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Famous Author
Feb 17, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 17, 2020
Followers: 309
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Comments: 678
RatticusChaos · Jan 9, 2024

Hope this guy wasn’t assassinated

demonfox · Apr 2, 2024

he was last active 4 hours ago as of 24 april 2nd 4:56

divyap · Jul 18, 2023

Hmm somethings fishy and sus.clear.pngHave you completely stopped writing or are you taking a rest & making a stockpile of chapters. Either way your story is good.clear.pngJust hoping you will atleast make things clear and have a nice day.clear.pngclear.png

Michoucast · May 29, 2024

A stock pile of 2 years ? (Now 3) hmm I doubt it's the case.

Stupot · Jul 16, 2023

Please continue Sanguine Paradise it was a great story.

Emperor777 · Jun 24, 2023

Sorry, if this's insulting I have no way of asking for permission that's why I'm asking now clear.png

kokagiy206 · Jun 2, 2023

What happen to Sanguine Paradise ???

Jigawatt · Mar 23, 2023

Hey man, you okay?

Kamillah · Oct 19, 2022

anyone know where Konge has dissapeared to? its been a few months since the last update!

Kamillah · Oct 27, 2022

could ya send me the link please? if he has a server?

Alucard123 · Oct 27, 2022

its in the summary of tales of implock

Da_Bad_Kou · Feb 7, 2023

Can you please tell the rest of us who dont necessarily have a discord account?

Alucard123 · Feb 8, 2023

he has not said a single thing since he stopped

Gazei · Aug 27, 2022

Didn't you had a core story?

TextualDeviant · Apr 6, 2022

Love how a year later people are still flooding his inbox

Dragoniod · Mar 30, 2022

Are you going to do a sequel? 

Nafets · Mar 1, 2022

@Konge can you please write sanguine paradise again ?

Fafulin · Feb 7, 2022

@Konge you may want to update sanguine paradise with the dropped tag

Konge · Author · May 26, 2021

Today's chapter will most likely be pushed as I will be having guests over for my birthday over the course of today and tomorrow.

Will highly likely be wasted to the point of having perpetually shirtless elves haunting me during most of that time, so I'm not making any promises for me being productive today and tomorrow.clear.png

Amith673 · May 26, 2021

Happy Bithday clear.pngclear.png

CromG · May 26, 2021

Happy Birthday!!! clear.png 

Forgotten_One · May 26, 2021

Happy birthdayclear.png

Lifeless · May 26, 2021

Happy birthday

Hellson · May 3, 2021

So are you still updating souless or not

MrGaujail · May 7, 2021

i want to know as well

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