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Rising Author
Mar 2, 2020

Rising Author
Joined: Mar 2, 2020
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I like dark stories that deal with heavy themes.

Lexyna · Author · Nov 7, 2020

Hi all, so another quick update for all who are waiting for new chapters. Is this story dead? No, I will continue it, and my goal is to have it finished within one year from when I started, so hopefully by March 3, 2021. However, because of low interest in the story and because I can't promise a weekly release I have made a decision.

 I will post the next chapter(s) only once the story is complete.

Cabbitgurl · Nov 9, 2020

Oh okay, take care and do what you need to be okay and to what you feel is best <3

Lexyna · Author · Aug 28, 2020

I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long, stuff happened but I don't want to bore you with it.
Tl;dr: New chapters, next month

Alaster · Aug 28, 2020

stuff happens it's fine, just take care of yourself and write when you feel up for it. thanks for letting us know that you will be continuing the story.clear.png

Too often stories get dropped without any notice or warningclear.png

Xeriasta · Aug 20, 2020

I relly liked your storry and i hope you will contiue it at some point. I relly want to know how it all ends and how she gets her body back . clear.png

Lexyna · Author · Apr 26, 2020

I doubt anyone will read this but I really don't know if I want to continue writing. With every chapter I only get more disappointed, maybe I should just pull the story and call it quits.

TheEndZone · Apr 26, 2020

I'm loving the storie but I definitely understand if you want to drop it. It's hard to write a story if your heart isn't in it. Definitely would miss Elinora and Arine.

Cabbitgurl · Jul 19, 2020

Oh no please don't quit, I really enjoy this story. I've tried to comment on every chapter. I'm sorry if I upset you (I'm lilchelly, I rebranded) I really did enjoy it, I keep waiting for you to show up again. Though lately I'm just concerned if whether or not you are okay. I love your story but your health matters more. Please just sstay safe in these scary times

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    I like dark stories that deal with heavy themes.

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