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Feb 9, 2020

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I make Cool stuff. I post it. Hope You Enjoy It.

CautiousTitan · · Author · Jun 11, 2021

It's official. Atypical Merchant and Succubus Queen's Assistant are returning next Friday! Sorry for the wait!

Atypical Merchant gets a Reboot, while SQA gets a rewrite. Hope you guys like it!

Though, when I say SQA gets a rewrite, I mean chapters after the Grat and Kurdan chapter. I scrapped 'The Misfits' storyline for something less boring. I also improved all the chapters as a whole.

CautiousTitan · Author · Jun 8, 2021

Very, very happy with the improvements I made to Merchant! Succubus Queen's Assistant and it's chapters will also be refined before the new chapters release

CautiousTitan · Author · Jun 8, 2021

Updates for Succubus Queen's Assistant AND Atypical Merchant will occur on or before June 17th! They will both be multiple chapters to account for the month break that I needed to build my project!

XselfesterX · Jun 8, 2021

Thanks for your hard work.
I haven't read your work but they look fun and interesting.

CautiousTitan · Author · Jun 5, 2021

Making significant progress on the rebuild of my site. New SQA chapters and illustrations are coming soon. The rewrite of Atypical Merchant (which significantly improves the story) will be a few chapters ahead on the new site. Also, since I haven't been posting much, multiple SQA chapters will release all at once when they do finally release. Mostly because it means that I've finished building the site!

CautiousTitan · Author · May 27, 2021

SQA will also be updated more often. Been busy recently but I think I’ve found enough time to release at a higher clip!

CautiousTitan · Author · May 27, 2021

I’m planning to do a near complete rewrite of Atypical Merchant in third person to better complement Succubus Queen Assistant. Better pacing, balancing, ecchi, etc. I’m finding enough time to do 2 series at once

CautiousTitan · Author · May 26, 2021

Sorry for the recent delays. Been working on doing a complete redux of my website. The plan is to greatly simplify it, as well as make it myself. It'll be entirely custom so it's taking some time

CautiousTitan · Author · May 19, 2021

Instead of Lord Broggon, the next chibi illustration will be Empress Viessa

CautiousTitan · Author · May 8, 2021

I'm planning on another Chibi Illustration. Next up is Lord Broggon!

a_apple · May 8, 2021





CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 25, 2021

Writing Charyx's personality is interesting because I can go several paths with his character. He'll most likely be a dynamic character. Haera is basically fanservice, but you'll understand why she's like that (hint: has something to do with her being a vampire). You could say Allisa is the most important member of the Vanguard for many reasons.

CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 4, 2021

These shorter chapters will release at a faster pace than the main chapters. 

CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 4, 2021

Gonna start dropping shorter ‘Day In The Life’ chapters in-between the regular ones. They’ll be around 500 words in length and mostly cover slice-of-life stuff.

CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 1, 2021

New Illustration should be coming soon for Succubus Queen's Assistant

CautiousTitan · Author · Mar 28, 2021

I'm reducing my gaming time and redistributing it towards Web Design/Writing.

Web Design seems a lot less stressful than ranked matches lmao.

Also, I'm starting to get a bunch of ideas for the different types of tentacles since I can have them act as 'Configurations'. Pretty excited

Novellover · Mar 20, 2021

The Messages Section sure is Quiet with only 2 people

CautiousTitan · Author · Mar 10, 2021

The next chapter, which is [Smut], will release on friday

Novellover · Mar 20, 2021


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    I make Cool stuff. I post it. Hope You Enjoy It.

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