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Famous Author
Feb 9, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Feb 9, 2020
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I make Cool stuff. I post it. Hope You Enjoy It.

CautiousTitan · · Author · Nov 18, 2023

No promises, but I'm thinking of posting again. But unlike other times, if I do post, the series in question will have already been completed. And would theoretically release everyday. If it's successful, it will continue. If it's not, I will fade back into the shadows once more. But having a finished story on my profile, even if I don't use it much anymore, would be nice.

Novellover · Nov 18, 2023


CautiousTitan · Author · Nov 18, 2023

It'll be good practice for writing game storylines. I'm more or less a Software Developer now but I want to make games as a hobby. Ironically, part of the reason I stopped writing was to focus more on software dev. And yet, I'm right back to writing somehow lol. Pretty funny how that works

CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 15, 2023

I’m having way more fun writing HTHADL than I expected. Kinda feel like it’s a fresh take on the isekai genre. It’s a bit more serious writing wise than Atypical Merchant and Succubus, but the quality is infinitely better. Very happy with how it’s coming out so far 2 weeks in

CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 15, 2023

I’m thinking about bringing back Owen, Justine, and a few others into HTHADL since I believe they deserve to be put into a better story. Nothing is finalized yet but if people like the idea, I’ll do it

CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 11, 2023

Doing MWF was definitely the move. Longer chapters too

CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 5, 2023

Thanks to me being made aware of Niji-Journey (and my subsequent addiction to using it) I will be updating the cover and eventually releasing the illustrations for the 5 main characters (Helios, Nyx, Athena, Tymora, and DVN. I’m ngl it’s pretty poggers. Probably the best thing since sliced bread tbh

CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 5, 2023

New Cover is Poggers. Should show up in the next few hours

CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 4, 2023

I’m planning to have HTHADL be in parts correlating to each of the Demon Lords to create the feeling of them being hunted one by one. But it’ll all be under the same series. Not only does it make the concept fresh, but it also opens up the option for temporary breaks in releases.

CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 4, 2023

Each part is probably between 30-40k words. DL Valtor might be 30 but depends on the B and C plots I probably shouldnt talk about yet. The C plots are good to experiment ideas

CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 3, 2023

How to Hunt A Demon Lord is out now! Poggers

CautiousTitan · Author · Apr 1, 2023

New Series drops on Monday. Pog

SteveyZ · Mar 23, 2023

Wish I could see the photos for “Reincarted as an Atypical Merchant”, discord doesnt work either 

En4cer1244 · Dec 3, 2022

Hey just giving you fair warning (not an emergency) but the photos for the "Reincarnated as an Atypical Merchant" aren't working. I honestly don't know how important they were. But I also wanted to say that I love the story so far.

CautiousTitan · Author · Sep 15, 2022

Feels weird to be writing again ngl. Writing while playing Azur Lane was a good idea lol.

CautiousTitan · Author · Sep 11, 2022

And I deleted my wattpad account with 400 followers. Now THAT stung. You know how hard it is to get 400 followers in only 2 years? Not to mention the 50k views on multiple novels I had on there. Shit is an actual tragedy. At least I'm in a better headspace now. Guess that matters more than what amounts to Data.

CautiousTitan · Author · Sep 11, 2022

I'm still kinda salty I deleted my website ngl. I lost all of that code I spent so much time on...then again, it was a distraction at the end of the day so maybe it was for the best?

Nicolae · Aug 18, 2022

Life is an ass just looking to backhand you. Your actions are yours and that is what makes you: you. An action in the moment is the best action you could have done, while retrospect will tell you otherwise. Leave the past behind and look for the future.

The more you expect out of yourself the larger the fall when it happens, this is not a reason to blame yourself but to learn moderation. You will enjoy more a path walked rather then run.

Nicolae · Aug 18, 2022

And... am out of possibly encouraging quotes.  

CautiousTitan · Author · Aug 18, 2022

Thanks for the quote. Like I said, I was in a really bad place mentally 7 months ago, but I'm significantly better now. In retrospect, it's pretty obvious that I was stretching myself wayyy too thin. Focusing on everything else around writing except the actual writing. So if I return, whether it's under this name or a different one, all I'm going to focus on are the stories that I create

CautiousTitan · Author · Aug 18, 2022

Ironically, one of the series I was planning to make around the same time as my mental breakdown keeps nagging at me to be made. So even if I were to even return to writing, I would have to basically start over from scratch with a new name and everything. Actually, it's a must.

ImAPotato · Aug 18, 2022

Just let us know when you start, I miss your stories 

CautiousTitan · Author · Aug 18, 2022

If enough people actually miss my stories, I suppose I could put something small out. Could be a test to see if CT actually has any hope left for it

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    I make Cool stuff. I post it. Hope You Enjoy It.

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