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Mar 20, 2020

Joined: Mar 20, 2020
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FlitterPuff · Author · Jan 16, 2021

Venatus Maleficarum is back! I know at least a few people have missed it. I'm still working on The Quest for World Domination as my main series for now, but expect the occasional VM chapter as well. Also, if you haven't seen my Patreon account yet but want to support me, check it out:

FlitterPuff · Author · Aug 12, 2020

UPDATE: I've been working on chapter 5 for quite a while now, and something about it just hasn't satisfied me. I've ended up deciding that it needs a rewrite, which means that there won't be a chapter tomorrow, unfortunately. Sorry! Perhaps I'm trying to be too much of a perfectionist, but I just don't like the chapter as it stands. My hope is to have chapter 5 up on Monday the 17th now, since I was considering switching to Monday releases anyway.

FlitterPuff · Author · Aug 12, 2020

In other news, I've started antidepressants again. I've come to realize I've been struggling with depression issues for a while, and being on medication once more should hopefully keep my motivation up and slowly improve my will to write more and more. 
OvidLemma · Aug 12, 2020

Take your time to get the chapter right - but don't overthink it too much. That's my advice, at least. The difference between a very good chapter and a perfect chapter is in the eye of the beholder and your readers won't complain. Also, good luck with the new meds! An odd effect of many antidepressants is that motivation often comes back quickly. Well before you start feeling better mood-wise, in fact.

CL · Jul 4, 2020

Hello!  clear.png

May I ask if you intend to bring your Kammiverse stories here as well?

CL · Jul 4, 2020

Thank you for responding and answering my question.  Right now (ironically), it is very stressful for any work to be completed.  I had expected this much time at home (self-isolation) would motivate me to write, but, nope.  I understand where you are coming from (I believe?).

I hope your days become better and more comfortable.

FlitterPuff · Author · Jul 4, 2020

In a way, I've had the opposite problem. My time off I was writing quite a bit. I think one day I wrote like 2k words (which is a ton for me at least.) Then I started back work and it's been just chaotic there. Too mentally exhausted to write even on most of my off days. 

CL · Jul 5, 2020

In that case, I think you are doing the right thing listening to what your body tells you and resting (at least, I hope that is what you are doing?).  As I've been told a million-and-one times: real life always takes precedence over everything else.  I'm sure you've heard the same, but it is true.  Rest well!  clear.png

FlitterPuff · Author · Jul 5, 2020

Yeah, I'm hoping that things will be a little better this week as I have a few less hours

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