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Rising Author
Mar 4, 2020

Rising Author
Joined: Mar 4, 2020
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Love yandere stuff.

Bad at everything.

Haku92 · Author · Dec 28, 2021

I'm not back but I got an idea for FFXIV: I can’t escape after all so... going to attempt, no promises

chrismantelaumbanua · Dec 3, 2021

A big fan of your series

Haku92 · Author · Nov 11, 2021

Got a new laptop \o/

Jingwk · Nov 11, 2021

Nice! What laptop did you get if you don't mind me asking? 

Haku92 · Author · Nov 12, 2021

HP Omen 15 (2021 version) 

Ryzen 7 5800H w/ RTX3070, 16GB RAM, 1440p, 165Hz
Mainly going to be used for games (FFXIV) but now if I feel motivated I can write stuff again \o/

Jingwk · Nov 12, 2021

Awesome! That laptop is great if you got it at a good price. 

Haku92 · Author · Oct 13, 2021

Idea… I got reincarnated into a yandere world as a silent protagonist.

This needs to be done.

Haku92 · Author · Aug 26, 2021

My PC is dead, so… 95% chance of me not writing again, maybe. No way am I writing 1000 words on a touchscreen x.x

Jingwk · Aug 26, 2021

Oof, that sucks. Hopefully, you can fix it easily or if you have a laptop you can use. 

Haku92 · Author · Aug 14, 2021

I'm addicted to Shadowverse, OG card and the new Switch game... I have a problem, the art is so gooooood x.x

Wkppp · Aug 14, 2021

Just don't fall for the gatcha gods 

Haku92 · Author · Aug 10, 2021

Hmmm... I'm not HUGE on Pokémon, I am a fan though but, what different type of Pokémon would suit a yandere trainer? clear.png 
I know Ghastly -> Haunter -> Gengar, would suit it 

Haku92 · Author · Aug 3, 2021

Thinking of ideas for a Pokémon, yandere thing.

Leaning more towards humans/trainers being yandere then Pokémon, though the Pokémon could be at least somewhat possessive (depending on the Pokémon)  

Pj23 · Aug 4, 2021

Yandere gardevoir. Best pokemon yandere

Haku92 · Author · Aug 5, 2021

How'd you know the starter was going to be Ralts? :O 
(Still thinking how to get this idea to work... Could do Isekai with a unlucky de-buff/cheat :think: ) 

Haku92 · Author · Jul 30, 2021

I shouldn't of made 'FFXIV: I can’t escape after all' into it's own series, should of just put in to my  'Drafts/Ideas/Attempts' series.

I should of thought the story through more, before actually creating a series for it.
My apologizes, lessons learnt 

Haku92 · Author · Jul 16, 2021

Fun Fact: Did you know I don't like harem-seeking protagonists, I just don't find the "yeah, I'm going to get all the girls" that appealing. 
I do like accidental harems though, find them more appealing/entertaining

Ying_The_King · Jul 16, 2021

I agree🥱

Haku92 · Author · Jul 8, 2021

I'm tempted to to redo "I can't escape after all" only to change the protagonist really :think:

Haku92 · Author · Jul 2, 2021

How come, when ever I get into writing, I get addicted to a new game making me not/forget doing anything... x.x

Jingwk · Jul 2, 2021

What game are you playing now? 

Haku92 · Author · Jul 2, 2021

Guild Wars 2 at the moment. FFXIV, I'm taking a little break from  till closer to Endwalker. So I'm going round seeing what clicks with me.
Also got Phantasy Star 2 downloaded and on the 9th got Swords of Legends Online out... I like MMOs :P 

Jingwk · Jul 2, 2021

Nice. I started playing Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis too about two weeks ago. I'm playing Edge of Eternity now and planning to play the recently released Scarlet Nexus later this week. 

Haku92 · Author · Jul 2, 2021

Ahh, Edge of Eternity & Scarlet Nexus are on my backlog, I'll eventually get to them

Haku92 · Author · Jul 1, 2021

Changed my mind... going back to third-person clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Haku92 · Author · Jun 30, 2021

I love yandere stuff

Blyayman · Jul 1, 2021


Haku92 · Author · Jun 26, 2021

I have a name for "Mini-Edi". Melissa Kha

Now my problem is... How do I make Corvin's daughter yandere for him even though they've never met untill now? clear.png
Much thinking to be done...

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    Love yandere stuff.

    Bad at everything.

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