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Jan 25, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 25, 2020
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Comments: 223
Mythmaster215 · May 4, 2024

Any new updated on this story? Would love to read more. Hoping to see more! 

Redgamer120 · Feb 4, 2023

Someone might be trying to repost your harry potter fic under its old name

DeluxeHipster · Mar 23, 2023

He vanished from earth not like he can do something bout it, instead that person might just finish it.

Ame_Otoko · Mar 27, 2023

Where is It uploading? I wanna read It.

DeluxeHipster · Mar 31, 2023

It isint.
At least to my knowledge. 

Ryuujisan · Jul 18, 2022

u will continua wizard knigt :) ? i love this fanfic

pincho · Aug 1, 2022

It's been abandoned on all sites, including his Patreon.

Woolffool · Jul 12, 2022

Se você estiver vivo autor pelo menos termine a história. clear.png

Sou muito fã da o seu trabalho o " Rei Mago"

Muito obrigado pelo seu trabalho.

pincho · Apr 14, 2022

Don't hold you breath people he disappeared on Patreon as well and other sites

Ash16746 · Feb 24, 2022

Yo. When is wizard king going to be finished. Are you even alive. Have you got covid because another author had to recover for almost the same time period. Or are you burnt out. Other aspects of life?

DeluxeHipster · Dec 17, 2021

I know your alive, at least say something here or on discord.

Haymore · Jul 17, 2021

I like the new cover, but is there a reason for the name change?

DeluxeHipster · Jul 25, 2021

I also like the new cover, I guess the name change is to make it short and memorable.
My question is, when is the new chapter.clear.png

Jebusgod · Jun 2, 2021

 just curious what is your release schedule on scribble hub for godfather and godson

DeluxeHipster · May 15, 2021

When is the next chapter for this and game of thrones coming out.

I would pay for the patreon but im litteraly broke. So i can only check every hour if you uploaded.
Mark_Ward · Author · May 14, 2021


Jrdragoon15 · Apr 13, 2021

Hay are you post over on RR. Just saw this on there want to make sure it was u 

TDM · Mar 1, 2021

Another HP fanfic just popped up.

The author is a fan of your story, by the way.

Mark_Ward · Author · Mar 1, 2021

will check it out clear.png

TDM · Feb 28, 2021

You doing ok?  Haven’t seen you take a longish break in a while.  Hope all is well, and that you’re resting your brain, doing something fun.

anotheridiot · Jan 30, 2021

Hey there , I want to inquire about NTR stuff in Godfather and Godson does or mc gets NTR'ed or he NTR's someone.

I am preety weak seeing mc get cucked

Mark_Ward · Author · Jan 30, 2021

Nope, none of that in my works. clear.png

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