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Rising Author
Mar 30, 2020

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Rising Author
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Joined: Mar 30, 2020
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EMPTY-SOUL88 · Jun 23, 2021

Hey just wanted to see if you'll pick Shadowgirl anytime soon?  Not trying to rush you just curious..

EMPTY-SOUL88 · Oct 20, 2020

Hey ummm so when will there be more isekai shadowgirl? I'm not trying to rush ya just curious about when like is there a schedule or something? 

Rocket · Author · Nov 14, 2020

Hi Empty Soul,

Thank you for your message. I'm sorry that I haven't updated Isekai Shadowgirl in a long time. I have been taking my time in trying to figure out how I want the story to go. I hope to one day pick it back up but I don't have date for you.

Thank you for your support!

EMPTY-SOUL88 · Nov 15, 2020

Just having heads up that it on pause for now helps. I look forward to more when you're ready.?

delete_user_26805 · Jun 4, 2020

Congrats on making 1st in ranking!

Rocket · Author · Jun 4, 2020

Thank you, I'm very surprised myself!

FIEND · Jun 2, 2020

ah my bad thought it was for the adventum competition

FIEND · Jun 2, 2020


how long has this competition been going on

how old are u? I am interested in writing but shit feels like ill need serious planning so it wont turn flop

ignore the comments that aren't providing positive criticism

Rocket · Author · Jun 2, 2020

Competition? I don't know what you mean by competition.

I'm over 20 but not that old. I know what you mean by serious planning, I have to really think hard about every chapter! haha.

Thank you for your kind comments so far, and for reading my story :)

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