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Apr 3, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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I write shits and sometimes drawing, so, check out of these link:

sushirollw · Author · Dec 30, 2020

Just like what I've said in author note, the next chapter will take longer to upload as I will go on vacation until 10th of January next year. 

I'll focus on my work and resting on my vacation. Thank you for following the story...


Happy (early) New Year and Holiday!clear.png

Saileri · Dec 30, 2020


sushirollw · Author · Dec 12, 2020

Oh well, here we go again...

So, I've decided to take a break for a moment. For that reason, my story will be on hiatus. 

But, you can take my word! Im not going on hiatus for too long like last time. 

This time, there are two things that I prioritize. So, I apologize and see you in the next chapter!

Have a good dayclear.png

Saileri · Dec 12, 2020


MasterHiatus · Dec 12, 2020

I am so proud and disappointed for some reason

Shiromoon · Dec 7, 2020

Hai hai~ Shiro desu~

sushirollw · Author · Dec 7, 2020


sushirollw · Author · Dec 6, 2020

Alright, last part of the side story is out and its twice longer than normal chapterclear.png

Currently, I'm drawing one of the character from TTD. It will finish soon (If I stop procrastinating, of course)


Saileri · Dec 6, 2020


feliciawang · Dec 7, 2020

Is it Kenley?clear.png

MasterHiatus · Dec 7, 2020

This is saddening but go on, make the crowd proudclear.png

Kellyword · Dec 7, 2020

My money is for Liamclear.png

Kuropon · Dec 5, 2020

Don't believe her lies. clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

sushirollw · Author · Dec 5, 2020


sushirollw · Author · Nov 22, 2020

Ummm finally? new chapter updated!

I attached some pics of my drawings as well in that chapter!

Saileri · Nov 22, 2020


Maple-Leaf · Nov 22, 2020

Your drawings are really cool! I wish I could color like thatclear.png

Kellyword · Nov 22, 2020


sushirollw · Author · Oct 23, 2020

Dear readers, 

It turns out that my hiatus will be longer than I thought. Well, lot of things happens recently, and im not in a good condition; personal matters, mental health and physical health.

I will comeback when everything is better, see yaclear.png

redbunny · Oct 23, 2020

I hope you get better very soonclear.png

I miss selena and miloclear.png

Kellyword · Oct 23, 2020

Take your time, author! Come back anytime, and please dont drop your novel T_T

I need more chapters


MasterHiatus · Oct 23, 2020

At some point, I feel like your stronger in hiatusing than me.... Meh, just a feelingclear.png

Maple-Leaf · Oct 23, 2020

Stay healthy and take care of yourself!

ViniPaiva25 · Oct 19, 2020

I think it’s good to rest your brain, but still... where’s the next chapter of The Tyrant Duchess?! I’m getting impatient!

sushirollw · Author · Oct 20, 2020

I will comeback soon! With many chapters at onceclear.png

Did u check the prologue yet? Theres a spoilerclear.png

sushirollw · Author · Oct 2, 2020

Geez, both of my stories are still under construction(lol) (why do i get 2 more readers?  clear.png)

I will do lots of improvisation, and i will be back on mid october(hopefully)

Kellyword · Oct 2, 2020

So long!clear.png

sushirollw · Author · Oct 2, 2020


Maple-Leaf · Oct 2, 2020

Good luck!

sushirollw · Author · Sep 27, 2020

I will go on break in both of my storiesclear.png 
(on Break and Hiatus are different in my dictionaryclear.png)

I just want to be a slacker until mid of October. Having fun. Swimming. Drink. Working(maybe). Playing!

See you mid or even late October then good peopleclear.png

Prospubg · Sep 27, 2020

Eh? Both? The contest too?clear.pngclear.png

Maple-Leaf · Sep 27, 2020

Have fun!  Just don't drag me down the break hole with you.

sebastiann1 · Sep 26, 2020

If the tyrant duchess is not on hiatus, but the last you update is on 15 sept... THEN?clear.png

sushirollw · Author · Sep 26, 2020

on break! hiatus and break are different!clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Seirinkoko · Sep 26, 2020


sushirollw · Author · Sep 26, 2020


sushirollw · Author · Sep 23, 2020


I would like to give a brief explanation; I'm quite lazy to reply to all the questions you spread, either in the comment section or my profile page. 

The Tyrant Duchess is not on hiatus. 

Currently, I have a job to do and don't have time to edit the chapter yet.
So, I apologize if I couldn't reply to all the comments yet. Well, to be honest, I was quite procrastinating these days... geez. 

Saileri · Sep 23, 2020


Amaraparker · Sep 26, 2020

Then, when will you update the new chapter? @sushirollw

Feelthesun · Sep 22, 2020

Is the tyrant duchess good? My english isn't so goodclear.png

Damn the emoji here is niceclear.png

Feelthesun · Sep 22, 2020

Yes yes yes. I got it, imouto.

Just dont drink a lot. I love youclear.png

sushirollw · Author · Sep 22, 2020

clear.png ? Are you okay? You must need something from me, dont you? Why are you being so kind all of sudden?

Feelthesun · Sep 22, 2020

No, no, no, I just miss you, a lotclear.png

sushirollw · Author · Sep 22, 2020

corona strikes. wait for meclear.png

Feelthesun · Sep 22, 2020

Oya oya oya

sushirollw · Author · Sep 22, 2020

Anyway, why the fuck your profil looks so damn like you? Geezclear.png

Feelthesun · Sep 22, 2020

At least I'm not a single weeb like you.


sushirollw · Author · Sep 22, 2020

Fuck off

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    I write shits and sometimes drawing, so, check out of these link:

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