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May 2, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: May 2, 2020
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leanbez · Apr 3, 2024


I am one of your readers. Recently, I have dedicated myself to translating novels into Spanish (native language) and I would like to add your novels to my website. I really like. I do this as a hobby, so it's not like I'm offering you a contract or anything. benefit.
It's just that I have been reading novels for around 20 years and you have no idea how few of them are translated, so I want to do my part and increase them a little.
leanbez · Apr 3, 2024

If at any time you receive a proposal to buy the translation license in Spanish, just send me a message and I will gladly stop translating them, but please allow me to include your novels on your website, I do not want to do this behind anyone's back, which is why I request your permission.

CIA · Aug 17, 2023

Order to Begin Writing

The Central Intelligence Agency orders you to complete the novel "Adventure King" immediately and we want to appeal to you to ignore whatever you're being told by readers be it derogatory or offensive remarks as proper punishment fitting such act will be allocated to them.......

We expect to hear from you soon

ImAPotato · May 8, 2022

Hey, I found some of your work, binged it, and now I want more.

I know you have not been writing for a bit, but I hope you start again soon! 

Keep up the great work author sama!

Blinglee1 · Aug 26, 2021

How you been mate doing well I hope 

Kaguro · Author · Aug 27, 2021

Doing well, thanks for asking clear.png

Haven't been in the writing mood for a while, and I've been distracted by a lot of stuff work and otherwise so I feel a bit bad for my readers for leaving things up in the air for so long. I will eventually return to writing but I can't say that it will be anytime soon. 

Fabiorios · Jul 26, 2021

Please dont kill the novel authorclear.png

Kaguro · Author · Jul 27, 2021

I haven't dropped it, don't worry. I suppose I should do an update, but it's basically just motivation and writers block. 

Fabiorios · Jul 26, 2021

Please dont kill the novel authorclear.png

loshi1505 · Jul 20, 2021

no new chap for wabbits for over a month... clear.png

i miss the old update speed.clear.png

Kaguro · Author · May 29, 2021

New "Like Rabbits" chapter for the weekend ^.^

Issei · May 30, 2021


Issei · May 30, 2021

@loshi1505 Lol, nice one...

Kaguro · Author · May 30, 2021


Kaguro · Author · May 7, 2021

New chapter ^.^

Issei · May 16, 2021


ColtWing · Apr 11, 2021

clear.png Yahoo 

Kaguro · Author · Apr 11, 2021

Okay, the wait has ended! Chapter 10 is finally out and apologies for the hiatus : )

ColtWing · Apr 11, 2021

Love the cover art btw

Kaguro · Author · Apr 11, 2021


Lain · Apr 5, 2021

what happend with your novel like a rabbits ?

Kaguro · Author · Apr 6, 2021

An unplanned hiatus and writers block mainly, the series isn't canceled or anything like that. I started watching vtubers which has been a tremendous distraction, but otherwise I've been doing well and pursuing hobbies. I actually did start writing again this last weekend, but the sex scene chapters always end up being longer than normal so I'm still working on the last bits. You'll see at least 1 chapter out Fri, probably another on Sat. 

Lain · Apr 6, 2021

Good to hear clear.png, vtubers like pekora "AH↓HA↑HA↑HA↑HA↑ "

Kaguro · Author · Apr 6, 2021

Yeah, Korone, Subaru, and Pekora are the 3 main ones I've been listening to lately.  

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