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Apr 16, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 16, 2020
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I am a member of a queer plural system. I'm a lesbian, a witch, and a catgirl IRL. Of our system, I'm the one who does most of the writing, but we're all pretty good at coming up with stories. Some of my system-mates help with my writing if I get stuck or run out of words.

Quake_Midaro · Oct 19, 2022

Was Daughters of Demeter dropped?

Uncreative · Oct 19, 2022

Author's note from the end of Book 3:

The crew of the MV Demeter will be taking a couple months off, but they will back eventually with Book 4!

Click to expand...

There's some bonus content that has come out on Patreon since though.

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Oct 19, 2022

like Uncreative said ^^

it's not dropped, just on hiatus while i write book-4

Uncreative · Nov 21, 2022

In case you missed it, the first chapter of book 4 was just posted a few hours ago.

ARFitS · Oct 1, 2022

So, do you have a bad ending for that last part of Ruin Stone?

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Oct 7, 2022

i prefer to only write good endings sorry

coco33920 · Sep 28, 2022

Wow I'm impressed how you write so much thing and with such quality. It's taking time keeping up with your work but it's always worth the reading, I just can't pick a favourite you written too much too good stories !

Hope you're all okay, sending love and appreciation!

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Sep 28, 2022

thank you! <3 

sarisse · Sep 18, 2022

Any plan to continue the magic school story ? It was really nice, thanks for writing it !

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Sep 28, 2022

we do have plans for another installment of LMS but i can't say when exactly that'll happen sorry! but there's a spin-off / coming soon, set on the same world that you might enjoy.

sarisse · Sep 29, 2022

Thanks !

Eirenliel · Sep 10, 2022

how do you write so much and at the same time good clear.png we'd need to skip sleep again to binge everything! for a month!

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Sep 28, 2022

<3 <3 <3

PanzerKampfWagen · Aug 16, 2022

so whats the new novel about? god i hope the MC is a bunny...

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Aug 16, 2022

only one way to find out... ^^

PanzerKampfWagen · Aug 16, 2022

pls tell me! i have over 30 tabs of nothing but web novels and light novels!! my laptop cant handle this!! i guess your right! i do like gender bender...

AllieSunshower · Jul 26, 2022

Author-san, I've just read the first chapter of Brotherhood of Diomedes, and I can't help but wonder if your witches of welland mega-series was inspired/influenced by the Change of [_] universe including Change of Pace (by Mike Allegretto and Caitlin B), Change of Direction (by Tigger), Change of Perspective (by Optimizer) and Change of Power (by J.R.D)?

AllieSunshower · Jul 26, 2022

Contd: "Trans witches of dubious morality serving a goddess up against an super evil brotherhood of men using dark magic" just feels so reminiscent even though the Witches of Light in the Change of universe are of far more dubious morality (force-femming your kids really? Ya it's for a good cause but jeeez) 

P.S. I can't believe you didn't make your name PurrpleCatGirl! Oh and why purple?

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Jul 26, 2022

we're not familiar with any of those stories or authors, sorry.

'purple' cos its our favourite colour ^^

DragonGodOphis · Jul 2, 2022

Where is link to discord?

PurpleCatGirl · Author · Jul 2, 2022

it should already be in your server-list? the patreon-bot auto-added you.

HealingBanana · Jun 7, 2022

Author-san I just wanna ask about...


your new piece "Meow". Is the MC gonna be transformed to a full time cat as seen in the picture or something like a demi or beastman found in some novels?


PurpleCatGirl · Author · Jun 15, 2022

sorry i didn't see your message till now! you probably already know the answer now since the story's completed, but just in case...


she learns how to switch back and forth between cat and catgirl

PurpleCatGirl · Author · May 11, 2022


PunchlinePress · May 11, 2022

Currently reading your Witches of Welland series (just about to start Brothers!) as well as Club Luna, and oh my… I don’t know how I missed the WoW series for so long. Amazing. Keep up the great work in all your future stuff!! clear.png

PurpleCatGirl · Author · May 11, 2022

thank you! we're glad you're enjoying it! 

Thorned_Lily · May 9, 2022

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the content warnings on your stories, but especially the one at the end of the previous chapter of Daughters of Demeter. Since I'd already seen the warning before today's chapter was even posted, I knew to hit pause on reading it until I'm in a better place emotionally.

So thank you for that, and thank you for sharing all of these wonderful stories with us in the first place! 

PurpleCatGirl · Author · May 9, 2022

<3 <3 <3 thaniks for the comment & thanks for reading! we hope you get to a better emotional place soon! 

Riddhi · May 8, 2022

Grand-daughter of Tegan? I don't know if something like that exists. What is daughter's daughter called anywayclear.png

PurpleCatGirl · Author · May 9, 2022

i think 'granddaughter' works for daughter's daughter? Tegan doesn't have one though, and with fae lifespans being what they are it'll be a very long time before she does. ^^

Deadguydave · May 8, 2022

After reading Fate I finally delved into Daughters of Demeter. I absolutely love your work, thank you for being amazing

PurpleCatGirl · Author · May 8, 2022

thank you so much! i'm glad you're enjoying the stories!

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    I am a member of a queer plural system. I'm a lesbian, a witch, and a catgirl IRL. Of our system, I'm the one who does most of the writing, but we're all pretty good at coming up with stories. Some of my system-mates help with my writing if I get stuck or run out of words.

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