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Feb 9, 2020

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I make Cool stuff. I post it. Hope You Enjoy It.
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CautiousTitan · Author · Mar 6, 2021

Another 2k chappie on the way

CautiousTitan · Author · Mar 6, 2021

Chapter 3 within 12 hours Kingz

CautiousTitan · Author · Feb 26, 2021

Chapter is out now!

CautiousTitan · Author · Feb 24, 2021

One of the issues with Merchant, (and I suppose my other stories now that I think about it), is that first-person was a bit too restrictive for the stories I want to tell. Then again, writing over 100,000 words in first-person is significantly harder than writing in third person. Thus, I feel my writing has improved a ton by doing so!

CautiousTitan · Author · Feb 24, 2021

The plan is to have SQA's release schedule at 2 chapters per week. Each chapter should be around 2000 words. If everything goes to plan, they will release every Monday and Friday. SQA, unlike my other stories, will also be the first story told in third person. 

CautiousTitan · Author · Feb 22, 2021

Reincarnated As The Succubus Queen's Assistant has been released! Both SQA and Atypical Merchant will take place at the same time and in the same universe!

(Once the novel is approved)

CautiousTitan · Author · Feb 17, 2021

 It'll be more explicit, both in terms of violence and potential smut. (Still not sure about smut yet. I'll most likely need to poll it). 

I'm hoping to match the vibe of Overlord. Comedic, but also evil at the same time. 

It'll 100% be a 18+ story so I hope you guys like it!


CautiousTitan · Author · Feb 17, 2021

My next story will be released next Monday. It's full initials are RATSQA, but it's shorthand initials are SQA. This story will take place in the world of Atypical Merchant, but from the viewpoint of the demons. 

It'll also follow a different MC who has been reincarnated as a Half-Demon. However, both stories will take place at the same time to provide a more holistic experience of Adrios.


blackrockshooter · Feb 17, 2021

Will the MC be a guy or girl, or will it a gender bender type thing?

CautiousTitan · Author · Feb 18, 2021

The MC will be a guy, but of a different morality than Owen. Similar to Ains, he loses some of the emotions that makes someone human.

It will not be gender bender.

Also, while I'm answering similar questions, I'm still unsure about smut. However, if there was smut, the MC will most likely be involved. It'll make sense once you guys see the story.

But a huge hint is that he'll work under the Succubus Queen know.

blackrockshooter · Feb 18, 2021

If someone works for a succubus queen, there is a good chance that there will be smut.

CautiousTitan · Author · Feb 18, 2021

Pretty much

CautiousTitan · Author · Feb 10, 2021

Whenever I get my cover for the unreleased series, I'll post a longer Merchant chapter to make up for the wait! Very sorry it's taking this long! This spinoff series is very important to the series since it tells the events from the side of the Kilaqen Empire in real time!

CautiousTitan · Author · Feb 7, 2021

This might be the slowest I've ever seen a simple commission go. More than likely, I'll go with a new artist going forward

CautiousTitan · Author · Feb 7, 2021

My artist is finally finishing up the cover for the next story. I wonder if this was more headache than it was worthclear.png

CautiousTitan · Author · Jan 13, 2021

New Chapter within 24 hours! Trying to make a 2K chapter!

CautiousTitan · Author · Jan 7, 2021

On the bright side, people wanting more of Atypical Merchant will be happy to know that my energy is 100% focused on the series now

CautiousTitan · Author · Jan 7, 2021

Ok. So my artist is going kinda slow recently, which means I may need to get a new one. I can't launch either series without those covers completed.

Not very happy with that.

In the meantime, I will continue writing chapters for Merchant.

If you're wondering what I was doing, I was writing the beginning chapters for the two upcoming series.

Around 10 chapters each.

But it seems like my plans have to be delayed. 

Again. Not very happy at all. Kinda annoyed actually.

CautiousTitan · Author · Dec 31, 2020

I will also launch my spinoff story of Atypical Merchant soon. I just need my artist to finish the cover at this point

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    I make Cool stuff. I post it. Hope You Enjoy It.
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