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Jan 21, 2019

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jan 21, 2019
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Still feeling like playing F/GO all day long.

· Mar 21, 2019

Thanks for the follow.

Gledis · Author · Mar 21, 2019

It was my pleasure.
Nice to make you acquaintance.

Gledis · Author · Mar 12, 2019

Man I haven’t written in here since who knows when.
[Rosary for the fallen] is something written from a long time ago. I am making changes to fit it in a desired style and way but the original copy focuses too much on the MC. I am thinking of using the Twins rather than the MC because he is too OP and I need to concentrate on beginners characters for now.

Gledis · Author · Mar 13, 2019

No I haven’t worked much on novels besides writing 3 books of 1000 pages about politics, unfortunately I am laws student and a poetry writer.
Every month my editor publishes them.
This novel that I am writing right now is just to test my ability in writing these fantasy kind of stuff.

TheCursedMan · Mar 13, 2019

oh nice, well i still wish you well in your future endeavours!

Gledis · Author · Mar 13, 2019

Ok I will check level 1 skeleton soldier then. Thanks. Wish you the best on the novel too.

TheCursedMan · Mar 13, 2019

um to make it easier for you to find here's a link to it:

TheCursedMan · Mar 12, 2019

have you ever thought of making lit-rpg where the main character evolves from a skeleton into a greater dracolich or something, hell i might make that a storyline for my series, though i'm still debating whether or not i'd continue it, but i digress, have you ever thought about those sought's of evolution/level and rank concepts before?

TheCursedMan · Mar 12, 2019

btw 3'rd chapter is up if you want to read chapter 0, 1 and 2 are short but 3 is worth a quick glance

TheCursedMan · Mar 12, 2019

also the system was given to each of the 7 god and [HIM] but none of them have ever gotten both the evolution and job system

Gledis · Author · Mar 12, 2019

Understood. A wandering warrior trying to fix the world or either mess it up. It’s great indeed.
Evolution and jobs hm....Just like Re:Monster were the children of the MC get access to both systems. The idea is pretty good. But....what about abilities and powers. Do those evolve too. If he could increase the amount of things that he could do with his ability then he would be perfect.

TheCursedMan · Mar 12, 2019

i'm thinking more along the lines of level 1 skeleton but re:monsters is a good comparison

Gledis · Author · Mar 2, 2019

The power of space and time! Tremble before it! Haha. Ahahaha. He he he he! [Twisted demonic smile]

Ilisle · Mar 2, 2019


Gledis · Author · Feb 25, 2019

After having taken some exams I still am being bombarded by exams.
Being student just doesn’t give you free time. My novel will die at this rate. [Sight]

Gledis · Author · Feb 9, 2019

Apparently my followers are nonexistent. If you pity me at least click the follow button damn it!!!

Hopetoread · Feb 11, 2019

Join the forums section

Gledis · Author · Jan 29, 2019

Aaaaah!!! I am so excited now! I almost thought my series was meant to never be read. Fortunately I hit it good with the viewers! ✋ high five guys!

Gledis · Author · Jan 25, 2019

Well, my life is good so far. F/GO sucks but I got my hands on this website so till I am satisfied internally let’s make it great.

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    Still feeling like playing F/GO all day long.

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