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May 16, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: May 16, 2020
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My name is Lyric Saevire Tepes. I'm gay, evil and almighty. Behold your Demon Lord, pitiful mortals!

EmeraldRealms · Jul 4, 2022

Can we get an update on LDL ch. 28? I’ve been checking my reading list every day for the past 4 months and I’m sad to say that I’ve been disappointed every time clear.png

pynkbites · Author · Jul 5, 2022

It's about 3/4th done, so please keep an eye out in the upcoming week!

pynkbites · Author · Jul 6, 2022

Newest chapter just released!

Ultrabenosaurus · Jun 19, 2022

Please can we have some more Giant Robot Reincarnation? clear.png

pynkbites · Author · Jun 19, 2022

The newest chapter is about 2/3 done!

pynkbites · Author · Jun 26, 2022

And the newest chapter is live. Enjoy!

Ultrabenosaurus · Jun 26, 2022


Swiftrunner · Apr 26, 2022

having spent the past two days utterly devouring my way through Giant Robot Reincarnation and The Lesbian Demon Lord Conquers The World, I am forced to say that you are one of my single favorite authors on this site.  Keep at it, I eagerly await whatever the next chapter will be, Gary is my favorite character in anything ever.

SerikoLee · Apr 15, 2022

Hmm, you taking a break.

pynkbites · Author · Apr 15, 2022

No, I'm working on a side project fanfic story and have about 7000 words written thus far. Alas, with my work, I don't have as much time to write as I used to. clear.png

SerikoLee · Apr 15, 2022

Cool, wish you the best of luck.

pynkbites · Author · Jan 30, 2022

A new chapter of Giant Robot Reincarnation is available for your perusal!

pynkbites · Author · Nov 8, 2021

And voila, the newest chapter of Lesbian Demon Lord is live! Please enjoy, and sorry about the wait. clear.pngclear.png

DizzyMiget · Nov 8, 2021

thank you for the chapter clear.png

Selenebun · Nov 8, 2021


Novellover · Nov 8, 2021


Crabapples · Nov 9, 2021

itadakimasu! clear.png

pynkbites · Author · Oct 30, 2021

The newest chapter of Giant Robot Reincarnation is live! Apologies for the wait, my dear readers.

AhriCaster · Nov 20, 2021


pynkbites · Author · Oct 3, 2021

Happy Halloween, everyone! As a treat for y'all, I will be releasing the second arc of my spin-off story The Demonic Guide to Self-Improvement in four parts over the upcoming week. Part One is now live for your reading pleasure!

pynkbites · Author · Sep 13, 2021

Good friend of mine and budding young author Vyria has recently launched a Patreon! If you haven't read her work, check out The Hatchling, a trans-themed monster-girl tale very similar in themes to Lesbian Demon Lord.

And if you have the means, please consider subscribing to her Patreon and helping her jump-start a promising new writing career!

Salinthrous · Aug 19, 2021

You changed your profile pic again?  I don't recognize the character, are they from one of your stories?

pynkbites · Author · Aug 20, 2021

I recently bought a kobold-sona which I'm using as an avatar. Just felt like being a tiny lizard gremlin for a while.

Salinthrous · Aug 20, 2021

Demons are all about body positivity.

Peekon · Aug 5, 2021

I have a question. So uhh. Did Sveta's original Soul get reincarnated as Psytalla? "disaster lesbian" to "disaster lesbian demon lord ". And Is the thing or being that Zehra met Skellish? (while trying to find the place where the souls go.. or something I don't remember.)

Peekon · Aug 5, 2021

Wait whaaaaaat S-41 hit me hard damn. I should've read more before using my brain. XD

HAIL_THE_RAT_GOD · Jul 29, 2021

Question, will you allow viewers to come up with alien spiecies in the Giant robot reincarnation? Maybe as a prize question? Or something like that?

pynkbites · Author · Jul 13, 2021

My two ongoing stories just hit big milestones! Giant Robot Reincarnation is at 300k views, and Lesbian Demon Lord hit 100k!

Thanks to all my precious, precious readers for enjoying my work!

FoxxieFox · Jul 13, 2021



Selenebun · Jul 13, 2021


empiria · Jul 14, 2021


AhriCaster · Oct 21, 2021


AvalonPenndragon · Jul 11, 2021

Love your book giant Robot reincarnation and lesbian demon lord conquers the world. You've got yourself a follower. clear.png

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    My name is Lyric Saevire Tepes. I'm gay, evil and almighty. Behold your Demon Lord, pitiful mortals!

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