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Apr 16, 2020

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Joined: Apr 16, 2020
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I am a member of a queer plural system. I'm a lesbian, a witch, and a catgirl IRL. Of our system, I'm the one who does most of the writing, but we're all pretty good at coming up with stories. Some of my system-mates help with my writing if I get stuck or run out of words.

St3lla-MaR1s · Feb 20, 2024

So quick question, do Selene and Skye exist in the club luna universe or some other one, cause the wellandverse has its magic publicly known?

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Feb 20, 2024

no, Selene & Skye / Magic of the Moon are in their own separate setting. same as Welland, that's a verse all on its own. 

the Mara Saga, Aka Amy, and Club Luna are all part of a shared setting we refer to as the MAL-verse. Luna is the most crossover-y story & has a zillion 'related stories' listed on its main page, that's where you can find almost everything in that shared setting.

Saishy · Dec 24, 2023

Thanks for your stories!!

Which one is the one with cambian and girls that are mentioned in club luna and amethyst?

Thanks! clear.png

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Dec 24, 2023

that might be Curses! i think? 

and thank you for reading, we're glad you're enjoying the stories!

Saishy · Dec 27, 2023

Thank you!! It was exactly that one!

I wouldn't be able to guess from the title clear.png

(Been reading and has been a delight!)

ExtraTori · Nov 22, 2023

Your stories are wonderful! Thanks so much, for writing so many superb stories.

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Nov 22, 2023

thank you! we're glad you're enjoying them!

St3lla-MaR1s · Nov 13, 2023

Hey quick question, are Sky and Selene the most powerful characters in your stories? Cause they seem to be pretty omnipotent.

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Nov 13, 2023

yes, those two are by far the most powerful characters we've ever written

BothellRoyal · Nov 12, 2023

I'm feeling lost. You alternated Amy and Club Luna releases so I got used to reading one of these every day. It was especially enjoyable when they started intersecting. Now I am at a loss on days Cassandra is silent. You spoiled me. At least I don't have to wait a week for more of her story. 

Keep up the good work. 

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Nov 13, 2023

ty! we're glad you enjoyed it! 

unfortunately after 3 years of averaging 1 chapter per day every day we're finally slowing down & heading into a break. 

there'll be Club Luna chapters every other day until book 4 is finished. then probably some quiet time while we're working on other stories

BothellRoyal · Nov 13, 2023

Wow! That's more than 1,000 chapters. I hope you celebrated when you hit that number, as well as when you wrap up each book. Does that even include the chapters that are just on patreon? Everything I have read of yours has been good; just a couple have not been to my tastes.

I've been looking forward to the restart of Daughters of Demeter,but I can wait and it's at a point you could just mark it as complete. 

Thanks for giving me many enjoyable hours of reading. 

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Nov 13, 2023

we just had to go add them up to be sure lol! since Sept 2020 we've posted 1329 chapters here on scribblehub. that doesn't include the 3 stories we posted prior to sept 2020, and doesn't include any of the bonus material & extra goodies on patreon ^^ 

btw we're actually working on Daughters of Demeter book 5 atm, that'll probably be the story we start posting next, once we're finished writing it

Aquanoire · Oct 29, 2023

i love ya lls writing style in a date with faet

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Oct 29, 2023

thanks! we're glad you like it!

Zophah · Oct 29, 2023

I realized you must really love green and pink, since nearly all of your protagonists wear those colors.

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Oct 29, 2023

our favourite colour is purple, hence the 'purple' in 'purplecatgirl' ^^ 

and i hadn't noticed that, but maybe its a recent shift. i know other mcs prefered darker colours, Mara liked black & iirc Amy does too. Violet picked pink & green specifically because they kinda look like a flower? green leggings & pink top = green stem & pink petals

Asha314 · Oct 21, 2023

So, I just had a fun thought. 


If Mara was living in the Aegean from around 1600 BCE to the early AD, does that mean she met sappho? I feel like they would have got along really well


I realised shortly after posting this that there’s a bit of a spoiler for the maraverse books in it

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Oct 21, 2023

it's possible! or she might have been aware of Sappho's poems ^^

Asha314 · Oct 21, 2023

It also means that Mira might know more of her works than we do, which could be cool

BothellRoyal · Oct 12, 2023

You mentioned Mara in a comment on Club Luna. Is that book on Scribblehub?

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Oct 12, 2023

yeah, it's a multi-book series we wrote. 

first installment is here:

BothellRoyal · Oct 12, 2023

10/11 Okay, the 2nd in the series wasn't to my tastes and I stopped reading it. It's the only series of yours that I haven't really enjoyed. 

Added 10/13 I am enjoying book 5 much more. 

CosmicWolf · Jun 22, 2023

@PurpleCatGirl I got to say. I really enjoy your mind control stories. Because while most of those stories are some variation of; she becomes a bimbo, she becomes a slave or she becomes a slut. You take a niche I really enjoy; you get to stay but your body does what I want.

Best part, it happens consensually as well!!

Quake_Midaro · Oct 19, 2022

Was Daughters of Demeter dropped?

Uncreative · Oct 19, 2022

Author's note from the end of Book 3:

The crew of the MV Demeter will be taking a couple months off, but they will back eventually with Book 4!

Click to expand...

There's some bonus content that has come out on Patreon since though.

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Oct 19, 2022

like Uncreative said ^^

it's not dropped, just on hiatus while i write book-4

Uncreative · Nov 21, 2022

In case you missed it, the first chapter of book 4 was just posted a few hours ago.

ARFitS · Oct 1, 2022

So, do you have a bad ending for that last part of Ruin Stone?

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Oct 7, 2022

i prefer to only write good endings sorry

coco33920 · Sep 28, 2022

Wow I'm impressed how you write so much thing and with such quality. It's taking time keeping up with your work but it's always worth the reading, I just can't pick a favourite you written too much too good stories !

Hope you're all okay, sending love and appreciation!

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Sep 28, 2022

thank you! <3 

sarisse · Sep 18, 2022

Any plan to continue the magic school story ? It was really nice, thanks for writing it !

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Sep 28, 2022

we do have plans for another installment of LMS but i can't say when exactly that'll happen sorry! but there's a spin-off / coming soon, set on the same world that you might enjoy.

sarisse · Sep 29, 2022

Thanks !

Eirenliel · Sep 10, 2022

how do you write so much and at the same time good clear.png we'd need to skip sleep again to binge everything! for a month!

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Sep 28, 2022

<3 <3 <3

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    I am a member of a queer plural system. I'm a lesbian, a witch, and a catgirl IRL. Of our system, I'm the one who does most of the writing, but we're all pretty good at coming up with stories. Some of my system-mates help with my writing if I get stuck or run out of words.

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