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Apr 20, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 20, 2020
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Comments: 493
Western42 · Apr 27, 2023

La Random Yavo!

RavensDagger · Author · Apr 27, 2023


Season · Apr 14, 2023

Are you nearly finished book 6 of stray cat or did I miss count by a lot ? 

RavensDagger · Author · Apr 14, 2023

I... I'm nearly done with vol 5! Only a few chapters left to be written!

Season · Apr 15, 2023

I had just been counting when chapter numbers reset I love this series I have figured I was wrong you will get there

Wolf12324 · Mar 23, 2023

Is there going to be a vol. 3 of heart of dorkness.

RavensDagger · Author · Mar 23, 2023



Pupparo · Mar 24, 2023

What about a volume 2 of Lever Action?

Shamiko · Feb 24, 2023

"Stray Cat Strut" reached 1M views! 
Grats! clear.png

RavensDagger · Author · Feb 24, 2023

Ohhh! That's fantastic! 

Thank you, everyone! clear.png

shadow_slayer · Feb 17, 2023

a yes one of my lesser known creations the raven created to mimic the void using their feathers

Fanficologist · Feb 1, 2023

Hey is there any site where I can buy digital copy of your books? I'm not a fan of paperbacks, and since I'm in Vietnam, it would take at least a month plus some shipping fee for me. 

RavensDagger · Author · Feb 1, 2023

Oh! Ah, just Amazon for the moment! Though if your goal is supporting me (which... thank you!) then Patreon is by far the best. $5 in ebooks on amazon gives me like $2, whereas $5 on Patreon gives me $4. Plus you get a lot more out of it too! 

DeliriousSprite · Jan 19, 2023

uhm where can i buy Sporemageddon volumes 1 and 2? the in chapter links send me to an amazon page that throws an error >.<

RavensDagger · Author · Jan 19, 2023

Right now? Nowhere! 

I'll show up on Yonder eventually... but until then, you need to look for a pirated version if you want to read it! 

DeliriousSprite · Jan 19, 2023

ah oke! ty for letting me know :D

Crazedpanda1987 · Jan 30, 2023

Goddamned hilarious a creator telling his fans to look for his creation pirated version 

LinMeili · Jan 31, 2023

Ah! So it's on Yonder now.

AzraLee · Jan 12, 2023

Need more Overkill. It’s freaking hilarious!

MemeDarg · Jan 8, 2023

bro it's been 6 days you can't keep releasing new stories like this

AnonymousIncognito · Jan 10, 2023

I consider myself an exceptionally voracious reader, and even I have to agree. Maybe space out new stories a bit more next time, instead of publishing *checks notes* four within a few weeks?

Sure, I already read the prerelease versions of two, and the original version of one, but it's still a lot.

melchi · Jan 8, 2023

Sporemageddon have any chance of getting a second volume?  Maybe I am a bit weird but of all your books that is by far my favorite.

melchi · Jan 6, 2023

So I got Fluff on amazon and apparently there is a sky pirate named broccoli of all things O_O

RavensDagger · Author · Jan 6, 2023


What a wild coincidence! 

MemeDarg · Jan 2, 2023

oh worm? new story, nice

Crazy-hat · Dec 25, 2022

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you and yours.

RavensDagger · Author · Dec 25, 2022

Aww, thank you! 

Merry Christmas to you too! 

GreenKazoo · Dec 12, 2022

Hey just wondering if Overkill is on indefinite hiatus (or dropped but hopefully not) or if you plan to come back to it at later on? It’s really good and it would be a shame if it just ended where it was.

RavensDagger · Author · Dec 12, 2022


Well, I have a few chapters written and unposted.

Let me finish my work for the day, and I might as well post one? 

GreenKazoo · Dec 12, 2022


Benji660 · Oct 11, 2022

What happened  to  dead tired?

mycoxylic · Oct 12, 2022

He got dead tired of writing it

GreenKazoo · Nov 5, 2022


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