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Well-Known Author
Feb 18, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Feb 18, 2020
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Litrpg? Yes please.
Gender-bender? Yes, please.
Horror? Scary. No, please.

miyoga Jan 27, 2023

I know that you're taking this Exploiter hiatus for many (well-deserved) reasons, just please don't forget about it. A lot of us are patiently waiting for it to come back. Take your time with it, we'll still be here.

ArkOfMoon Apr 1, 2022

饾搮饾憸饾搥饾憭 饾搮饾憸饾搥饾憭饾搱...聽

MarekSusicky Author Apr 14, 2022

clear.png聽Yup, this hiatus is long, I wanna promise a deadline, but that would be pointless... I'm working on it, but I'll release chaps only after it is ALL done - to finish it. I bit more than I can chew >_<聽

ArkOfMoon Feb 16, 2022

when is the next update so i can bribe you with cookiesclear.png聽for more chapters

MarekSusicky Author Feb 16, 2022

clear.png聽Oooo, cookies? Well, I am working on editing the new chapters, so I would like to say soon, but the realistic deadline would be in March聽clear.png聽Hang in there please, I will come to collect!

ArkOfMoon Feb 16, 2022

clear.png聽Awesome , i shall await the release with moaar Cookiesclear.png聽for you

MarekSusicky Author Jul 8, 2021

Uh, hi >_<

Xeno_King Jul 8, 2021

clear.png......why the uh are you doing something suspicious聽clear.png

MarekSusicky Author Jun 24, 2021

Hello! You might notice there is a gap between the release dates of chapters 馃搮 Worry not, The Exploiter is continuing, but as I said I need time for a slight backlog. The next chapter is coming later this week and I'll tell more in the author notes聽clear.png聽Thanks!聽

KatherineFtw Nov 5, 2020

Is The Exploiter ever coming back?

MarekSusicky Author Nov 15, 2020

Hi there! Thanks for asking. Yeah, I plan for that, but unfortunately not this year. Someone told me my writting sucks and he was right :) So I am writing and rewriting the whole series, and I plan to release all episodes sometime next year.

MarekSusicky Author Feb 25, 2020

My dear readers, you are awesome, The Exploiter is trending #1! <3 Thank you, I am so happy!聽clear.pngclear.png

Starlight_of_Life Feb 24, 2020

when is the next chapter?

or better say what is the schedule?

MarekSusicky Author Feb 24, 2020

The schedule is at the end of synopsis, this week every day, 20:00 UTC (now!!!) ^^clear.png聽(Changing the schedule to 17:00 UTC)

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    Litrpg? Yes please.
    Gender-bender? Yes, please.
    Horror? Scary. No, please.

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