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Famous Author
May 3, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: May 3, 2020
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Hilt51 · Jan 17, 2023

Just binged your magnificent story and was wondering if you had anything else you have written I could read? if you are planning to write more.

Cytotoxin · Author · Jan 17, 2023

Nothing published, to be honest.

Dumenoct · Dec 30, 2022

Long time fan and fellow author. Fan Art!

Cytotoxin · Author · Dec 30, 2022


Dumenoct · Dec 31, 2022

should work now

Cytotoxin · Author · Dec 31, 2022

It does. Pretty nice. ^_^

Crazy-hat · Dec 25, 2022

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you and yours.

AnimeKing · Nov 30, 2022

welcome back 

Cytotoxin · Author · Nov 30, 2022


tunder0Z · Oct 21, 2022

im re-reading your story after the newest upload and i gotta ask can our shoggot read whats on this site or is the internet she connects to also from a storyworld

Cytotoxin · Author · Oct 22, 2022

Theoretically. If she had spare time and boredom.

Don426 · Oct 12, 2022

Welcome backclear.png

Cytotoxin · Author · Oct 12, 2022


fartdog1234 · Sep 18, 2022

you doing ok?

Cytotoxin · Author · Sep 18, 2022


fartdog1234 · Sep 20, 2022


Rexsaur · Sep 20, 2022

Hope you get better soon

ScottyToddy · Jun 5, 2022

I really like your book and wanted to know if you're going to upload more soon.

No rush, but I'm really looking forward to more

Cytotoxin · Author · Jun 5, 2022

Working on it.

Clayton4956 · Apr 18, 2022

Hey! Just checkin' in.

I wanted to know how are you doing right now. It's been nearly a month that you didn't post anything and it makes me wonder if you are doing alright. From what I read below, I understand that you got some problems and without even knowing what they are, it looks a bit bleak.

So in the end, I just wanted to know if you are doing ok and to say, take your time and I hope you get better. And if you are doing ok, do you know when you will release a new chapter? NO RUSH!

Cytotoxin · Author · Apr 19, 2022

As soon as it is done, I guess.

Virnor · Mar 5, 2022

I've had a question running in the back of my mind this week, if you don't want to answer it is fine of course: given the origin of Alyssa, I was wondering if you were I danger in all that war mess?

Cytotoxin · Author · Mar 5, 2022

No, I left Ukraine for Cyprus a couple years back. Not planning on going back in foreseeable future.

Virnor · Mar 5, 2022

Thank every Elder Ones out there for that!

And more seriously I'm glad you're okay and far from trouble.

their_teammate · Feb 8, 2022

Hey, Cytotoxin. Not gonna say much else than hope that you’re doing fine or doing better. If it’s a private issue, take your time and sort it out. You are more important than a few more chapters released, so make sure you’re in a good place before you worry about us again. If you already are good, and just taking time to relax, I hope your break is rejuvenating and long. You sure as hell deserve it.

Edit: changed shortened to full username as per Cytotoxin’s request. Sorry again.

Cytotoxin · Author · Feb 9, 2022

...Can you please not shorten my name like this again? If you absolutely have to, use Toxin or just call me Alice. Either works.

I`m fine, it`s just been a problem with computer that`s been handled already. I`ll post something soonish.

their_teammate · Feb 11, 2022

Hey there, that’s entirely understandable. Sorry for my mistake, shouldn’t have assumed anything without asking first. Either way, I hope you’re doing well.

Uncompassionatetime · Feb 7, 2022

Hope you doing okay. I miss your stories and your long explanation of stuff happening in the background.

Cytotoxin · Author · Feb 9, 2022

I`m fine, just a bit of a computer issue. It`s been handled.

tunder0Z · Feb 4, 2022

you doing ok with work and covid19 clear.png

Cytotoxin · Author · Feb 4, 2022


Toffeecat12 · Dec 17, 2021

If you want inspiration of slightly random but interesting facts look up QI on YouTube.

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