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May 16, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: May 16, 2020
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Foolish mortal! Look upon my glory and despair!

I am Lyric, an ancient and eldritch evil that haunted the stars long before your feeble species first drew breath.

Summon me at your own peril. My forbidden knowledge can grant you great power... or destroy you utterly.

Choose wisely.

Chara_red · Sep 23, 2023

Cince giant robot reincarnation is incomplete and un-updates is it now on hiatus or has it been abandoned?

pynkbites · Author · Sep 25, 2023

No, I just write slowly due to my IRL job. Wrapping up a Lesbian Demon Lord arc now, then GRR is next.

pynkbites · Author · Jul 4, 2023

For those awaiting new Giant Robot Reincarnation chapters, I just published the first of a four-chapter arc. The remaining chapters will all be released this week on alternating days. Please enjoy!

Ultrabenosaurus · Jul 4, 2023


pandaviking · Jun 2, 2023

Just reread LDL, still amazing. I just wrote a paragraph of praise before i realized that my natural on the spectrum snarky bluntness doesn't translate to writing very well. Anyways love your story, whats the timeframe for the next chapters look like? You stuck, busy or do you just have that kind of writing tempo?

pynkbites · Author · Jun 3, 2023

Currently I'm finishing up the next two-three chapters of GRR, which has gone at a snails pace due to my meatspace job eating up most of my time. After that I'll do the next LDL arc. I can't promise any ETAs, as my writing tempo lately is "slow and steady," but I am holding true to my commitment to finish both stories, even should it take a century.

pynkbites · Author · Mar 10, 2023

For those who may have missed them, all four chapters of the new Lesbian Demon Lord arc are now live! Please enjoy~

pynkbites · Author · Feb 25, 2023

Writing Update: Two upcoming LDL chapters completed, 5441 words in total. I expect to have the Valex Reunion arc completed sometime next week, at which point I'll begin publishing it. Please wait warmly!

Apologies for the slow pace but you know how writing be sometimes. Thanks for your patience!

FallingToAsh · Feb 25, 2023

Looking forward to it! Glad to hear from you, and take as much time as you need.

DschingisKhan · Feb 25, 2023

I'm just glad if you're hale and healthy and unbelievably gay! clear.png

XxdeviLzxX · Feb 25, 2023


EmeraldRealms · Feb 25, 2023

Glad to see you’re still working on LDL, without a doubt my favourite series on the website! clear.png

Sebatien · Jan 23, 2023

Wishing your meatsuit's cpu some healthy synapsing. I always check in once a month or so just to see when you've put something new out. 

You've made me have to google words before, but honestly your writing is outstanding. 

Cheers to you and your lovely and lively discord. Glad to have found you

pynkbites · Author · Feb 25, 2023

Aww, thanks for the kind remarks!

FallingToAsh · Jan 20, 2023

Hope you’re doing alright! I just wanted to say that I’ve greatly enjoyed your writing, and I’m looking forward to more if/when it happens.

pynkbites · Author · Jan 22, 2023

It's happening, just slowly. Sadly my meatspace job has to take priority. I am still writing updates tho!

Lameduck987 · Nov 29, 2022

It's not GL if it's genderbender, just make them female from the start...

Aschente · Dec 7, 2022

huh? it is tho, they changed gender

pynkbites · Author · Dec 7, 2022


Lameduck987 · Dec 9, 2022

It's still a dude

pynkbites · Author · Dec 28, 2022


Olivia_ds · Oct 30, 2022

Can we get a update on LDL ch. 30? I'm so hype To know the reaction of Valex's family.

pynkbites · Author · Feb 25, 2023

I've completed two chapters in the Valex Reunion arc and will be publishing them next week.

EmeraldRealms · Jul 4, 2022

Can we get an update on LDL ch. 28? I’ve been checking my reading list every day for the past 4 months and I’m sad to say that I’ve been disappointed every time clear.png

pynkbites · Author · Jul 5, 2022

It's about 3/4th done, so please keep an eye out in the upcoming week!

pynkbites · Author · Jul 6, 2022

Newest chapter just released!

Ultrabenosaurus · Jun 19, 2022

Please can we have some more Giant Robot Reincarnation? clear.png

pynkbites · Author · Jun 19, 2022

The newest chapter is about 2/3 done!

pynkbites · Author · Jun 26, 2022

And the newest chapter is live. Enjoy!

Ultrabenosaurus · Jun 26, 2022


Swiftrunner · Apr 26, 2022

having spent the past two days utterly devouring my way through Giant Robot Reincarnation and The Lesbian Demon Lord Conquers The World, I am forced to say that you are one of my single favorite authors on this site.  Keep at it, I eagerly await whatever the next chapter will be, Gary is my favorite character in anything ever.

SerikoLee · Apr 15, 2022

Hmm, you taking a break.

pynkbites · Author · Apr 15, 2022

No, I'm working on a side project fanfic story and have about 7000 words written thus far. Alas, with my work, I don't have as much time to write as I used to. clear.png

SerikoLee · Apr 15, 2022

Cool, wish you the best of luck.

pynkbites · Author · Jan 30, 2022

A new chapter of Giant Robot Reincarnation is available for your perusal!

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    Foolish mortal! Look upon my glory and despair!

    I am Lyric, an ancient and eldritch evil that haunted the stars long before your feeble species first drew breath.

    Summon me at your own peril. My forbidden knowledge can grant you great power... or destroy you utterly.

    Choose wisely.

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