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Jan 25, 2020

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jan 25, 2020
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Jrdragoon15 · Apr 13, 2021

Hay are you post over on RR. Just saw this on there want to make sure it was u 

TDM · Mar 1, 2021

Another HP fanfic just popped up.

The author is a fan of your story, by the way.

Mark_Ward · Author · Mar 1, 2021

will check it out clear.png

TDM · Feb 28, 2021

You doing ok?  Haven’t seen you take a longish break in a while.  Hope all is well, and that you’re resting your brain, doing something fun.

anotheridiot · Jan 30, 2021

Hey there , I want to inquire about NTR stuff in Godfather and Godson does or mc gets NTR'ed or he NTR's someone.

I am preety weak seeing mc get cucked

Mark_Ward · Author · Jan 30, 2021

Nope, none of that in my works. clear.png

TDM · Nov 30, 2020

Did you mean to jump to Chapter 80?  Check your chapter progress.

Flavia15 · Nov 18, 2020

Are there any plans to post of your patreon stories? clear.png

Mark_Ward · Author · Nov 18, 2020

Yep, the first I plan to release is the jon snow fanfic either by the end of Nov or start of Dec. I want to first finish the first arc!

Rafski · Sep 21, 2020

About second wouldn't say she od pretty and last totally forgot she existed 😂

Rafski · Sep 21, 2020

I have question about tag student-teacher cuz i don't remember any pretty teacher?

Mark_Ward · Author · Sep 21, 2020

Aurora Sinistra(professor of Astronomy), Septima Vector(professor of Arithmancy), Bathsheda Babbling(Professor of Ancient Runes), Patricia Rakepick(previous professor of defense against the dark art who I might bring back.)

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