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Apr 23, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 23, 2020
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I write becaus I like to do so.
I read because I like to do so.
Apart from that I also like some games.

okashihime · Jun 22, 2024

Hey, thanks for the warning. <3clear.pngclear.png


I did panic delete the chapter, but it was the correct text, I just used the wrong chapter number, lol.


Solarmissles · Mar 19, 2024

Chapters pls. Cookieclear.png?

Saekokaburagi · Feb 26, 2024

Well helloooo~ 

minimi22 · Author · Feb 11, 2024

Have you ever read a project you abandoned or one you are working on and go "Huh, want to read more" only to realize you are the author and you are the one that has to write it? Cuase it just happened to me and I am clear.png

BOOKW0RM · Feb 11, 2024

Oof, I can feel that agony. 

Liber8T · Feb 11, 2024

No but I wrote a story on paper once, after finishing first chapter I promptly crumpled and burned it to ashes because it was cringe and embarrassing, but even fumbling at the stage with hundreds of audiences was that embarrassing clear.png

Aman2001 · Feb 3, 2024

Hey I just saw someone posting your story "other world chimera" on webnovel 

It is posted by someone named "SlimeQueen127"

Thought i should inform you

minimi22 · Author · Nov 30, 2023

Sorry no chapter tomorrow. My aunt passed away so... yeah. See yall next week I guess

Johnwolfie435 · Dec 1, 2023

Life sucks ass sometimes. Take all the time you need.

Liber8T · Dec 1, 2023

My condolences 

God_of_Darkness · Sep 30, 2023

You forget to upload in fantranslation. Com? 

minimi22 · Author · Sep 30, 2023

I decided to have it be in sync with scribble from now on. clear.png

Xuan-Wu · Aug 23, 2023


Xuan-Wu · Aug 23, 2023

Hi, how do you hide your reading list, please ? 

Thank you

minimi22 · Author · Aug 23, 2023

go to your reading list settings. Then click on disable public list.

Xuan-Wu · Aug 13, 2023


I just got the first two chapters out for my Harry Potter Fanfic. 

Check it if you can please. 

Good night. (21h54 local time here) 

minimi22 · Author · May 26, 2023

Its always interesting reading some story then going to the comments and finding people I have seen in my own story or in others I also read. It is specialy so when it is another author I read from, reading mine. I just feel like the spiderman meme XD

Xuan-Wu · Aug 13, 2023

Welcome to the multiverse ? 


minimi22 · Author · May 24, 2023

I am going to start uploading on Fanfiction so for those that read storys over there don't worry tas me :3

God_of_Darkness · May 12, 2023

hello you forgot to update the fanfic at tranlation. com again

minimi22 · Author · May 12, 2023

I was actually having some trouble with the site. I will upload both today's chapter and the one I missed later today.

God_of_Darkness · Apr 24, 2023

umm. isn't supposed to be 1 chapter faster than scribble hub? 

minimi22 · Author · Apr 24, 2023

my bad and fixed

God_of_Darkness · Mar 20, 2023

hello you forgot to update the fanfic at tranlation. com

minimi22 · Author · Mar 20, 2023

my bad, and fixed by the way, enjoy. 

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    I write becaus I like to do so.
    I read because I like to do so.
    Apart from that I also like some games.

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