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Mar 25, 2020

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We need a little bit of something, and a little sister is all I need.

Ruriha · Author · Dec 22, 2020

I'm back, woot~

Anyhow, I'm currently mulling over if I should start over with my existing novel or scrap it altogether. I thought about the direction of the series during my downtime, and the one I came up with was far from what it seemed in the prologue. I fear it would betray the reader's expectation had I carry on from there. 

But that's it for now, cya'll later!

Ruriha · Author · May 17, 2020

It was a good run everyone, but I have decided to stop writing. And with that decision, I have decided to delete my story.

I'm not really sure what to say, so I'll stop it here.

Thanks for all the support!

Sombody16 · May 18, 2020

Well,I'm gonna miss your stories,thanks for everythingclear.png

Ruriha · Author · Jun 6, 2020

Likewise, thanks for following Monster Parade!

ViniPaiva25 · May 2, 2020

Ooh, new novel already?

Ruriha · Author · May 3, 2020

I was planning on it, but for now, the idea is getting scrapped. 

ViniPaiva25 · May 3, 2020

Better finish A Monster's parade first!

Ruriha · Author · Apr 22, 2020

I forgot to announce, but the first chapter of Monster Parade was deleted.

I felt that the chapter didn't feel quite right, and so I ended up scrapping it altogether. Currently, I'm reworking on it and taking some time off to get a desirable result, which means it might a while to get released.

I hope you understand! And I also sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Wkppp · Apr 26, 2020


Ruriha · Author · Apr 26, 2020

It's already been published, I'm now working on the second chapter. Some minor changes and improvements for the prologue will also go live once it's released.

ViniPaiva25 · Apr 21, 2020

Is “Monster Parade” based on Overlord?

If you didn’t hear about it, watch it, I recommend you.

Ruriha · Author · Apr 22, 2020

I wouldn't say that Monster Parade is based on the series, but it definitely took great inspiration from Overlord - the author in particular.

While I don't want to mock Maruyama's style with my amateurish writing, if the vibe ever feels the same, then that must be the reason. clear.png

aplomadofalcon · Apr 19, 2020

Bonjour! I just read the latest chapter you posted, but when I logged on to comment it disappeared?clear.png

It still says updated 10 minutes ago, but its not there did you remove it?clear.png.

Anyways I think Chathair would be a good name for a city (very original trust meclear.png)

Knowing my luck the chapters gonna be up right after I post thisclear.png.(Monster parade is the one im talking about btw) Well cya gl with writing!clear.png

Ruriha · Author · Apr 19, 2020

I'm still new to scheduling chapters, so I might have published it by accident. Rest assured, it wasn't deleted lmao.

Edit: I'm also still in the middle of editing it.

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    We need a little bit of something, and a little sister is all I need.

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