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Rising Author
Mar 28, 2020

Rising Author
Joined: Mar 28, 2020
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A flower that wants to bloom, once more.

Contact: [email protected]

Baby_Stark · Feb 27, 2021

Chappies clear.png

Stroganof · Feb 26, 2021

Name change? Are you trying to hide to avoid releasing chapters? clear.png

I'll make you release them, one way or another clear.png

Gyihhuhu · Author · Feb 27, 2021

I'll release chapters soon. Don't kill me. clear.png.

Btw, are you in Steelz's server yet?

Stroganof · Feb 27, 2021

I am in Steelz server, im not very active though. My discord name is Bång clear.png

Now give chappies clear.png

Gyihhuhu · Author · Feb 27, 2021

@Stroganof for some reason, I can't find you. Try talking in the general channel.

HecaRegina · Feb 26, 2021

Just remembered to follow you. Hope yours get through!

blackrockshooter · Jan 19, 2021


Gyihhuhu · Author · Jan 19, 2021

Hello! clear.png

HecaRegina · Jan 9, 2021

Thank you for following me! I hope you enjoy what I've written!

Gyihhuhu · Author · Jan 10, 2021

Absolutely. I've actually just finished reading Chapter 1 of your novel and I must say, it's quite good!

Gyihhuhu · Author · Jan 9, 2021

Notice me, Scribblehub-senpai! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Gyihhuhu · Author · Jan 9, 2021

It isn't a weekend where I live at the moment, but thank you. Rest is an easy cure for feeling burnt out but people only have so much time...

SYR · Jan 9, 2021


MyLadyQueen · Jan 9, 2021

Are you working on your other novels?

Gyihhuhu · Author · Jan 9, 2021

@MyLadyQueen Well, I'm trying...

Kido_TO · Jan 1, 2021

Hmm, old grandson is here. Good stories gyi!

CL · Dec 27, 2020

Thank you for following me (and I'll follow you in return).  clear.png

Gyihhuhu · Author · Dec 27, 2020

Thank you. clear.png

Dragjan · Dec 24, 2020

Thank you for coming back.

MyLadyQueen · Dec 15, 2020

You are back?!

Gyihhuhu · Author · Dec 15, 2020

Of course!

MyLadyQueen · Dec 15, 2020

finally, now finish all your books!

Gyihhuhu · Author · Dec 15, 2020

*Cough cough cough* Forget about me. You seem to have written quite the number of books while I was gone!

MyLadyQueen · Dec 15, 2020

Girl dont get me started~

yungdreadhead · Oct 15, 2020

hello im a fellow reader and was wondering if we could talk

Wakingmisery · Sep 10, 2020

I really hope you continue your usual life with a yandere. There isnt alot of gritty dark yandere stories out there so when I came across yours it's been a real treat to read please update when you get the chance

Gyihhuhu · Author · Dec 14, 2020

If you see this, I've updated that novel.

Kekw · Aug 3, 2020

I like turtles clear.png

Gameboy · Jun 15, 2020

Dear author u aren't gonna drop ur stories right? Just wanna know. Waiting very very patiently for updates

Really like ur workclear.png

Gyihhuhu · Author · Jun 16, 2020

I will not drop, no matter how long it takes me to update them. Currently I'm dealing with some familial troubles, so I'm sorry but until they're fixed, I won't be able to write even a single word. Thank you for being here and hoping for another chapter, though. clear.png

Gameboy · Jun 17, 2020

Um that's great to hear about the not dropping stuff. Take your time and just do what u gotta do.. 

Gyihhuhu · Author · Dec 14, 2020

Ive updated my story

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    A flower that wants to bloom, once more.

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