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May 10, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: May 10, 2020
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Quincyelm Jul 21, 2021

So just an update guys 聽I spoke to him before he went hiatus, he said that he is basically focusing on life he is not gone from corona virus although I have not heard anything for a while.

He got a new job regarding his degree if I remember correctly he said he come back to it if the time comes but nothing was guaranteed.

So maybe hope ? Who knows

Sparta Jul 25, 2021


Mwpensword Aug 20, 2021

I hope so! I hope so SO damn hard.

dachen11 Feb 27, 2021

take your time.

focus on what you want to do with your life. Not like this is some kind of job.

Enjoy life while you're at it.聽

Okay, tbh i don't know what the point of this message was, and I have no clue if you're going to read it or not, but.... yeah i don't know where i was going with this sentence either.


Sparta Jul 25, 2021


Truesayer Feb 2, 2021

If alive then post new chapters

Truesayer Feb 2, 2021

clear.pngAuthur did u die by corona virus are u alive???聽clear.png

Truesayer Jan 25, 2021

We miss u I miss u

Truesayer Jan 25, 2021

Why no new chapters聽clear.pngpleaseclear.pngmore Chapter聽

Dum-Dum Dec 25, 2020

Hello author I just want you to know I really enjoyed reading your work. Hope to see more in the future.

Mwpensword Oct 12, 2020

Oh this was one of my favorites. As an author who recently returned from a mental health break I hope all is well with you and that you will be up to continuing this story one day. Don't rush yourself but your fans miss you!

JimSilver Oct 10, 2020

Sooooo, what鈥檚 happened?

Zakariaahmed Oct 6, 2020

Bto more chapter I died and come back to request u a chapter

MadAdam73 Oct 4, 2020

I really enjoyed your writing.

Joran.Spans Sep 27, 2020

in overview it said he was active (23) Sep but still no new chapter WHY!!!!聽

Legi0n Sep 24, 2020

When next chapter? Are you ok?

Zakariaahmed Sep 9, 2020

Thanks for Chapter聽clear.png

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