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Feb 24, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Feb 24, 2020
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fullbios · Author · Sep 6, 2021


I am back!! I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve last published an episode! Tbh, it feels just like yesterday 0.0
Thank you for the wait! I have just finished scheduling my episodes across all platforms (except for Wattpad cause you can’t schedule there). The first episode will come out tomorrow (7th September) 7:05pm (CEST), and the last episode will be on September 30th 7:05 (CEST).
See you!
fullbios · Author · Jun 19, 2021

Author is dying from the heat... ahhhhh!!

Stonelight · Jun 19, 2021

I feel you man

fullbios · Author · Apr 17, 2021

Hey guys! I want to clarify something and that is Eugene being a meter tall. Well, this dumb ass wrote it wrong. I didn't mean a whole meter but like 75cm. 

I wrote something similar in book 1 and thats wayyyy off. If its book 1, I meant half a meter guys! Half a meter! Though I was 55cm when I was one, its impossible for a one year old to be a meter tall! 
fullbios · Author · Apr 17, 2021

I remember replying to a reader who raised this question about height and justified the one meter tall baby lol. Ahhh! I meant half a meter! I respectuflly apologize to the person I responded back then! Sorry!!! My dumb brain meant 50cm! 

-Author shall bow out ~
fullbios · Author · Feb 4, 2021

Hey humans! I am back~ New ep this Saturday & Sunday hoho~ 

Discord announcement ~
I made a discord server if you are interested in joining~ It won't be the best or the most efficient but its finally completed lol. 
You will gain access to my discord server once you read 'rules' carefully~ Remember to be friendly at all times~ 
Khione · Sep 17, 2021

May i join the discord because the link was already invalid?

fullbios · Author · Sep 18, 2021

@khione I've disabled discord ^^ It wasn't active so I didn't see the point of having it anymore

fullbios · Author · Jan 24, 2021


I'll be back on Febraury 6th & 7th!
If you didn't know, I took a month off to write and stockpile on chapters! I was earnestly aiming for 100K words but, I think I can only make it to 65k words. 
I took a break off of writing this week and will get back to work tomorrow hehe~ well there's a good reason and thats because I lost too much weight as I was kinda stressed about the word limit I set (also because I went on a diet but lol.. that kinda backfired.)
fullbios · Author · Jan 24, 2021

I literally lost 7kg in 10 days and felt like I was gonna die so I stopped writing for a week. Anyway! Imma get back on writing and eat properly! 

See you soon~ 
Stonelight · Jan 24, 2021

Man how did you lose these 7 kg ? I need that too lol.
No need to stress because the word count lol, Just do it like you want and take some more days if you need.

Qou · Jan 25, 2021

I will be waiting patiently on your return ( ╹▽╹ ). Have a nice rest and go eat something nice clear.png

fullbios · Author · Feb 4, 2021

@Quo I'm back this Sat!

fullbios · Author · Jan 4, 2021

Happy new year everyone! I'm currently on a writing journey (At home journey!)!! If I'm able to make it alive, you will have 5 months worth of content ahh! Sorry for the sudden hiatus, even I'm surprised! Anyway, see you guys soon!!~

fullbios · Author · Dec 5, 2020

My tablet has been updating for 6 hours now!!!! If I can't post today ill post tomorrow and Monday! 

fullbios · Author · Nov 22, 2020

Hey guys! I won't be posting today after all! Too much going on, which made me unable to edit yesterday! 


P.S- Currently writing about archery hohoho

fullbios · Author · Nov 1, 2020

MCIuitW!! Book I has ended! Special thank you to my former Patrons & Kofi donaters as well! Without you I probably wouldn't even have the internet to upload my episodes. And without you, people in my life wouldn't be as accepting of what I'm doing! Thank you so much : ExorcistB,FranklinW,Brad J,Alexander A,Vex1,Martynas S,Salida,Justin L,Sunny up,Kendra S,Taylor W,Michael! You're the driving force behind my updates!

fullbios · Author · Nov 1, 2020

Thank you to all my readers as well! Without you to read, this novel would've been dropped! You are amazing and I love you!

fullbios · Author · Oct 23, 2020

Hello people! I might not be able to upload this week! I dont know if ill have time to edit because my fam is over and I kinda need to give them 95% of my attention lol. Sorry in advance!

fullbios · Author · Oct 11, 2020

I will be drawing stickers for My Career is Useless in this World!! soon! I'm so excited hahaha! If you guys have any idea/idea's feel free to pitch in!

fullbios · Author · Oct 3, 2020

Hello guys! I'm posting on Monday and Tuesday instead of today and tomorrow! Sorry for the late notice! 

fullbios · Author · Sep 21, 2020

I shall cease writing today! I haven't painted on a canvas since publishing MCiuitW!!, but today I shall be productive in the art area hoho~ 

Ehansa · Oct 10, 2020

Dark colours are beautiful tho...

fullbios · Author · Oct 10, 2020

@Ehansa It was a weird type of green hahaha!

Ehansa · Oct 13, 2020

Ohh is it like a mossy green? Wait is that an actual colour?

fullbios · Author · Oct 13, 2020

Yess! It's exactly like that!

fullbios · Author · Sep 16, 2020

Three companies (two relatively normal, the other, huge) contacted me to post My Career is Useless in this World! exclusively for their website. Now, this was months ago, but lol. I couldn't bring myself to do it clear.png. 1 reason being anxiety and confrontation, and the other reason being, having to post exclusively.

fullbios · Author · Sep 6, 2020

Ran out of food for the next week lol ahh~ I shall somehow survive! clear.png

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