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Jan 31, 2020

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Joined: Jan 31, 2020
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Only a small time writer as a hobby. Note that I cannot update on the scheduled date.

Jerico516 · 13 hours ago

Is Card Cultivator just on hiatus for a while or has it been dropped it was just getting to the exciting bits

Szaku · Jan 30, 2021

is little pioneer continued anywhere else or was this a drop?

amethystgemfragment · Author · Feb 6, 2021

I've been working on it, around chapter 45 or something right now. But don't expect much, cuz I've been busy on something else.

Szaku · Feb 6, 2021

oh, i see clear.png

thx for the reply! 

Lunaressence · Jan 10, 2021

Hello I read your Card System Novel and I want to know are there any other novels you have written ? And another question were you previous author Of Bluestone Castle if you are pls respond.

amethystgemfragment · Author · Feb 6, 2021

yes, I was ..., amethystore is my side account. And I indeed write Bluestone Castle. Thank you.

Lunaressence · Feb 6, 2021

Can you post me a link? Because I really wanted to read it again or you can send me google Doc file on discord....if you are on discord.


Noxsis · Dec 23, 2020

you do remember what we had discussed about card cultivator series(mostly the colorless card and main characters cultivation technique ideas)

Noiregrimoire · Nov 5, 2020

I need the card cultivator series and I can't use the link as it expired

Animelovernumber1 · Oct 18, 2020

Why did you delete card cultivator? Will you ever rewrite it or another series?

amethystgemfragment · Author · Dec 14, 2020

I'm on my revamping project ..., after reading so much of comment, I want to redo some of my series.

amethystgemfragment · Author · May 23, 2020

Happy Eid Mubarrak for those who are moslems! This year Ramadhan flew away so fast because of the quarantine, I almost forget it has been 30 whole days of fasting.   

Alverost · May 18, 2020

Please state what theme you chose for the contest in the synopsis!

Alverost · May 18, 2020

No, it's my fault for missing itclear.png

amethystgemfragment · Author · May 18, 2020

I won't change it though. clear.png But, it's still legit, right?

Alverost · May 18, 2020

Yeah it's fine, you can advertise it on here btw

amethystgemfragment · Author · May 18, 2020

vielen Danke.clear.png

weakwithwords · Apr 26, 2020

I was reading Villain as a Friend.  I was confused by Jessica's surname since she is supposedly chinese.  I think what I last read was the side story, the one about the fire dungeon.

amethystgemfragment · Author · Apr 27, 2020

Ohh ..., it's Rahardja, as I remember.
In Indonesia, the Peranakan(Chinese descent born in Indonesia) will be named with one western name and last name Javanese/Sanskrit name. It had something to do with history, the treatment of Chinese was not that great in the '90s. Chinese business owners couldn't open their business if they submitted the business permit with their Chinese name. So many of them change their name into a more indigenous name for the sake of permit.

weakwithwords · Jun 6, 2020

Thanks. Something about the alerts not alerting me.

Just realized that the fire dungeon scene was from a different novel, that I finally bookmarked just a while ago.  *embarrassed*

Guy eating at a diner asked the chinese owner about his western name. He replied that when he migrated, the guy in front of him had said, "John Smith." When it was his turn, he said, "Sam Ting."

amethystgemfragment · Author · Jun 6, 2020


And what ...? "Sam Ting?" I shouldn't make fun of other people's names, but really, that's just ..., something. clear.png

Erlon · Apr 21, 2020

Just asking, will you revive the deleted series mr? I mean like the villain as friend

amethystgemfragment · Author · Apr 22, 2020

Nah ..., sorry, I just don't have the ability to write VR or game world. And by the way, this is the third time I write the VR thing, and I am puzzled in the middle of my writing. About how the story progress, and such ..., I have no idea how to make all of that. 

amethystgemfragment · Author · Apr 22, 2020

You know Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, Ark, and Zhang Long is the very first English translated novel I've read. And I'm trying to reproduce those things. But as you can see, I can't do that. It's just not run inside the blood in my vein. 

Erlon · Apr 22, 2020

Kinda sad that, even if villain friend is unreasonable its pretty good. Then I just could say goodbye for the title.

Erlon · Apr 22, 2020

That you mention it, maybe i like the story because of Zhang long. Though i dont end the story because of spoiler ruining my mood to move

amethystgemfragment · Author · Apr 15, 2020

I must apologize, especially to Noxsis. I promised to update the CC story last time.

I don't know that my internet quota almost used up. So that very day I had no access to internet.
As a lazy person, I won't get out if not because of very important business. Today is a nice day and I have to buy supply in the groceries. Thus, I also recharge my internet quota.
I'm in the middle of proofreading, please be patient.
- amethyst.ore
Wkppp · Apr 3, 2020

We your follow shall wait till we rise again!clear.pngclear.png

vic20 · Apr 3, 2020


amethystgemfragment · Author · Apr 3, 2020

No chapter for today ..., sorry.

Last night, I rearrange the files on my hard-drive but, somehow I clicked the 'shift+del' and enter and bam, permanently delete.
Thus, I need to rewrite today chapter from scratch. I know what I'm writing and what I have written so it probably easy. Not. Somehow when I rewrite this I got the feeling that this is different from what I write before. It probably takes some time. clear.png
Erlon · Apr 5, 2020

Are you talking about deleted Villain as Friend. Thats sad

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    Only a small time writer as a hobby. Note that I cannot update on the scheduled date.

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