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Well-Known Author
Mar 4, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Mar 4, 2020
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Icewolf9 · Mar 11, 2023

Did you stop on

U.N.Owen · Author · Mar 11, 2023

Yes, I stopped since I got too many hate messages there. It is tiresome to receive the same stupids comments, over and over. Well, when I received one that told me to die, I just decided to stop posting there. I am sorry for that.

Icewolf9 · Mar 11, 2023

No problem, was just curious. Honestly it is for the better, it has become very toxic. I honestly find it ridiculous that yours became like that while others (better or worse) didn't. Anyway it is a good one and just ignore those idiots.

Truckkun · Feb 17, 2023

I quite like the idea of DXD fanfic . And I really love fluffy kitsune mc , but I don't understand what's the use of Echchi and harem tags when MC keeps running away from having relationships??

U.N.Owen · Author · Feb 18, 2023 be fair, he is still a minor and I plan to write R18+ chapters so he will not try to settle for a harem just yet. Quite a number of those women are quite... thristy and it would not be good to have the minor Nora being attacked or attacking girls...

Truckkun · Feb 18, 2023

Oh so there are plans for fun huh , then I am gonna start reading again, and I know you've already made plans but If you could, don't include rias in harem our mc is already stupid sometimes we don't want another idiot here do we??

U.N.Owen · Author · Mar 11, 2023

He is still young, and I want him to be legally able to do that. He needs to be around 16-17 to do it...

U.N.Owen · Author · Jun 20, 2022

I do plan to continue, although the edited chapters died with my other phone. I will have to start editing again from scratch.

Whiskey · Jun 19, 2022

... Continuing??

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