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Feb 18, 2020

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ForestDweller · Author · 7 hours ago

I now have a Ko-Fi page.

I don't have anything to offer for your money though.  clear.pngOnly made it to raise funds for more artwork commissions.

ForestDweller · Author · 16 hours ago

@WanderingSwordNuub speaks about how he wants harem members to be well-developed.

But I can just write a story where it's a VRMMO and it's literal NPCs who fell in love with him like Overlord. Literally in their programming.

Or I could go the slave route instead, with the MC using slave spells. That's valid if the story is about a villainous hero, which is a popular trope in the isekai genre, mind you.

WanderingSwordNuub · 15 hours ago

Loshi pretty sure he used to live in modern society,Fiora can't color his views if his past life did

Khaos321999 · 15 hours ago

This is unrelated but, Will there be any graphical map of the world?, not detailed, just to see the world, so even a MS paint would do,

loshi1505 · 15 hours ago

sure, if he was described as having a strong opinion in the first place... but he wasn't. therefor he's operating off the things he sees with his own eyes, and hears though others experiences. fiora most certainly colored his view of the matter, regardless of it being a lighter shade then fiora's pitch black dark.

ForestDweller · Author · 14 hours ago


It's nowhere near complete since I'm making it as the story goes along. If you still want to look at it, then I can PM it to you.

ForestDweller · Author · 16 hours ago

I wonder how popular Redo of A Healer would get. That's another edgy isekai fantasy, but this time, it's filled with sex and torture.

Already see comments saying how they're looking forward to the outrage from the SJWs.

loshi1505 · 11 hours ago

hmm, maybe it's a western audience issue then?clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · 8 hours ago

Most western isekai fans don't even care about any OEL isekai, with the swathe of translated Japanese isekai out there.

Though I say that, but I saw someone recommending one of the more popular stories on the site just the other day...

ForestDweller · Author · 8 hours ago

I only ever get recommended by one person outside here, and that person no longer reads this story. Even though he used to say how he believed my story should be much more popular... clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · 17 hours ago

If my novel were to be adapted to a visual medium, I can just imagine the scene where Marina explains stuff with Hugo is drawn in a comedic manner with Marina being the teacher with glasses and a pointing stick. clear.png

loshi1505 · 17 hours ago

nah, needs more home tutor feel with her snuggling up a little too close to hugo. clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · 22 hours ago

Watching Ore Dake Haireru makes me kinda want to start a new story with a less terrible MC. 

WanderingSwordNuub · 16 hours ago

I believe one thing that can explain that dissonance between cynical readers like me and them is suspension of disbelief. Once you accept something as fact or take it for granted that It would happen,you don't think too hard.

WanderingSwordNuub · 16 hours ago

Once my suspension of disbelief crumbles even a little,I start looking at the framework more closely and then find more things wrong with it. The only explanation for those manga readers is that their suspension of disbelief is crazy strong combined with the novelty of not reading every isekai like me.

WanderingSwordNuub · 16 hours ago

It is for the same reason people like chinese xianxia novels,it's novel and new;that makes it exciting but then when you look more closely it's the same tropes and cliches done over and over in a different flavor.(the last statement applies to the MC of Ore dake Haireru)Always the same execution of the tropes,never done meaningfully or has any emotional impact.

ForestDweller · Author · 14 hours ago

It's also possible the repetition of tropes is comforting to them, so they keep coming back for more.

Maybe that's why this story isn't so well-received since I'm trying to make something different with the MC. clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 15, 2021

Damn, just noticed my one star rating is increasing. 😂

Khaos321999 · Jan 15, 2021

That's what you get for killing a milf, a loli, and their whole fucking family clear.png 

and btw I'm not one of them, still have 5* on yours

FailerQt · Jan 15, 2021

Did he give feedback? One stars are like a 50/50 between trolls and people who read maybe 1-5 chapters and just came upon something they don't like and instantly rated it a one.

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 15, 2021

No, no feedback. I think there are around five new one star ratings and they don't really say anything. No one ever does really. clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 14, 2021

Goddamnit, almost all the novels here that I believe have good writing have higher reading level than mine. They're at 11th to 12th grade while I fluctuated between 9th to 10th and 7th to 8th grade.

And it's really hard to try to bump my story up to that level. I'm trying with the Fiora chapter I'm currently writing but it's not going well.

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 14, 2021


Farok · Jan 14, 2021

A high Reading level only means they are using more words than fewer people understand. Don't boss yourself too much with that, and if you're worried about using too simplistic words, look up synonyms. clear.png

FailerQt · Jan 14, 2021

It seems fine to me though. Can you perhaps tell me what chapters you use to grade them?

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 14, 2021

Just the two most recent chapters.

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 14, 2021

I just realized I could just accept commissions to write stuff for people instead of begging for donations if I really want to commission images. That's a thing apparently.

FailerQt · Jan 14, 2021

You have a patreon?

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 14, 2021


ForestDweller · Author · Jan 14, 2021

You ever got a dream of your story getting bombarded by bad reviews? Because I just did. clear.png

blackrockshooter · Jan 14, 2021

Thats sad.

Aliryuume · Jan 14, 2021

We can't always see the sun and the clear blue skies, there are nights and storm clouds that darken the sky.

In a book I read a few months ago, in the book's Afterword his author compares the writing of a story to sailing on a sailboat (without GPS) in the ocean that leads to some unknown place

In the Afterword to this book, the author also wrote that sailing with the sun, a clear blue sky and the sea breeze is a very good thing, but there is the night or storm that hinders navigation.

Aliryuume · Jan 14, 2021

He also wrote that when night comes you have to try and guide where you are seeing the stars. And when the sky starts to get dark because of the storm that may come, the browser has to choose between:

> Try to come back thinking about what he did wrong that left you close to a storm.
> Prepare to weather the storm.
> To face the storm without any preparation.
Aliryuume · Jan 14, 2021

If I understand correctly:

sailing on a sailboat (without GPS) represents the journey of an author writing his stories.
a clear blue sky and the sea breeze represents the support that the author receives while writing his stories.
the night or storm represents the negative criticism that the author receives while writing his stories.
ForestDweller · Author · Jan 13, 2021

Damn, Marina and Fiora head to head with Sherry really close behind. clear.png

FailerQt · Jan 13, 2021

Fiora and Sherry best girlclear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 13, 2021

And now Fiora's winning. I guess people really like confident girls like her.

FailerQt · Jan 13, 2021

Fiora & Sherry will have quit an interesting dynamic I think. Fiora is the confident one who won't be shy about her affections to Hugo and Sherry is the shy one who technically has first dibs on Hugo. Those two are likely going to clash quite a bit in the early stage of their relationship.

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 14, 2021

And now, Fiora and Marina's toe-to-toe again.

I'm surprised how many people are okay with incest. 

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 13, 2021

Oh damn, Re;Zero actually has an episode where Subaru goes back into his past (real life).

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 13, 2021

The last time I asked if people want to see Earth again relating to Hugo's original self, they all said no.

Well, want it or not, it's going to get brought up once 


the Goddess



ForestDweller · Author · Jan 13, 2021

Just looking at the summary, I can already tell it's one big touching character development for Subaru.

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 13, 2021

You know, it might be interesting if I make 


the quantum mechanic master, little sister of Hugo, ends up being a bad guy when she accidentally travels into this new world due to CERN fucking up or something.

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 13, 2021

I could do something like that through an enemy that uses illusions.

Let's traumatize Hugo yet again. clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 12, 2021

Ends up starting the Fiora chapter too, because I want to write down all that worldbuilding stuff right away.

She's going to be the extra chapter at the end of the arc. Like Felicia's chapter at the end of the first arc.

Look forward to that, if you are Fiora fans. Dunno how many of you are around. I should make another poll.

loshi1505 · Jan 12, 2021

how long ago was that poll? and what site was the polls taken from? i can't point and laugh if i don't have a target! lol

that said marina sure is popular. clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 12, 2021

It's from QuestionableQuesting.

That poll is still open even to this day. I started it waaay back months ago when I first posted on that site.

Yeah, she is. Probably the most popular character for now. Gotta poll it again though to see if people's opinions have changed or not. A lot of readers who get through the first arc where she's a prominent character have stopped reading altogether. clear.png

loshi1505 · Jan 12, 2021

mmm, makes sense why the newer characters votes are abysmally low.

i mean i would think felicia would be more popular than nicole at least! lol

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 12, 2021

Yeah, Nicole doesn't even have that lovey dovey interactions with Hugo.

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 12, 2021

Feels bad that someone dropped my story because they didn't like Fiora and Felicia. clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 11, 2021

Writing about the new elf character, I'm just thinking on the


inevitable tragedy when the human male he likes passes away.


Doesn't help that the character design I stole for her is simply god tier.


I would've made her a waifu, if I hadn't gotten the plan to pair her off with another guy that is not Hugo. Heh, sorry Hugo, you ain't getting an elf waifu, it seems.

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 12, 2021

I'm still open to future possibilites.

FailerQt · Jan 12, 2021

Ah okay, I thought it was already pretty much locked in already, as I doubt Hugo is going for a large harem. What is the limit you've set?

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 12, 2021

The only limit is whether they will fit into the story or not.

FailerQt · Jan 12, 2021

Ah alright.

ForestDweller · Author · Jan 10, 2021

It's funny and nostalgic at the same time, reading old comments when I just first started my story. All the predictions and ideas people gave me, with most of them now not even reading the story anymore.

loshi1505 · Jan 11, 2021

lemme guess, you plan to use their fetishes against them and black mail them to continue reading your story!clear.pngclear.png

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