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Famous Author
Feb 17, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 17, 2020
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Comments: 679
EngieBoy6000 · Apr 6, 2022

Love how a year later people are still flooding his inbox

Dragoniod · Mar 30, 2022

Are you going to do a sequel? 

Nafets · Mar 1, 2022

@Konge can you please write sanguine paradise again ?

Fafulin · Feb 7, 2022

@Konge you may want to update sanguine paradise with the dropped tag

Konge · Author · May 26, 2021

Today's chapter will most likely be pushed as I will be having guests over for my birthday over the course of today and tomorrow.

Will highly likely be wasted to the point of having perpetually shirtless elves haunting me during most of that time, so I'm not making any promises for me being productive today and tomorrow.clear.png

Amith673 · May 26, 2021

Happy Bithday clear.pngclear.png

CromG · May 26, 2021

Happy Birthday!!! clear.png 

Forgotten_One · May 26, 2021

Happy birthdayclear.png

Lifeless · May 26, 2021

Happy birthday

Hellson · May 3, 2021

So are you still updating souless or not

MrGaujail · May 7, 2021

i want to know as well

Sol_ · Mar 31, 2021

clear.pngHey King, you gonna continue soulless? Great work on both your novels btw

Konge · Author · Apr 3, 2021


But yeah. Soulless is mostly a side-project I work on when I have the spare time, and as of late I've been pre-occupied with other stuff. A new chapter might come within the next few days.clear.png

Sol_ · Apr 3, 2021

clear.pngA-okay makker

HaimaUrt · Feb 16, 2021

Hello. Sorry, are you going to update the royal road?

blackrockshooter · Feb 11, 2021

Wow, the cover of Soulless is really awesome. Nice job.

Konge · Author · Feb 11, 2021

Thank you very much! clear.png

Shout-out to FloatingLeaf243 for making it!

blackrockshooter · Feb 11, 2021

That person has real skill.

Konge · Author · Jan 28, 2021

Hi, for those wondering about where Soulless has gone, it's because I've taken it down to re-write it. It will come back soon and will have a steady release schedule of two chapters a day until it had catched up to where it was previously (unpublished chapters included). I hope to bring the best I can for my readers, so please bear with me as I polish some of the story's rougher edges.clear.png

Konge · Author · Jan 15, 2021

Greetings to all my wonderful readers! I just wanted to say that I've finally set up a Discord server and all are welcome to join here: Hope to see you all there!clear.png

Hantaros · Jan 7, 2021

Hey, I think another guy already said it, but sometimes your descriptions would have worked better if you had a third person narrator rather than always using first person, like, there are many times in recent chapters when Xavier talks about how “a cold glint went trough his eyes” or something like that, which...

Hantaros · Jan 7, 2021 weird because he has no way to constantly know about things like that, it’s really a question of details, this particular phrase could work better even in first person if you exchanged eyes/gaze/etc for his mind for example.

Alverost · Jan 3, 2021

Hey there, I understand that while your current story cover is temporary, please either remove the cover or change to one that you actually have permission to use for the competition while you wait for your commissioned art. 

Konge · Author · Jan 3, 2021

Oh, my bad, I must've misunderstood it then. I just thought since after most of the covers used by the other stories did it like I just did and that they hadn't been taken down after more than two days, that it only required you to state the source.clear.png

I have uploaded a new cover and it will get changed as soon as Scribblehub's review is done.clear.png

Konge · Author · Jan 3, 2021

I've posted a new story, Soulless, for Scribblehub's anniversary contest, go check it out if it'd interest any of you wonderful readers!clear.pngclear.png

Grimg12 · Jan 3, 2021

will do

Konge · Author · Jan 3, 2021


CromG · Jan 3, 2021

Not a chance I'm missing that xD

Forgotten_One · Jan 3, 2021

Will do !clear.png

Konge · Author · Jan 1, 2021

clear.pngHappy New Year!clear.png

Grimg12 · Jan 1, 2021

it is 10:47 PM when I read this in California in the U.S. but I am grateful for the sentient all the same.

clear.pngHave A Good New Yearsclear.png

Wolololo64 · Jan 1, 2021

Already the 2nd of January in New Zealand clear.png

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