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Jan 20, 2019

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PieCoNsUmEr · Feb 10, 2021

Don’t worry, I’ve done the same thing with school.

bullsx2 · Author · Feb 10, 2021

? It's true school keeps getting in the way, especially due to having to do things so differently because of the pandemic. But where did this comment come from, I haven't said anything, have I?

PieCoNsUmEr · Feb 11, 2021

I just meant it as sometimes I say I’m going to do some schoolwork by a certain time, but don’t end up doing it.

bullsx2 · Author · Feb 11, 2021

Oh well.

PieCoNsUmEr · Dec 27, 2020

I mean, there still is time.

bullsx2 · Author · Dec 27, 2020

Yeah, I'm probably jinxing my self now but, if everything goes well I should be able to continue some time in January.  

Noita · Dec 21, 2020

Hur går det med skrivandet, när kan du tänka dig fortsätta att ladda upp fler kapitel?

bullsx2 · Author · Dec 21, 2020

As soon as possible I hope, there's just been a few real-life issues lately. Honestly, this year has been a real shit show.

PieCoNsUmEr · Jul 17, 2020

Thank you.

PieCoNsUmEr · Jul 17, 2020

What I ment was what is the very, very latest you think it will be done by. Like the 14th of December 2021.

bullsx2 · Author · Jul 17, 2020

Well, if I'm to reach a bit I'd say at least sometime this year. Of course, that's just the absolute latest, any longer than that and I will continue writing whether I'm done or not.

PieCoNsUmEr · Jul 17, 2020

When is the latest you predict you will continue by? Like your prediction + 1 or 2 weeks.

bullsx2 · Author · Jul 17, 2020

Really hard to say, I don't really want to give any specific date as I'm not certain and don't want to disappoint when I inevitably fail to fulfil.

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