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Apr 2, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 2, 2020
Followers: 430
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Comments: 162
Queen · Jan 15, 2023

Yaloooo... Can I know why there's a gender bender tag on your novelclear.png, is a male to female oneclear.png

harukami · Jan 28, 2023

I'm pretty sure bc the soul was male before becoming Alysara. It had little to no impact on the story so it was pretty easy to forget

Emblyon · Jan 3, 2023

I just discovered this and binged the entire thing in less than a week, I love it!

Unfortunately it won't allow me to join the patreon no matter how many times I tryclear.pngclear.png

Dreckons · Dec 25, 2022

It would be interesting to create a forum and do a mini contest of Fan Illustrations for the novel. You could even make Alysara t-shirts, mugs and small otaku dolls.clear.png

There are less popular novels that even have their own manga or sell t-shirts think what could be achieved with a larger community like the one we have hereclear.png ("Salvos - A demon Evolution LitRPG)" its a novel example with a manga and items for sale on amazon)clear.png
Dreckons · Dec 25, 2022

some christmas special? clear.png

HealingBanana · Dec 19, 2022

I thought something happened. Good thing the author just took a month off.

TheOneTurtle · Dec 14, 2022

Did something happen?

Reinya · Dec 14, 2022

on patreon

Comiak · Author · Dec 18, 2022

taking the month off.

Comiak · Author · Dec 2, 2022


Secrom · Nov 18, 2022

Something happened to your story at fantranslation? I can't read there anymore

Gabriel · Nov 17, 2022

Comiak, is your story in fantranslation got deleted? Can't access it 

TheOneTurtle · Sep 30, 2022

When is it getting the next update?

Comiak · Author · Oct 1, 2022

on the 3rd

TheOneTurtle · Oct 1, 2022

Thanks love the story

VireVeonix · Sep 16, 2022

Does the discord still exist? Since the two links i found were both not working

ViridianScribbleAccount · Sep 17, 2022

I'd like to know the answer to that too

Comiak · Author · Sep 3, 2022


Cartesian · Jul 31, 2022

Since your computer won't turn on, try cleaning your PSU if it's caked in dust. Mine would randomly shutoff until I did.

Comiak · Author · Jul 31, 2022

Already tried that

MoonWinchester · Jul 24, 2022

God your story is absolutely amazing.

Comiak · Author · Jul 31, 2022

Thanks, but I'm not god.clear.png

Wintera · Aug 3, 2022

Why not?

FaisalAhmed0 · Jun 16, 2022

Ha Ha ... 3 Day Nonstop reading, finally I have caught up with latest update. Keep Up with good work.

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