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Mar 18, 2020

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Joined: Mar 18, 2020
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"Hey... Don't you think the stars look beautiful tonight? It reminds me of those days where I could still smile..."

Mihou · Author · Oct 28, 2021

Hey peeps! I am also done with life, new chapters for TVE and ALW will pop up (though I haven't written any new ones for ALW lately) clear.png But hey! Chappies are chappies! *clap clap* Expect some chapters to fall from the skies starting November 1!

Aaqil · Oct 28, 2021

I am also done with life

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i don't like these words,clear.png, pat pat pat,clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Aaqil · Oct 28, 2021

i shall just assume you mean school,clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Mihou · Author · Oct 25, 2021

Peeps- I apologize ahead of time for not uploading within this week, I've also posted an update on Patreon. I'm pretty stumped with school this week and complying everything as soon as possible since the first quarter of class is about to end and the teachers are telling us to comply everything before October 30 which I am pretty much at work at. I'll try to come up with new chapters once everything settles down, thank you. clear.png

Yairy · Oct 25, 2021

That's what school life does! Good luck at school, miu!

Aaqil · Oct 25, 2021


Mihou · Author · Oct 24, 2021

Are you peeps still reading A Liliful World? clear.png

Yairy · Oct 24, 2021

where r u

Aaqil · Oct 21, 2021


Mihou · Author · Oct 20, 2021

I always wondered what is after the end of life as someone who has always written "isekai" stories. The plain thought of endless darkness and loneliness waiting at the end makes me shiver a bit. I've always wondered... What if we were never alive in the first place but simply stuck in a dream in this "endless darkness and loneliness"?

Aaqil · Oct 21, 2021

If we are, we are, nothing to worry about,clear.pngclear.png

JesGt · Oct 21, 2021

the matrix!!!

Mihou · Author · Oct 21, 2021

@Cossimeri Just some night sky thoughts clear.png

Aaqil · Oct 21, 2021

that's some nice night sky thinking,clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Mihou · Author · Oct 18, 2021

Sketchy Dealer Mihou

Yairy · Oct 18, 2021

creepy~ Miu is creepy!

Mihou · Author · Oct 18, 2021

I'm still alive peeps, might drop a chapter later for both TVE and ALW. Also, want to hear a sketchy deal?

Sketchy Deal here

1k readers on TVE = 3 chapters

1.6k readers on ALW = 3 chapters

clear.png It's coming soon.


Mihou · Author · Oct 14, 2021

I heard you lovely peeps! TVE Chapter and 3x ALW chapters will pop off tomorrow! clear.png Send me your virtual cookies and I'll make sure to schedule them.

SorrowGrim · Oct 14, 2021


Aaqil · Oct 15, 2021


Aeoa · Oct 18, 2021


Mihou · Author · Oct 13, 2021

I am announcing ahead of time that either sometime this month or next month, I will be releasing a prequel to the Vampire Empress which will be extra fluffy and extra tragic. You can expect it to last around two volumes at maximum since it shouldn't be a long story.

If you want to know the title, press the spoiler below.

Press here for the title

The Maid of the Demon Queen


Aaqil · Oct 13, 2021


Mihou · Author · Oct 11, 2021

The Vampire Empress chapter is now out! Read it now or clear.png

Mihou · Author · Oct 11, 2021

TVE Chapter will be out in like 8 hours from now!

Aaqil · Oct 11, 2021


SorrowGrim · Oct 11, 2021


Mihou · Author · Oct 10, 2021

Should I upload tomorrow?!

Mihou · Author · Oct 5, 2021

It's time for another chapter of TVE tomorrow morning! I've been enjoying writing the second arc of volume 2, forgot to upload chapters on SH clear.png

Mihou · Author · Oct 1, 2021

TVE Chapter tomorrow at 10 A.M GMT+8, I likely won't be up by then since it's a power outage from 4 a.m to 6 P.M... BUT! Make sure to leave your thoughts on the chapters since I will be mass-replying to everyone soon!

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    "Hey... Don't you think the stars look beautiful tonight? It reminds me of those days where I could still smile..."

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