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Well-Known Author
Apr 14, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Apr 14, 2020
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Oopsibwokeit · Nov 21, 2021

Decided to check here after awhile. Sad to see there's been no updates. I hope nothing unfortunate happened.

delete_user_26805 · Nov 8, 2021

Are you alive?

L0lI_G0D · Nov 3, 2021

Hey bro, I like your MGBT very much.

If you do not intend on continuing this story, may I?
If there is no reply by Dec, I will take it as an OK.
megahellreaper · Oct 18, 2021

I can't help but hope for their return too, but considering they haven't even logged in since the last time they posted anything, it's probably a fool's errand.

Sunny.Spnhyx · Oct 28, 2021

Mate Corona probably got him

megahellreaper · Oct 28, 2021

Yeah, I was trying to avoid mentioning the possibility.

Sunny.Spnhyx · Oct 28, 2021

You're right. That wasn't cool of me, I'm sorry.

megahellreaper · Oct 28, 2021

Nah, it's alright, let's just hope we're wrong, not much else we can do.

HAIL_THE_RAT_GOD · Sep 15, 2021

Dude, you have not been online sinds the 16th of april. Everything alright? I hope you will come back. MGATBT is a series I heavly enjoy and I would be very sad not seeing a new chapter for it. But if you need time to get back on track with your life I am willing to wait longer. Please let us know that you are still alive.

Silc · Jul 18, 2021

Still waiting for a new chapter, It would be sad if you dropped this work. Hope all is ok.

False_Czar · Jun 30, 2021

I may be new, but I still think your work is cool

dum · Jun 21, 2021

Hope you come back, I really enjoy your novels clear.png

shifter1987 · Jun 19, 2021

Where are you you okay?

msd0618 · Jun 11, 2021

IDK if just busy or what but hope you're ok.

EllaWolf · Jun 10, 2021

Are you okay?

Scp · Jun 9, 2021

Hope you’re okay and just busy.  


Shirokuma · Jun 8, 2021

Are you alright? clear.png

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