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Well-Known Author
Jan 21, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: Jan 21, 2019
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Nyxstella · Oct 23, 2023

Hey is night gaunt dropped, or will it ever be continued?

shadow_slayer · Feb 9, 2023

hey is night gaunt discontinued or on hiatus

Psytric · Jan 21, 2023

Did you ever publish that book on Amazon? I would be willing to buy it, even with the little I've read from you; you are already one of my favorite authors.clear.png

Orinari · Jul 7, 2022

Hope you are doing well and still have hope for the story and will you tell us about the Amazon novel if you write it?

Dr3stator · Jan 16, 2022

Hope you will continue this story considering you are still using this account , its great story really hope for more. 

totallesbo · Sep 29, 2021

pleas continue your novel. i will join your patron if you ever make one.

Arthchan · Aug 28, 2021

Nooooo!!? it dropped? The story is good the grammar is good like gosh it's hard to find novel like that and this story is amazing clear.png I need to read it before I die clear.png

Arslein · Sep 4, 2021


Belphe · Jun 22, 2021

Welcome back

ShadeByTheSea · Jun 15, 2021

Glade to hear your alive! unless organic chem got you :/clear.png

046479 · Author · Mar 14, 2021

Yes I’m alive(barely), I had this whole thing with college classes bending me over a table and spreading me wide open for a while there, and then COVID happened. Chapters will probably not happen until summer break comes around though unfortunately. Both because of college and because I’m writing a manuscript for another story that I hope to publish on amazon (if what little creativity isn’t sucked out of me by my organic chem class). 

Gabrieru · Mar 14, 2021

Welcome back clear.png

blackrockshooter · Mar 14, 2021

As long as you give an update on what's going on like once a week. You don't actually have to do that.

Deathstroke24 · Apr 4, 2021

We can wait and upload chapter when you are not under pressure.

RoboticSquid · Apr 29, 2021

Just glad your alive. I always worry when a see a creator not update in a while. Take all the time you need your health is more important.

046479 · Author · Mar 10, 2021


blackrockshooter · Mar 10, 2021

I was starting to wonder if you were ever gonna come back.

Crazedpanda1987 · Mar 13, 2021


Crazedpanda1987 · Mar 13, 2021

He has been gone *sniffs* since MAY 2019 *sniffs deeply*clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

so any plans on continue writing? 

Crazedpanda1987 · Feb 28, 2021

Author-kun why you disappear fans really need moarclear.png

Gabrieru · Feb 16, 2021

Pls continueclear.png hope you're safe

Aaqil · Jan 6, 2021

Here take the popcorn and continue the novel clear.png

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