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Apr 2, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 2, 2020
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Comments: 149
Cartesian · Jul 31, 2022

Since your computer won't turn on, try cleaning your PSU if it's caked in dust. Mine would randomly shutoff until I did.

Comiak · Author · Jul 31, 2022

Already tried that

MoonWinchester · Jul 24, 2022

God your story is absolutely amazing.

Comiak · Author · Jul 31, 2022

Thanks, but I'm not god.clear.png

Wintera · Aug 3, 2022

Why not?

FaisalAhmed0 · Jun 16, 2022

Ha Ha ... 3 Day Nonstop reading, finally I have caught up with latest update. Keep Up with good work.

Jemdins · Jun 3, 2022

After 4 days of reading i finally caught up on your main story.
Just wanted to say that i love it, to keep up the beautiful work, and that i pray for your wellbeing. clear.png

Comiak · Author · Jun 3, 2022

Thank you!clear.png

lbark36 · May 26, 2022

just making shore but wasn't there meant to be a chapter by now 

Comiak · Author · May 26, 2022

Yeah, no chapter today and friday, forgot to mention that...

lbark36 · May 26, 2022

ok all good

ProjectHorton · May 27, 2022

thx, was wondering about that

kxsoz · Apr 26, 2022

can someone give me a discord invite?

Paradoxofages · Apr 18, 2022

thank you for the easter special. it was really interesting to see the interaction between the two main heroines and how their personalities interact with each other. it was also interesting to see how two characters, one with knowledge of how mana works in their world and one without show how they act without a system to help them and how powerful it can be compared to knowing and doing everything the system does yourself.

omni404 · Apr 4, 2022

really love the book hope that you don't stop updating clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Rine · Apr 10, 2022

This story is too good, tonne of foreshadowed points and more to write. They probably won't drop it.

I think Comiak might be taking a hiatus or participating in the writing tournament over on Royal Road.

I noticed a number of authors stop updating at around the same time a while back so I think there is something up.

omni404 · Apr 10, 2022

If that's what's happening then I really don't need to stress that there were no updates in awhile

Alcyon · Mar 21, 2022

Comiak, can you make a glossary of the characters, with a brief biography and their physical description, please? There are so many after 150 chapters that it becomes difficult to remember them all, and to know which is which.

DragonGodOphis · Mar 9, 2022

I feel stupid for not reading your story sooner, but got caught up in all the new exciting anime that's been coming out. I love your story, and the I love the chacter design she looks awesome.

Tetra · Feb 23, 2022

Amazing story so far, absolutely loving it! Can you upload a chapter with art of Alyssa please?

Comiak · Author · Feb 23, 2022

Art is in the glossary.

1zva · Feb 16, 2022

Really fell in love with your story, your world and your characters clear.png Keep up the good work!!

Aegis_Of_The_Void · Feb 4, 2022

I feel dumb for not following sooner, just saw that. I hope your mother gets better and I wish you well as well! Remember, you can't take care of anyone if you can't take care of yourself! We hope you come back to us safe Comiak!

Comiak · Author · Feb 5, 2022

Thank you! clear.png

Wotdaduk · Jan 19, 2022

Really loving the new art cover for alysaraclear.png

Shadowmare250 · Jan 19, 2022

I completely agree I'm guessing that she might get more tails from what I see with the cover art also keep up the good work Comiak

lbark36 · Jan 19, 2022

Yes the new cover is very good 

Needless to say I like it 

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