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Rising Author
Mar 20, 2020

Rising Author
Joined: Mar 20, 2020
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Jerynboe · Jul 13, 2023

Thanks for the review. For what it’s worth minor/moderate missions do get down to 1-2 paragraphs tops later on. 

X_termox · Jun 13, 2023

When will be new chapter?

X_termox · Feb 20, 2023

When new chapter come i will be happy. 😁

X_termox · Jun 17, 2022

I hope new chapter will be soon. Also have a good day

Khoesis · Jun 17, 2022

I hope it gets better soon. Don't overdo things or try to make people happy in ways that isn't good for you. Waiting for you upload. Stay safe mate.👍

X_termox · Jun 8, 2022

When next chapter?

X_termox · May 31, 2022

When next chapter?

X_termox · May 12, 2022

Are you dead or something? Because i start to be close to panic and also i start to thing that you just give up. It make me sad to thing that you actually give up. I hope i am wrong and you will soon give us another chapter. Even if it would only be short.

coldpyr0 · Author · May 12, 2022

Sorry about the silence, kinda burned myself out at work and have been generally just low energy. I still write and work on the story, I just haven't chosen which plot to go with next and have been playing with a few ideas when I sit down to write. 

X_termox · Apr 5, 2022

When will be new chapter?

DasSchwotz · Apr 12, 2021

Is this story dropped or are you updating in the future?

Dragonnerd · Jan 12, 2021

Are you done with the renovations yet?

Dragonnerd · Dec 11, 2020

Good,I thought it was dropped so I was kinda freaking out.keep up the good workclear.png

Dragonnerd · Dec 11, 2020

When new chapter come out?This book one of my favorites.

coldpyr0 · Author · Dec 11, 2020

Hopefully after the new year. Work has been hectic because of the pandemic and building renovations. I should have more free time to write during work hours after the holidays are over and the building renovations are done.

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