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Jan 1, 2019

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Joined: Jan 1, 2019
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I write dark scifantasy/romance. Angels of Acid uploads DAILY at 1:35PM PST

AneiDoru · Author · Mar 3, 2019
New chapter is up now, sorry it was late, my alarm didn't go off.
AneiDoru · Author · Mar 2, 2019
New chapter is up!
AneiDoru · Author · Feb 27, 2019
I've been having personal issues so updates may be a little late for a while, my apologies.
AneiDoru · Author · Feb 25, 2019
Forgot to upload a chapter today, sorry!
Yuumei · Feb 25, 2019
I'm liking both stories. I'll definitely be following to read more ~
AneiDoru · Author · Feb 24, 2019
Angels of Acid is UP! Be sure to check my Series! Will be uploading daily at 1:35pm PST!
AneiDoru · Author · Feb 19, 2019
There was a mistake in The Ruby Citadel, it is fixed now.
AneiDoru · Author · Feb 18, 2019
Hex, Din, and Owen can't wait to see you (Hex was just a cameo in TLMM) and Elaine can't wait to see you again!
AneiDoru · Author · Feb 17, 2019
5K VIEWS!!! THANK YOU!!! I hope to bring more writing into the world soon!
AneiDoru · Author · Feb 16, 2019
THE LIGHT MAIDEN'S MARK HAS OFFICIALLY ENDED! Now on with the Epilogue chapters! :)
mrsimple · Feb 16, 2019
Any plans for another novel?
AneiDoru · Author · Feb 16, 2019
Yes, it's going to be a 4 or 5 book series, I've finished my prequel, and am working on the third book. The prequel is about half as long (kinda worried that I may have made it too short tbh)
AneiDoru · Author · Feb 13, 2019
50+ READERS! THANK YOU! Remember I update daily, 1:35PM PST!
AneiDoru · Author · Jan 28, 2019
2K VIEWS!!! Thank you! The quality of the chapters improve as time goes on by the way.
AneiDoru · Author · Jan 18, 2019
Regarding the new daily uploads, it will be 1:35PM PST time each day, and it will end late February, there are 40 chapters.
AneiDoru · Author · Jan 18, 2019
I AM NOW UPLOADING DAILY! 1:35PM on the dot each day!
mrsimple · Jan 18, 2019
Don't push yourself. Just have fun. :)
Cold_Sun · Jan 18, 2019
Good going :)
Nahrenne · Jan 18, 2019
*wonders what timezone that time would be in*

Good luck with getting the views and trending spot~!


AneiDoru · Author · Jan 18, 2019
The time zone is PST
AneiDoru · Author · Jan 4, 2019
Alverost · Jan 4, 2019
Yep I got the notification
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    I write dark scifantasy/romance. Angels of Acid uploads DAILY at 1:35PM PST

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