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Well-Known Author
May 21, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: May 21, 2020
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Writing is something I think is fun and if people enjoy what I write it makes me happy, and expect a lot of cute girls in my stories :D

Gin0001 · Feb 15, 2021

I noticed that you haven't updated or logged in for months. What happened? Are you okay? 

Whatever problems you are experiencing, I wish you health and luck.

Jacky_DeathBerg · Jan 7, 2021

@eee whats going on with the novel nothing was relaese for a long time now?

QQundeadwolfQQ · Sep 3, 2020

are you doing fine? it seems like forever since last chap came out and was wonderimg if you are doing fine

Booper150 · Aug 23, 2020

You're a friend of Ozzy? Any friend of his is a friend of mine :D

TheAmberWolf · Aug 4, 2020

Just askig if u have any specific dates you try to update by and how many chaps u release.

Loving your novel can't wait to read more i hope none of my early questions came off as rude and if so im sorry just really looking forward to more of your writing thx 😁

eee · Author · Aug 8, 2020

Thanks for reading! I try to release 3 chapters a week but sometimes irl stuff comes in the way of writing :( . But, next chapter is scheduled to be released later today. :D

QQundeadwolfQQ · Aug 3, 2020

chapter 10 soon? i have wanted to read it for awhile now

eee · Author · Aug 4, 2020

Just posted it! sorry for the long wait

eee · Author · Jul 27, 2020

Next chap out in a couple of hours!clear.png

Kane2929 · Jul 27, 2020


a_apple · Jul 27, 2020


Ophelia · Jul 27, 2020

Doragon plzz 


eee · Author · Jul 27, 2020


Ophelia · Jul 30, 2020

more plzz


Kiritoxzz · Jul 26, 2020

Traqui tu puedes yo leeré la novel cuando tengas 20 o más Capítulo pero ya soy tu seguidor  Me gusto tu título de novela y seguro sera de las mejoresclear.pngclear.png

eee · Author · Jul 27, 2020


eee · Author · Jun 15, 2020

Sorry that I haven't posted chapter 2 yet but I have had a lot of stuff happening lately so I haven't had the time to write..clear.png

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    Writing is something I think is fun and if people enjoy what I write it makes me happy, and expect a lot of cute girls in my stories :D

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