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Apr 2, 2020

Joined: Apr 2, 2020
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Rifleman369 · Author · Feb 28, 2021

GOOD DAY IN THE YEAR 2021, there are no news about zombie apocalypse or alien Invasion yet. Hope everything will gooo back to normal once the pandemic is over or we all immune to covid19.

Rifleman369 · Author · Dec 26, 2020

Sup Homies. Merry Late Fkin Christmas. And advanced happy new year. Hope that in 2021 that everything will come back to normal. And no zombie apocalypse will happening in 2021.

Rifleman369 · Author · Dec 10, 2020

It's been a long time that I didn't type anything on my profile... But good day to y'all, even though this year is a fckin piece of shit.

· Dec 12, 2020

Aww... I hope all goes well for you over there!

Rifleman369 · Author · Dec 13, 2020

well, thank ye.

· Oct 9, 2020

This may mean something, or maybe it doesn't.

I read your short stories series, 2 chapters at most per day. It's really great short entertainment to brighten any stressful day I have.

Keep up the work of the great narrator!

Rifleman369 · Author · Oct 9, 2020

Thank you. Of course I will continue while I'm writing my 3rd chapter of my primary series. But thank you.

Rifleman369 · Author · Oct 8, 2020


Booper150 · Oct 8, 2020


Rifleman369 · Author · Oct 8, 2020

In my Computer, I can't delete my comment in scribble hub. If I use my phone, I can delete my comment. So I delete the first chapter of my primary series and repost it again. But still, I can't delete my comment on my Computer. Except for my phone. Is it a glitch or something?

Booper150 · Oct 8, 2020

idk lol

Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 30, 2020

Yo my Children! Join my discord server. For more info about my series and my other series. Or suggest any ideas for my series.

If you don't join. I will struck you down by a thunder.

TachimeSan · Aug 29, 2020

Hey thanks for the follow! clear.png

Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 29, 2020

You're Welcome my Child.clear.png

Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 29, 2020

Hello! Good day to all of you.

ImAPotato · Aug 29, 2020

I unfortunately cannot argue with your assessment.

a_apple · Aug 29, 2020


· Aug 29, 2020

Thanks for the follow good sir!

Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 29, 2020

You're Welcome!

Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 18, 2020

Pls Join:

Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 16, 2020

Sup again.

Booper150 · Aug 16, 2020

HI, are you ok? You've been posting this a lot so I'm worried about you...

Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 16, 2020

what the fck? Maybe it is a glitch that i clicked a post button once. I don't have a clue wtf happened. But i'm ok, trying to rewrite my main series. Damn, It is so hard to fix a mistakes on my main series. The story fcked up.

Booper150 · Aug 16, 2020

@Rifleman369 It'll be ok :D

Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 15, 2020

Sup people on scribblehub!

a_apple · Aug 15, 2020


Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 15, 2020


Booper150 · Aug 15, 2020


Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 10, 2020

I'll just post it here...

Booper150 · Aug 10, 2020

I watched the first 5 minutes. What is this?

Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 11, 2020

Some recommendations i found on youtube. It is about Kekistan.

Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 9, 2020

I almost run out of ideas.

a_apple · Aug 9, 2020

uhh just go to hoi4 mod page,iḿ sure theres a mod on there that can work in the shitpost story

Rifleman369 · Author · Aug 9, 2020

Bruh. It will be overused and not suitable for my Shitpost Series. But thanks for suggesting though. I'll make one after i post 5 different stories.

Booper150 · Aug 9, 2020

I would suggest using older memes, such as doge and shrek. Also you can make the dead memes fight the current memes

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