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Well-Known Author
Feb 18, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Feb 18, 2020
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Litrpg? Yes please.
Gender-bender? Yes, please.
Horror? Scary. No, please.

miyoga · Jan 27, 2023

I know that you're taking this Exploiter hiatus for many (well-deserved) reasons, just please don't forget about it. A lot of us are patiently waiting for it to come back. Take your time with it, we'll still be here.

MarekSusicky · Author · Feb 17, 2023

Thank you for encouraging me! clear.png Past this month I started editing it anew and with my newfound knowledge and skills I think I can make it even better, than originally imagined I explored some new ideas that works better. I cannot give you and an ETA when I drop it, but don't fret, I haven't forgot! 

ArkOfMoon · Apr 1, 2022

𝓅𝑜𝓀𝑒 𝓅𝑜𝓀𝑒𝓈... 

MarekSusicky · Author · Apr 14, 2022

clear.png Yup, this hiatus is long, I wanna promise a deadline, but that would be pointless... I'm working on it, but I'll release chaps only after it is ALL done - to finish it. I bit more than I can chew >_< 

ArkOfMoon · Feb 16, 2022

when is the next update so i can bribe you with cookiesclear.png for more chapters

MarekSusicky · Author · Feb 16, 2022

clear.png Oooo, cookies? Well, I am working on editing the new chapters, so I would like to say soon, but the realistic deadline would be in March clear.png Hang in there please, I will come to collect!

ArkOfMoon · Feb 16, 2022

clear.png Awesome , i shall await the release with moaar Cookiesclear.png for you

MarekSusicky · Author · Jul 8, 2021

Uh, hi >_<

Xeno_King · Jul 8, 2021

clear.png......why the uh are you doing something suspicious clear.png

MarekSusicky · Author · Jun 24, 2021

Hello! You might notice there is a gap between the release dates of chapters 📅 Worry not, The Exploiter is continuing, but as I said I need time for a slight backlog. The next chapter is coming later this week and I'll tell more in the author notes clear.png Thanks! 

KatherineFtw · Nov 5, 2020

Is The Exploiter ever coming back?

MarekSusicky · Author · Nov 15, 2020

Hi there! Thanks for asking. Yeah, I plan for that, but unfortunately not this year. Someone told me my writting sucks and he was right :) So I am writing and rewriting the whole series, and I plan to release all episodes sometime next year.

MarekSusicky · Author · Feb 25, 2020

My dear readers, you are awesome, The Exploiter is trending #1! <3 Thank you, I am so happy! clear.pngclear.png

Starlight_of_Life · Feb 24, 2020

when is the next chapter?

or better say what is the schedule?

MarekSusicky · Author · Feb 24, 2020

The schedule is at the end of synopsis, this week every day, 20:00 UTC (now!!!) ^^clear.png (Changing the schedule to 17:00 UTC)

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    Litrpg? Yes please.
    Gender-bender? Yes, please.
    Horror? Scary. No, please.

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