doom. Slowly but surely you'll start writing like a person that write a lot. Mwhahahahaha!"

SushiShon · Jun 28, 2020

So... I was first, and last to comment on Realm of Gods eh..?

Aralunai · Jun 21, 2020

So are you going to quit writing altogether the other stories were deleted i had them in my want list

sazalfur · Author · Jun 21, 2020

I dunno. I dunno what to write about! It's a tad frustrating. I'll try and devote myself to at least one of my novels though.

Nyaa · Jun 23, 2020

Noooooooo! clear.png

I was hoping for continuation, not cancellation...

Officerdont · Mar 22, 2020

Can you make more chapter for demons

Al.AI · Feb 25, 2020

I know that it might be too early but when are you going too continue both xenomorph stories? 

sazalfur · Author · Feb 25, 2020

Hmmmm, soon? Might start them again today if anything, depends on how my day goes.

Al.AI · Feb 25, 2020

Thanks for the replyclear.png

MaruaAshbloom · Feb 13, 2020

Also i recommend you to main (release chapters on, and focus on) Xeno Reincarnation, since it's your most popular novel and the one most people (like me) like the most. Just a hint so you don't stray off too much into the many stories you have right now. After all i'd be sad if no daily releases for it anymore. Bye, have a great time! clear.png

MaruaAshbloom · Feb 13, 2020

I recommend Ultimate fruit, Life Hunter (omg so good this one). And for a non-scribble hub story i recommend Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God, Hedonist Sovereign (on gravity tales, though it currently on hiatus there's 450+ chapters) and Online Game Evil Dragon Against The Heavens. That's it! clear.png

blackbelt_monkey · Feb 4, 2020

Hmmmmm, you have a great many amount of stories ongoing, you better not be LAZY!!

sazalfur · Author · Feb 4, 2020

Oml, I know, I can't help it I just randomly write, but I'll try not to be lazy! clear.png

sazalfur · Author · Jan 21, 2020

clear.pngI am incredibly lazy... 

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